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Get Restless Isles Access WITHOUT The Run : DDO Submissions

Posted: August 7th, 2009, 8:31 am

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Note: I posted this awhile ago in the exploit forum, possibly why I never got credit for it... I want to note that this may very well work with weapons or anything that may drop upon leaving a quest.

This trick is pretty simple. For starters, you have to have somebody who has access to the shrines(porting points) already. It used to be you could die, that person puts your shard in their backpack, then ports there with you. Now you will get a message saying that you will not be taken there because you have a shard in your backpack. Solution:

You still have to die=). You can find a little groove to drown in really close to the wildman who ports -- Or just sit and let the slimes kill you.

1) Have the person with porting access pick up your shard and drop it next to the NPC who will be porting you. Make sure this person knows what their "Interact" key is! (labeled as Interact in the Key Mapping settings). For me, I set it to "U".

2) The person with porting access talks to the NPC. BEFORE clicking the text that would have you port, have them target your shard.

3) In a *VERY* fast motion, have them click the text that will have them port and immediately (I mean within a few milliseconds if that), hit the "Interact" key. They pickup the shard after they ask to be ported, but before the porting process begins.

You may run into the problem that you port before you are able to pickup the shard. This means you did not hit your interact key fast enough. You have to hit them virtually at the same time, but make sure you click that NPC text before picking up the shard, or else you will not be ported. Once you figure it out, you'll get it every single time, I guarantee it. It's tricky because you basically start to port the second you click that mouse button. Hense the milliseconds you have to pickup that shard!

Plz confirm me ppl! I've posted a few good exploits on here now (Vanguard free Wyvern rides anywhere with a video, Double Monk Stance in DDO, now this), but nobody ever confirms!=)... My year is almost up!

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Posted: August 8th, 2009, 12:42 pm

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Can members say yay or nay to this being usefull so it may be moved to the confirmed section? If you say nay please say why so we can help others know.

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