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Killing zahur : DAOC Submissions

Posted: July 28th, 2005, 6:41 pm
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Zahur is the artifact mob for Zahur's Crown, and he also drops a few really nice items. He can be found on the ocean floor with 3 friends at 28,000 20,000 Oceanus Boreal. While this may be possible with 1 cleric, I recomend having at least 2 with you.

Initial Setup

Have all of your clerics ungrouped with DI up, and a second DI charge ready to fire. Create an invite macro for each cleric like this (/macro Cleric1 /invite clericName)

It's a good idea to build a summoning suit and make sure your active suit has capped melee/eneregy/cold resists

Make sure you have full cleric timed buffs on your pet (resists/heal proc)

Pulling Zahur

Put your clerics at one side of the encounter, so they are about 1850 units away from Zahur

Put your necromancer at the opposite side of the encounter. This is to ensure that when Danthena runs, she won't drag you out of range of your clerics.

Put up DS/HoT, and sick your pet on Danthena. She'll try and run away from you (straight towards your ungrouped clerics), but your pet will catch up. Your pointblast WILL hit Zahur's helpers, so it's a good idea to take them out quickly.

Invite one of your clerics, and use up all of their DI. If you have more than one cleric, invite the next one once the first's DI is used up. I'm sure you get the idea. Once all clerics are grouped, fire their second DI charges.

It shouldn't be long before Danthena dies, and once she does your free to start focusing on Zahur.

Killing Zahur

Okay, this is the one thing that is going to determine whether you suceed or fail. Keep your shade a ways back from zahur at all times, and when he goes to pointblast, put your pet on passive. Once the blast goes off, put your pet back on defensive again. If you don't do this your clerics will likely get agro from all the healing they'll have to do, and things will become VERY complicated from that point on

If you evade his PBAEs well, you'll almost be able to keep up your own health by casting HoTs every 15 seconds. Zahur really isn't that tough, it's just his PBAEs that really really hurt.

Zahur sometimes respawns his helpers, and they'll likely go straight for your clerics. If this happens, sick your pet on Danthena, and use your AoE STR/CON debuff to pull the other two guards off your clerics. Use your PBAoE to kill Danthena ASAP, because as long as she's up, you have to have your pet meleeing her, so you can't evade Zahur's pointblasts.

Also, it seems sometimes Zahur spawns these red orbs when he's at low health, and they travel around the area detonating for about 500 damage on whoever they hit, so it's a good idea to keep everyone as close to full health as possible for the last 15% of the fight.

Good Hunting

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