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GoV guide w/5 ppl : DAOC Submissions

Posted: July 19th, 2005, 6:49 pm
peg_leg's Reps:
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1 servant necro
1 minstrel
1 ML9 sorc/cabby/minstrel with pet, or a shield tank
2 clerics, both can be bots as long as they are able to heal occasionally, at least one ML5

Minstrel pulls danos and co with flute mez. Necro ST str/con debuffs Danos. All other mobs will chase the minstrel, may get a patroller or 2 with Danos but not big deal. Back Danos up to the edge of the slope to the 2 clerics and def tank/sorc/theurg/mini with pet and start DSing. Pulling minstrel will head for the haven and make big laps there, keeping Filmnos and Syrix in a holding pattern.

Hadrios may or may not come. He is bugged, if he is going to show up he will show up when Danos hits 75% if not before. If you get Danos past 70%, then you brought more toons than you needed.

When Hadrios shows up, stick the ML9 pet/mini pet on him, or have the tank attack and start taunting. Once Hadrios is aggro on whomever is attacking him, take the necro and the cleric healing the pet and head towards cloudsong. You can't kite Hadrios away from Danos, but you CAN kite Danos away from Hadrios. Drop another FOP if you need it with the cleric following the necro, you really don't need it if you have decent power pool/+heals/power RA's on the cleric. Damage shield until Danos drops (takes about 5 mins or so). It is IMPERATIVE that the Hadrios group maintains his aggro, if not, Hadrios will return to Danos and begin healing.

Once Danos is dead, head for the haven and port somewhere to get it all to deaggro. You can't kill hadrios like this, it doesn't matter, he's not what you are after.

Thats all there is to it. The only ways it will fail is if your kiter sucks and dies, your Hadrios team loses aggro, or if you don't pull Danos off the minstrel while he is still aggro, if you wait too long and he deaggros and then debuff pull, you are getting all of them and its easier to release the pet and die that much quicker.

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