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Demon Breach Exploit. Grey Kills/Solo Kill Title/ Solo Keeps : DAOC Submissions

Posted: June 30th, 2010, 8:43 am

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[b]Ganking Greys 2 Win?!? HAHA.. Well i know a hole in demons breach to hop down quickly to 1-4 demon breach section.. If you want to farm nergal.. in the 1-4 <Nergal's Breach> then u have to jump down at lvl 7-8.. which makes him green. if 9 then its Grey as you can see in the pic below.
Obviously you can gain solo kills easy when ur 5+ levels higher than those who come inside the 1-4 dungeon making it easy as pie to get 100+ solo kills within hours.
This is REALLY Nice for New servers when Traffic in this dungeon reaches hundreds or thousands per day! so keep that in mind when Mythic Brings a new server starting from scratch!

You Can see I've not just leveled in 1-4 dungeon because See my Training in Bow to lvl 9!

Here is a SS of me in it. and shows me trained up to 9 and shows the grey named in Nergal's Breach.

Shows where im at in the dungeon and my level trained in bow!

This Pic shows me about 1 shotting nergal with level 9 power shot <Also>

This also Would allow u to SOLO the lvl 1-4 Keeps. I usta come solo keeps all the time and b4 I was lvl 10 I would alrdy have 10 keep taking title along with lots of solo kills! Once u dropped down to the 1-4 dungeon it usta allow u to go to the bg at lvl 9+ but believe they stopped this. U may need to be lvl 6-7 or so.. and not capped 9 ;)

I'll Give the loc later via prem members only i think. when i become prem because don't want everyone exploiting this ! lol

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Posted: June 30th, 2010, 10:39 am

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Yay, please loc!

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