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Necro guide : DAOC Submissions

Posted: April 17th, 2004, 9:54 am
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Here is a full DAoC necromancer leveling guide!

1-3: Skeletons - Moldy, Puny, Rotting, standard (various locations)
2-3: Decayed Zombies (various locations)
2-4: Headless Dead (Isle of Glass)
3-5: Zombie Sow (Camelot Hills)
4-6: Large Skeletons (various locations)
5-6: Soggy Skeletons (Isle of Glass)
5-7: Undead Filidh (Camelot Hills, Salisbury Plains)
8-11: Undead Druid (Camelot Hills, Salisbury Plains)
7-15: Tomb of Mithra - all monsters except Mithra priests
8-11: Ghosts (Isle of Glass)
8-11: Boulderings (Camelot Hills)
10-12: Large Boulderings (North Black Mountains)
11-14: Grindylows (Isle of Glass)
12-14: Wind Mephit (Salisbury Plains)
13-15: Mud Golems (Avalon Marsh)
13-16: Sodden Warriors, Drowned, Bugganes (Isle of Glass)
14-16: Gwr-drwgiaids (Llyn Barfog)
15-17: Quicksand (Avalon Marsh)
16-18: Small Skeletal Centurion (Cornwall)
16-18: Ghoul Footmen (Avalon Marsh)
17-19: Skeletal Legionaires (Cornwall)
18-22: Ghoul Knights, Ghoul Lords (Avalon Marsh, often in groups)
19-22: Faint Grim (Snowdonia)
20-23: Cythrauls (Llyn Barfog)
21-23: Undead Seedsman (Isle of Glass Border, Seedsman plant the Haunted Appletrees)
24-28: Wicked Cythrauls (Llyn Barfog)
24-29: Grey Ghosts (Isle of Glass border)
25-29: Giant Skeletons (Salisbury Plains)
26-30: Bwgwl (Llyn Barfog)
27-28: Legionaires (Cornwall)
27-31: Undead Monks (Llyn Barfog)
28-35: Catacombs of Cordova (most monsters)
29-34: Undead Apple Gatherers (Near Wearyall)
29-42: Soultorns (various types, Darkness Falls)
30-36: Dunters (Lyonesse)
32-38: Undead Marshmen and Grangers (Near Wearyall)
35-40: Danoian Clerks (Lyonesse)
35-40: Granite Giants (Dartmoor)
38-41: Undead (North and East of Caddug Keep)
38-41: Tomb Keepers (Barrows)
38-42: Danoian Fisherman (Lyonesse)
39-41: Bean Sidhe (Lyonesse, night spawn)
40-42: Echo room (Barrows)
40-45: Darkfires (Barrows)
40-45: Danoian Farmers (Lyonesse)
41-45: Mountain Lights (behind Caer Diogel)
42-43: Druid Skeletons (Barrows)
42-45: Danaoin Sailors (Lyonesse)
43+: Headless footmen, grasping ghouls, defiled skeletons, ebon skeletons, phantom magi (Caldey)
44-48: Spectral Essences, Spiritual Advisors, Vigilant Souls (Barrows)
45-48: Pikemen (Lyonesse)
45+: Ecto Minions (Dales of Devwy)
45+: Pitch Skeletons (Camp above Cliffton)
46+: Wight Ramp, Celts or Skeletal Druids (Barrows)
47+: Undead Pikemen, Priests of Arawn (Lyonnesse)
48+: Danaoin Soldiers (Lyonesse)
48+: Ghoul Desicrators (Gwyddneau)
48+: Grannies (Emain Macha)
48+: Shark-Bitten Corpses (near Caer Sidi)
49+: White Lights (Caldey)
49+: Cyhraeths (Frontier, near Caer Berkstead)
50: Ancient Zombies, Dread Liches, Blood Liches, Lich Lords (often requires a group)

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Posted: April 19th, 2004, 11:18 am
Tault_Tault Community

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sorry i didnt write this the first time pc died,

this guide appears very much SI orientated so i apologise to all none SI players but havent had time to scout normal zones for gd necro spots from 1-50

ademaa :)

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