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Vampiir Bot : DAOC Submissions

Posted: March 15th, 2006, 11:29 pm
dragoon225's Reps:
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Vampiir Bot
This macro is simple, but quite effective. What this does is:
1.Target the nearest mob and /face it using the macro.
2.Powertaps it (if powertap is not up, and there is enough power for endurance tap / within range, it will pull using endurance tap, if not it will wait till the powertap is up)
3.Then it will hit a chain style (Eye Shot for example) and back it up with the anytime style for that chain (in this case, Vampiiric Feint).
4.After that it casts Heal over Time (if its up)
--------------------Endurance Tap (if its up)

Slots are as follow:
1. Powertap bolt
2. First style (Anytime)
3. Second Style (Chains off of First Style)
5. Endurance Tap (I Highly recommend the 35% Endurance Tap so that there is enough power to repeatedly fight mobs)
7. Macro that does /face
0. HoT Buff (I suggest using a lower level HoT such as:
lvl 38-180 HoT if level 37-50
lvl 22-90 HoT if level 27-36
lvl 15-45 HoT if level 17-26
lvl 4-15 HoT if level 7-17
If you are dieing using those HoTs for your level range then use a higher HoT.

To begin the macro, simply hit F1
An Onscreen message will appear for 1 second and then
go off. This will confirm that the bot was activated.

To end the macro, simply hit F2
An Onscreen message will appear for 1 second and then
go off. This will confirm that the bot was deactivated.

I suggest using this bot in a good camp of nothing higher than yellows since i have only used it in camps of blues so far)

Sorry for this but in the Vampiir Bot macro, i forgot to add in the 3 second delay to keep F8 from targetting different mobs.

OnScreenDisplay "Vampiir Bot v1 Begin" 1 0 0 "Arial" 24 0x0080

is what the macro coding should be.

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