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Moirai : DAOC Submissions

Posted: July 28th, 2005, 6:36 pm
peg_leg's Reps:
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Getting to Moirai is not too hard.
Buff pet fully
Make sure cleric is not on stick
Pet on passive
Run through to safe spot
Let pet die
Bring cleric plus anyone else up before mobs reset
Re summon pet and re buff
repeat till at moirai

My notes:
I only have to use this trick once on the way to Morai. I killed the Crocs and Rays that aggroed on the way to dry land in front of Morai, not really a way to avoid that I don't think. Then I put my pet on passive and ran (non-sprint) all the way into the room outside of Morai. I let my Abom die while I ran my Cleric in behind. If you don't put the DS up the mobs won't kill your necro, so you will just have to re-summon and buff up. Watch out as you might get one Gorgon aggro after you lose and re-summon your pet... just kill it and move on.

Now you are to Morai and you need setup instructions:

Since the picture link is dead I'll just describe it. Put your bot back towards the back of the room, near the Statue in the alcove should work. Mine usually sits a few steps back from the pad in that room so I can re-cast the heal proc without moving closer. That's all, no tricks, drop a font if you have one, but you don't need one.

Ok, now the necro setup, very crucial part here - Thanks to WastemAll for this part:

Buff up pet and put him on passive, throw up DS, creep slowly into the doorway of moirais room, you will aggro 2 minions almost immediately, keep creeping slowly(real real slow) until moirai goes into an aggrssive stance, once she hits that aggresive stance do not move (very important).

>>Quick note here - The aggressive stance looks like a pro-wrestling move with her arms out a bit and flexed. The neat thing about this is that if you have her in that stance you don't actually have to pull her. You will get the message that she can be damaged and then her bubble will fade to nothing, when it's gone she'll just walk on over and attack your pet. Easy as pie.<<

She will summon snakes but they will stay on the pad. Keep pet on passive keep DS up, cleric healing and life is good. Hard part is when shield drops and you need to heal through 2 minions and moirai (doable with Seren 2 and a Power Regen 3 charge).

Spawn time varies and is not affected by killing the 3rd minion. I have had her pop as soon as she was killed 3-4 times in a row, then I have had her not pop for almost an hour. Average I would say is 20-40 minutes..

Loot is real random no real set schedule.. I know I had had 2 belts drop at once, 2 lockets at once and 1 vest and gem drop.. I get 1 belt every 3/4 times and plenty of gems and bracers, rings seem real rare...

Loot is real nice, this is an easy way of farming cash...
on my server i sell them for....

watch out for the 2 pops in the room that you are camping, i have trouble with them when they pop because when they pop i have to pull of minions and kill the gorgans pop. this will bug the entire encounter.

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