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Leveling guide for all on Hibernia. : DAOC Submissions

Posted: February 1st, 2006, 10:17 am
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Well , this guide is for people who are sick of instances in catacombs or can't run catacombs client due to bad GFX card or something.

A lot of impatient characters ask for powerleveling. Mythic makes this difficult. All things considered, the best XP is with a group around your level (although it is nice to have someone two levels above). What does work is good gear; ask nicely and check the guild vault.
Our experince of power leveling is: ten mins of good xp until the "lowby" gets hits by an add; or the "lowby" stays out the way and does nothing (how was it for you darling?). In my opinion the game is about the journey to 50, not rushing as fast as possible to get those levels. Enjoy the game, do quests, kill tasks, and groups, and the XP will flow in.

1-4 Anything for God's sake. There is either a choice of Mag Mell or Grove of Domnan. There's a nice spawn of skellie minion/pawns south east of mag mell that'll keep you full of mobs without running around too much. While there is loads of mushrooms just outside the Grove of Domain.

5 Beetle collector north of ardee, also south of Mag Mell near the Blackthorn. Watch for the named beetle Klik (Clik??) When he's got his mob of beetles with him he's mean. Kills many a newb. There are also various beetles on the island in the river by Connla.
There is also frogs and wolves on the hills south west of Mag.

6-8 Beetle, north of ardee. Blackthorn and Lunan between MM and TNM. For the low lvl, these drop great loot, including armor and weapons.
Mudmen are also easy targets.
Nice Ghouls, Toads, and Spragonoll in Connacht at 45, 27 just west over the bridge from the Basar.

9-11 wolf, red wolfhound, and badger south of mag mell, the hill before Tir Na mBeo. More Blackthorn and Lunan. You can start looking into the curms at their wagon in this area, and at night, the ghastly Siabre.

12-15 The shoreline from Mag Mell toward the parth farm provides everything you could need once you're tired of that valley behind TNM. In the following order: Curms. Roane Maiden. Fishing Bear Forager. Dew Sheerie. (The Sheerie are a bit further down the coast than the rest of these (almost to Nock's camp), but con red at 14 and go down like oranges. Much better/safer than red parths at this lv, and you can take them to 20 no problem, skipping the more dangerous parths altogether.) Near Ardee you can find Bantam Specs. Usually plenty of these to go around, but I wouldn't count on camp bonuses here.
There Muire Tomb also starts at this level. The trick is not to aggro the middle mummy hag - she will alway bring her mates and handbags.

14-16 there are Anger Sprites north of the Ardee bridge on west side of the river (across from Drum Ligen). Cliffs of Moher. Grass sheeries and Gales are your primary targets. They die fast and are susceptible to heat nukes. Mostly orange at 14, half orange at 15 and mostly yellow at 16.

16-17 Parthanan, take the horse from Ardee to east Lough Derg. Nice if you can get a druid in your group to heal disease. These BAF, so now you can really start taking advantage of pbaoe if you've got it. You can do these as early as 14, but they're tougher than other mobs of the same con, cast that nasty disease, and can be unpredictable. Recommend waiting to 16. Some people stay here until as high as lvl 21.
Personally, I found these a pain as then agro alot. Try east across the river from Howth (watch the hills there is some higher level beasties there).

…or… curmudgeon camp south of parths. You can pull the hog, and the hog and a campkeeper will come. With the group bonus you are going to level quickly, and it is safe.

18-19 Fishing bear, north of ardee by the bridge. Giant Ant in Lough Gur and Shannon Estuary.

20-21 Water Badger in Shannon Estuary. Take the horse from Mag Mell to Howth, jump horse at Ardagh. Swim across the sea to the island. Or you can hunt Irewood Sapling north of Ardee, run all the way to the north, pass DL, You will see those Irewood sapling. Or, make your debut in Spraggon Den. You can solo here to 25.
Spaggon Den is good for high teens and twenties, particularly if you have patience and good group; some good drops here too (Bracers from the worms)

20s do Fairy Drakes just East of Caille. Orange to 20. Send pet after about 6 of em, stack them up and pbae, qc pbae and they are all dead. They seem to be weak to the pbae damage cuz they die faster than other mobs doing this. No down time and constant pulls.
Also Darkness falls (DF) is do able, from high teens right up to 50; with the benefit that high levels will usually rez you on their way to the deep levels.

20-23 Clurichuan farm directly west from north gate of TNN. From the north enterence of TNN (not the Mag Mell side), go directly West up to the top of the hill then turn slightly North. You will go by a group sharp rocks stuck in the ground and should quickly see the 'Barns'. There are 10+ of these guys running around the buildings constantly. They are orange/red at 20. Rarely do you pull more than 1 and they have nice bonuses. Also, they drop Hedge Weed armor pieces, (+6 Int on robe). And, right behind the buildings are some Irewoods that are red/purple at 21.

22-23 Giant ants down in Lough Gur. Take a horse to Innis, there are tons of giant ants in the forest. Dampwood Mites are excellent exp as well, located in various places around Lough Gur. The Mites can take you to as high as 26/27 if you're patient enough.

22-25 Connla's Well, mermen and water badgers. Ants are nearby to the SW for variety.

24-25 Young Irewood, same place you hunt Irewood Sapling, but you need to go north a bit further. No merchant around, you can only level here, you can't pick up any loot since you'll become overloaded.

24-25 alternatives...the linked faerie horse/steed groups by the toer on the way to druim cain. A couple of nice drops from them (cloak/jewelry don't remember stats) and they always give a group bonus. Will be blue-orange at 24.

25 East of the Basar in Connacht is a sweet spot for a group

26-27 Mist Wraiths, Wraith Sprite in Cliffs of Moher. Town to the left, you will find a bunch of these.

28-29 Fog Wraith in Cliffs of Moher. At the town nearby, on the right you should see a bunch of small bushes. There are quite a few of Wriath there. On the left of the town, you can find some too, but you will need to walk farther.

Soloing the entrance to TC (Treihb Caillte dungeon in Lough Gur) is a good option.

29-31: Siog Seekers near the Coruscating Mines. There is a fairly large group of them near the edge that drops down into the valley that leads to DC. At level 30 they range from yellow to orange with a rare red thrown in.
Also east of Basar, just below Drum Ligne, some Alps and Pookas that are yellow, oj, and red to level 30 (don't agro much).

30-33 Tons of mobs like Aughisky, Cliff Beetle(some might con high purple...),Greater Zephyr in Cliff of Moher. When you get to the town of Cliff of Moher, across the road you should see a hill. They are up there. If you think the following is safe...you can go to Mount Collory to fight Aughisky. Just go straight, pass the grovewood trees, you should see a pond. Tons of Aughisky there. Or you can fight Gorge Rats in Cruachan Gorge. Beware of invader though..can be great exp and loot (they drop money only, sometime as much as 95 silver per rat).

Perhaps better than any of this, solo the entrance of TC.

33-34 solo Ollipheists, big dinosaurs in Shannon Estuary, WEST of connla. They are agro so you have to be somewhat careful. But the good thing is they spawn all in the same area. Most are orange, but some are red at 33.

34: Solo the entrance of Coruscating Mines (CM). Fights take a while but the xp is great especially at off hours when you can still get a camp bonus.

34-35 Find a group in Treibh Caillte, you NEED those items...Bog Creeper in Bog of Cullen for solo. Great exp will be Far Darring or Dull group in Innis.

Soloing the Pookhas between Basar and DL is good. There are some blue/yellow (to me at 36/light chantress) and some blue to orange Amadan toucheds.

34-38: Daemhan Aeirs in Silvermine Mts. Head east out of Howth, across the river. Go straight east from the area where Hazzard/Enchanted Lucraduines spawn up into the hills. About 20 aeirs spawn very very fast and are caster mobs with puny hp. Weak to light. The essences they drop can be turned in to a merchant in Howth for 4.2 mil xp a piece.

36-37 outside of Kaolinth Mines, you will find Cliff Dwellers. At the town of Cliff of Moher, at the back of the town you will see a beach. Go down there, you will see a bunch of cliff dweller. Go further, you will see some gray colored hills. There are some cliff hanger there too.

38-39 If you are BRAVE enough, you can try those chicken looking mobs in Cliff of Moher. At the town of Cliff of Moher, go to the left. You will see a lot of chicken looking mobs running in circle. They are surround by some small gray stones. BEWARE! Their attack speeds are INSANE. And they can outrun your sprint. (Recent reports state the mobs no longer attack at high speed, but lower speed and greater dmg, meaning your pet's dmg shield will not be as effective L )
The other spot is Grovewoods outside of Kaolinth. Beware! They can root and self heal!

Also. Greenbarks in the Bog are pretty safe. By the zone wall. You pretty much cannot miss that place if you go straight out from innis and pass the tower. However, if you go deeper from that spawn spot, THEN it is dangerous.
Awesomely safe place to get great XP. 2 Camps as well, so switching from one to the other gets good camp bonuses. When it's all gone the safe Lesser Banshee camp is right near there too "

38-40 -- Emp guardians/elders in Bri Leith near Druim Cain gate, Grovewoods in Cliffs of Moher near Koalinth Caverns

40-45 At this point groups are your best bet, but…

40+ Toa has good benifits, if you can get a group. Hulks on the island south east of Stygia Haven can easily hit 50 million a kill. Prone to camping, and you will need several high 40s to keep going. Watch the crocks when swimming across.

41.. there is an awesome spot in mid right next to our portal keep.. the mobs are named iseulet or something like that, and are on the right hand side of the path.. cant miss em.. just down from the keep. They drop 1-2 gold per kill and with the new compatriot you can just about non stop kill them.. (they are high orange/low red at 41 and all orange at 42)

41-43 Corybantic Skellies by the str relic keep. Another good spot is in the frontier near the green barks.. a little farther down you will find ghostly invaders.. we have a nice bonus to hit these (+) and they go down pretty quick..

42 Right outside of Crunchy fort their are little mobs (grannies?) that are high orange/low red that are not bad at all to kill... if you rvr a lot, hunt here awaiting a Crunchy attack.

43-44… Far Darrigs outside Innis. Or -- Knotted/ Gnarled Fellwoods in Albion in canyon bordering Pennine and Hadriann's wall, near Hib mile gate

post 45...

1) For best xp, do Finliaths at 56k,25k in Cursed Forest (ideal group would be 2 pbaers, 1 warden, 1 druid, 2 bards to do mana and end song, and 2 tanks)

46 -- Bocanachs near Dun Na Nged in Briefine, Leprechauns, Fomorians and Grannies in Cursed Forest

46-48 Pit at CM is real good, anything down there will do but abysmals will give you a bit of downtime until you get closer to 48...at 49 if you know the routes with the least aggro give the EZ a shot and have a XP/Loot fest at the Azure Camp on the north end of the map...solo the xp is ungodly, and if you can manage some realm skills things go real easy (Serenity III and MLC you can near chain pull solo)

46-50. Arch magi, banshee, sibara guardian gives you the best exp. And you have to group.

49...try CF..Grentchers, Pooka, Grabeyes, Fins (go down real quick for those of you full light) Granny, Gorborchends, Levian-als, Bears...bog also is good Bears

49 Very sweet spot in DF, essessenc drinkers either side and some Mahr and Necros in front (Mahr are particularly easy to kill). As a duo we hit 100 mill a kill before camp bonus started dropping (loc 32.5, 14.5)

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Posted: February 1st, 2006, 2:43 pm

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nice post volker

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