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Free Hotkey Net Daoc Script For Macro teams :) : DAOC Submissions

Posted: December 1st, 2017, 8:23 pm

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:D I know u guys have been looking for a working script forever and don't feel like compiling ur own for a macro team so here goes mine a very simple script for 5 daoc Accounts. :) thank me later Post for Premium.

MUST HAVE HOTKEYNET >>> http://www.hotkeynet.com/p/download.html ) Hotkeynet 210 Is the latest compatible version with Daoc. Set send mode to default. then Check only the Use New sendwinM and SendwinMF, Attach threads for send input, and clear modifiers before executing hotkey boxes. Then Set background Focus Delays to Delay (Milliseconds) BEFORE___0 and After___15 Then under those boxes Check the Use WaitForInputIdle with SendWinM box. andyou should be almost ready now.

(THIS SCRIPT CAN BE ALTERED FOR UR OWN PERSONAL USE I will post more scripts for WOW, EQ2, etc if this gets a lot of love.)

Start up ur daoc's Get to work by pressing Ctrl Z then Ctrl P.

COPY ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INTO A NOTEPAD DOC. save it to ur desktop then press load script into hotkeynet, then press Reload script and ur all set.__ :arrow: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

<Hotkey Ctrl P>
<SendPC local>
<RenameWin "Dark Age of Camelot" "DAoC 1">
<RenameWin "Dark Age of Camelot" "DAoC 2">
<RenameWin "Dark Age of Camelot" "DAoC 3">
<RenameWin "Dark Age of Camelot" "DAoC 4">
<RenameWin "Dark Age of Camelot" "DAoC 5">

<Hotkey Ctrl Z>
<SendPC local>
<RenameWin "DAoC 1" "Dark Age of Camelot">
<RenameWin "DAoC 2" "Dark Age of Camelot">
<RenameWin "DAoC 3" "Dark Age of Camelot">
<RenameWin "DAoC 4" "Dark Age of Camelot">
<RenameWin "DAoC 5" "Dark Age of Camelot">

<Label d1 Local SendWinSF "DAoC 1">
<Label d2 Local SendWinSF "DAoC 2">
<Label d3 Local SendWinSF "DAoC 3">
<Label d4 Local SendWinSF "DAoC 4">
<Label d5 Local SendWinSF "DAoC 5">

<Hotkey 0-9>
    <SendLabel D1, D2, D3, D4, D5>
      <Key %Trigger%>

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Posted: December 1st, 2017, 8:32 pm

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Joined: August 5th, 2016, 4:38 am
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Also Looking for a Working Daoc Radar :( seems there is no more working one for live and I think Daocskilla which has been surprisingly working for a long time just took a big hit so Idk who to go to for a new one.

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