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Defeat Alb Dragon w/ 2 grps : DAOC Submissions

Posted: March 30th, 2005, 4:51 pm
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i dont know if this is old news to everyone here at tault but im broke and wanna become a premium member so here goes.

ok i dont know anything bout mid/hib dragon so this only pertains to albion

the information on killing alb dragon is with all lvl 50s with clerics having font of pwr and egg of youth. our guild is the only alb guild currently able to do this which may have something to do with our success. we are all high master lvl and all have at least a few arts. we also use ventrillo which helps keep the in game chat clutter to raid leader. we also have a eoy cleric permanently logged there just in case things go wrong we can try again. we have had success every sunday night for 4 months. all those stones help pay the bills. oh and if we r lucky he drops in an hr. sometimes 2 hrs. :/

2 grp set up:
we have not been able to do this w/o at least 2 pallys in both grps.
we usually have this set up -
grp1: 5 tanks, 3 clerics
grp2: an ice wizzie (dmg buff and help with giants), sorc (crack and mez for giants), maybe an inf but mostly just 3 tanks, 2 clerics, and a scout (very important when tanks get wiped ill explain later)

ok we set up shop at what i believe is the south entrance (ill up date after we go again) its the entrance that backs up to the mountain. we set up all five clerics next to their fop's in an X formation just OUTSIDE the lair entrance there. like the #5 on dice. the 2 closest to the entrance are about 10 ft away from the opening. and the ones in back are just inside heal range from the edge of the opening. then one in the middle of them all. we always put one cleric close to entrance and one far from each grp then the extra from grp1 in the middle. the sorc, wiz, and scout stand somewhere around the center of the X as well. after everyone is buffed and fops are down the tanks stand at the edge of the entrance even with the wall on either side. then one runs in grabs dragon aggro and sprints back hopefully alive. then the rest of the tanks start beating on him but never go inside more than about 5 ft. if he runs have one designated tank stay with him. the real trick to keeping both grps alive is everyone must watch out for glares. if u get glared then u must immediatly run into the lair towards the mound. get away from everyone else. if u make it all the way there and he doesnt kill u, go back and start beatin on him again. if u r dead on the mound the middle cleric's job is to rez u. if giants aggro its grp 2's job to take them out. if the dragon kills all the tanks make sure the scout is still blasting with arrows so he doesnt regenerate heath and eoy those tanks to their feet. grp 1 clerics heal grp one tanks and grp 2 clerics heal grp 2. i know there are exceptions sometimes. after a long long fight and watching for glares everyone will get at least 2 stones.

hope this helps so of those struggling alb guilds get some loot ... and trust me when i say nothing brings a guild closer then a well fought victory.

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