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Orcs in Aldland : DAOC Submissions

Posted: August 3rd, 2005, 4:39 pm
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i go out to PL my toons all the time at the orcs. the xp is great and the loot is good for savaging. when i first learned how to PL at orcs i read this guide i got off the boards. enjoy

-Thanks Telesca for making it :D

1) Where is it?
It's a spawn in aldland. Easiest way to get there is to take a dragon fly from Caer Diogel to clifton. When you come to water, and turn to ride parallel, that is where the spawn takes place. There is a little plateau that the ogres will be on, and the orcs will be in the flatlands between the dirt road and the plateau.

2)How many are there?
There are 40 ogres and 30 orcs in total. THe ogres are in 4 squads of 10 with 1 squad leader to each groupl. The orcs are in 6 groups of 5 with a sergeant in each group.

3)What is this "Trigger" people talk about?
The trigger is the Ogre squad leader that STARTS the orcs to FORM up from the coastal area and march to their position for battle. The ogre which does this is the Ogre Squad leader of the closest squad towards diogel, or the furthest squad from the water.

4)How do I Respawn the orc army?
You have to Pull the "Trigger" Ogre from his spot, and run towards the water/towards krondon area.. Not towards diogel. You will see a /broadcast message from the "trigger" saying something to the extent about.. "Kulaclan are ahead.. Get ready" That message lets you know that The orcs have spawned and are forming up.

5)What if the encounter is down, or someone killed the ogre squad leader that triggers the encounter?
You can Reset the TIMER of the encounter. But it is still just a RANDOM event like most rare mobs/arti encounters.. There is a % chance of it spawning every so often... sometimes it pops within 15 minutes, sometimes hours/days.

So if the encounter is down, go to outerward of krondon and take a look up on the cliffs to the north. You should see(hopefully) a named mob THERGUS THE INSPIRER and his guards. Pull him and run towards gwydnneau.. He will stop chasing you and run back into the dungeon.. You will see some /broadcast messages with certain THRESHERS running around crazy shouting varoius things.. ASSASSIN WHERE? etc etc etc..

You have just reset the encounter.. Go back to the spot where they spawn and wait for numerous hours prolly for them to pop again.

6) On my server, they haven't been seen in DAYS to a WEEK. What the heck is wrong?
well. There are several things. a) Server reset will destory the encounter. b) The encounter MORE THAN LIKELY SPAWNED but it prolly didn't HANG UP(which is what WE want so we can pharm them) and proceeded like it should.. Which means.. Both armies spawned, both moved towards the fighting area, the TRIGGER mob shouts to attack.. and they duke it out with a victor.. If orcs win you see a different /broadcast message than if the ogres win. Soo.. basically go to krondon and see if THERGUS THE INSPIRER is up, and pull him to RESET the Encounter once again and wait at the designated spot.

7) I wait at the designated spot, but don't have bot loaded or what have ya and they end up fighting one another and the enocunter despawns.. What should I do?

I have 2 acconts (which most people do). I have one toon that I have specifically at the spawn area (That way I have first dibs on them), the 2nd account I have a level 20 minstrel that waits for THERGUS TO POP and do his long winded /broadcast speech and rile up the Ogres, and gets them to march off to the spawn area. That way I see this happen, log that minstrel off, log in the bot, quickly buff up the necro/sorc, whatever.. and move towards the eastern hillside or right infront of where the "Trigger" mob stands. Wait for the left side of the orcs to get close. Then I kill them before they even get to position so there is no chance for half of the orcs to kill all of the ogres etc. Its just preventing the CORRECT ENCOUNTER from even happening.

8) What should I do for the loot, and what should I /salvage or what not.
Well it all depends on what you are doing.. If you are interested in the fastest PL possible while still retaining some REALLY REALLY good /salvage and sellable loot you should do the following.
Destroy accessories, staves, cloth, leather. Keep all STACKABLE SELLING GEMS, keep all 2handed weapons. for just 2-3 toons you should be there for around 2-3 hours before you fill up on those two items. Make sure you bind in diogel, especially right infront of the vaultkeeper/some merchant. That way when you suicide your necro, and dont' have buffs, you can sell, vault wihtout str buffs . Store your 2handers in your vault, sell your gems.. take the dragonfly back to the camp and start at it again. then the next 2-3 hours you may want to, depending on how many 2handers you have, suicide /release house and remove from regular vault and place in your house vault or CM. Port to Castle Sauvage.. Run up the stairs jump off once, run up again, jmp off a second time and /release back to diogel, take dragon fly to spawn, and resume your PLage.

Also, if you are lucky to hvae a ML'd minstrel around, you can summon the merchant and sell your stuff there.. very handy.. But most of us do not have that option..

If you are really greedy for cash, suicide after filling up with everything, sell everything back but salvages, vault salvages, and fly back.. THIS IS TEDIOUS however. It's also nice to have a salvager ON THE SPOT.. Thats the best thing in the world when PL guildies.. They would log in their 2nd toon which was a /salvager and salvage everythign while im doing the PL.

Welp. My lunch hour is over.. and I covered most of the topics I wanted to get to..

I will also be including some COOOOOL stuff later about pulling TECHINIQUES.

Like for instance.. Linking The "TRIGGER MOB" to the 2nd SQUAD LEADER so that when you pull them to trigger the orcs to spawn, they only chase after you for HALF THE TIME.. so they only go to the EDGE of the plateau.. THIS SAVES SOOO MUCH time it isn't funny.. This is the best solution if you are doing them SOLO without a designated PULLER.

If you are really good at a deathservant necro, and need NO DOWN TIME AT ALL, and can kill as fast as they come out, and have a designated puller.. Having just the squad leader by itself is usually the better of the two options. Because the puller will do his thing.. Your necro will be near the edge of the dirt road close to the water. You will be able to see them spawn.. When they come close to you, you can kill the first 3 sets, then pick up loot, as you are making your way to the last 3 sets of orcs, the /broadcast message will be shouted again by the TRIGGER mob again on his way back which will respawn the 3 orc groups that you first killed. as they are walking up, you are finishing the other 3 orc groups.. Then go over to the 3rd set of 3 orcs and kill those.. and have your puller commence... So you are getting 9 sets of orcs every pull... so around 45 orcs every 1:30 minutes or so.

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