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How to use Cheat Engine (fly hack) : DAOC Submissions

Posted: June 6th, 2009, 12:18 am

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So far this works on private servers... I bet I could do it on live too... And it'd own.

In this guide, you have gravity and you have actual height from the center of the daoc world that you must maintain in order to fly properly. I'll go over the height, then I'll go over smoothing out your bouncy gravity.

-Load your game.


-Load cheat engine.
-Select your game with cheat engine (if you can't do this, stop now and /quit lol).
-type /loc in the game
-(in the game you'll see your typical location... xxxxx,yyyyy,zzzz) Take your 3rd set of numbers (your Z), and put it in cheat engine with scan type "Exact Value" and value type "float".
-Do a scan
-Now in your list should appear a bunch of #s that are the same as your location height (the zzzz). Find a way to move your character up or down (run up stairs or down a hill or something). The numbers should increase or decrease (with your /loc). If they don't remove them from the list.
-Now that you have a few #s that move up and down with your actual in game movements, copy them all down into the bottom Address List.
-Under frozen, click check marks all the #s you have selected. Now go over to the value of each one of them, and change it to a number a few thousand above what it already is. If your numbers are like 4733, change them all to something like 7777.
-When you hit the right one, you'll shoot into the air bouncing about... Might even lose hp or life...

Now comes the gravity (which kills the bouncing and makes it easier to play/fly).

-On the Address of the integer you found for your height... You'll have a number that might look something like 10A92970.
-Take that number and do a memory scan in a range that will look something like this:
From: 10A92900 to: 10A92999
with scan type set to Unknown value or whatever and value type set to float.

-Now in your queue window you have a new list of things.
-Take everything with a value of 0 (during this part you must be standing still with your feet on the ground) and add it to your address list.
-This is where window'd mode helps. Jump up and down with spacebar or whatever your jump key is - and try to watch your address list. The value #s should be bouncing around and likely going into the negatives (if not oh well, but they need to be going up or down). If you stop jumping, it should return back to 0.
-The # values that are what you're going to change. Freeze them all, and set the values to... 99 I guess. Your character should start hovering sort of.. Slightly bouncing.
While bouncing, set your height (that we did earlier) and you should be hovering in the air with a slight... ever so slight bounce to you.

If your bounce(gravity) is too much or too little, feel free to adjust it to fit.

Remove unnecessary addresses, label yours and fly my brothaz! I found wizzys, runeys, and elds are the best for this :P

I could make a video of this... But only if it's worth it...

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Posted: June 9th, 2009, 11:08 am

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Mod in Training
Can members say yay or nay to this so we may give tu bucks and/or premium. If you nay the submission remember to include as to why.

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Posted: February 2nd, 2014, 3:49 pm

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I got the first part down works great, just a little confusion on the bouncing part ive tried it many times still cant controll the bouncing, if you could make a video that would be awesome dude...

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