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Best RvR classes : DAOC Submissions

Posted: November 1st, 2005, 7:17 pm
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Look, DAoC is almost completely based around RvR. Just think about it. You could create the ultimate PvE character and where would it get you? At lvl 50 you have nothing to do but maybe improve some equipment. I am here to show you how to rule RvR no matter what your interests.

Tank- If you plan on being the guy taking all the hits and dishing out the damage; this is for you. Just dish out the pain with the fighter classes. The best classes in my opinion are :

Albion-Armsman- I would advise speccing in 2 handed weapons for RvR because there won't be many fights that take more that 30 seconds, so you want to dish out as much damage as possible as quickly as possible

Hibernia-Blademaster- Now I am not a huge fan of Hib realm, but these are the premium charactors for taking down opposing realms in close quarters. I would train mostly in blades that deal a lot of damage since they have weaker armor and are based around damage dealing.

Midgard-Berserker- Definately spec even in axe and left axe here so you can deal out a great deal of damage quickly. Possibly spend a few skill points in parry to give yourself a little defense.

Caster- If you want to be the guy dishing out mass amounts of ranged damage; here is your home. Casters are designed to take down enemies before they even get close to the caster. Same deal in RvR:

Albion-Wizard- This is one of the most powerful casters in the game. The Path of Fire is easily the best path to take for RvR. Their fire bolts are probably some of the highest damage spells in the game.

Hibernia-Eldritch- Now this is the hands down most powerful caster in the game. There are some spells that they can cast that are near instant kills to adversarys of their level. This is one of those classes where is doesn't really matter what you spec in. I think that sun, moon, and eclipse are nearly equally powerful skills.

Midgard-Runemaster- Midgard is not well known for their magical prowess, but amongst the lackluster group of casters, the runemaster is the strongest. Runecarving is definately the skill to go for if you are planning to do any RvR play with this class.

Stealth- There is no better feeling in the game than sneaking up on an unsuspecting victim and hitting him with an incredibly powerful style to drop him to 1/4 health to make him prime for the killing. If your adrenaline rush would come from this then stealth may be your area of expertise. Now stealth can be seen from 2 separate areas in the game. Do you want to be the little staelthy one who cannot take many hits, but is an exellent scout? Or do you want to be a stealthy character with a bow that can do and take some damage? This is why I will list 2 classes for each realm here:

Albion-Scout/Infiltrator- Scouts are masters of the long bow and can deal out some very significant damage with it. As with all bow using classes, I would advise training stealth and bow for this class if you plan on playing a lot of RvR. Infiltrators are excellent stealthers. They are best used as scouts if you are trapped by the enemy away from the keep so that you can strategize on how to take them out. Train in Envenom and Stealth here for RvR so you can help disguise your realms numbers to deafeat the enemy.

Hibernia-Ranger/Nightshade- Rangers are easily the best bow users in the realm. They are great for starting attacks on keeps in RvR to eliminate some minor guards that may hurt the main force when they attack. Bow and Steath are probably best for RvR in this class. Nightshades are the stealthiest class in Hibernia. Witht the right level of stealth, they can go just about anywhere unnoticed. Envenom and Stealth would probably be best for nightshades since the venom is what will kill the enemy before their hit points drop to 0.

Midgard-Hunter/Shadowblade-Hunters are the bow users of Midgard. Excellent at keeping enemys at bay to aide their allies. Much of what I said in past Stealth hunting classes applies to the hunter as well. That includes making Stealth and Bow your 2 main skills. Shadowblades are of similar function to Nightshades and Infiltrators in the the other 2 realms and Stealth and Envenom are once again the best skills to use for them.

These are some of the best classes to be used in RvR in every realm. Now you may notice that I only listed the damage doing classes. Now this is not because I think the healing and pet summoning classes are not important. It is because I know from experience that the healers never go into the keep to take out the lord and capture it. Their job is in the background and they miss much glory because of it. I am simply listing damage classes to make this guide a bit shorter.

I hope that this guide helps you on your journey to becoming a better DAoC player(It had better. I spent over an hour writing it.).

Thanks for reading,


Gorhard- lvl 36 Healer
Lardond_ lvl 30 Hunter
amongst probably 20 other chars on various server that I used to test out nearly all the classes

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