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Orb Save Bonus (stacking) : DDO Submissions

Posted: January 12th, 2014, 6:02 pm

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this is a exploit I found by mistake, dunno if it has been reported or not but here goes.

1. Equip an orb
2. Shield Block with the orb
3. While still shield blocking logout, when you log back in you will retain the save bonus.

this stacks for +5s and +6s etc

You can then unequip the orb and go back to using your regular weapon.

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Posted: June 16th, 2014, 6:36 pm

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It's not working for the thunder-forged orb (+11)

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Posted: June 16th, 2014, 6:39 pm

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and I just tried it with one of the older +7 EE orbs, not working

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Posted: March 24th, 2015, 8:18 pm

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Why use an Auto Accident attorney?

How Attorneys aid in Auto Accident Cases

When the unforeseen happens and an auto accident ends in property damage and personal injury, many folks understand to be really careful of these words and actions in the scene of the mishap. If each person involved is capable, take images <a href = "https://deckbox.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=22045">skjdwio </a> scene, and write down some notes concerning the number of events that led to the collision. Contact your insurance carrier to file the claim, then seek the help of a personal injury attorney.

Every state has different traffic laws that alter often. A seatbelt law can change the payout limitations on <a href = "https://timesshamrock.coolerads.com/consumers/profile/151850">wtkos </a> that failed to wear restraint when operating the moving vehicle. No-fault legislation complicates the assignment of duty for expenses incurred. Medical expenses paid in the car insurance business differ from those paid by medical insurance provider. Every facet of the law has to be interpreted correctly to ensure appropriate management <a href = "https://timesshamrock.coolerads.com/consumers/profile/151853/">vnle </a> case with regard to the laws of the state where the injury happened. If traveling outside the home state when the injury occurs, a lawyer with that state will likely be asked to represent the case.

Insurance firms need to disclose all coverage inside the written policy information supplied to the <a href = "http://www.sheetmusictrade.com/members/1828224/tiolite.html">sdfsdfsdfwef </a> a replica of the insurance policy and comprehending the coverage are two different realities. A capable lawyer can decipher the contents of the policy and leverage that knowledge to insure the invoices are paid and any claim for pain and suffering is paid in full. Your particular case may well <a href = "http://americanmachinist.com/users/ciepayclif">yuikl </a> within those limitations and standing alone from the insurance carrier will not result in appropriate payouts. Consult a lawyer who is able to let the insurance company understand you are set on the claim you have filed and have use of the auto accident legal advice you have to receive <a href = "http://www.smokinghotwaitress.com/user/3106/botsfolkgraph.html">ldkfiw </a> from lawyers.

Even if the injury is not your fault, two insurance companies be associated with the claim. The insurance provider of the individual who caused the accident may not be the one to pay for the damages to both vehicles and any property associated with the mishap. Your attorney can <a href = "http://battletracker.com/index.php?page=User&userID=961123">skjdwio </a> insurance companies responsible for their percentage of the claim. When folks try to file a claim without legal representation, the insurance firms will bat the insured motorists back and forth until they tire of the sport.

When injuries surface months after the injury, medical bills will collect and also the insurance <a href = "http://www.risinghype.com/user/anakper/">cndjkd </a> refuse payment. Many examples exist where drivers have already been awarded tens of thousands of dollars for harms with long-lasting impacts on their health and capability to make a living. In one case a driver was granted $75,000 for pain and suffering when a bike made an dangerous turn before <a href = "http://www.parapsych.org/users/terppeman/profile.aspx">pslsowek </a> and caused a crash. When a lawyer accepts a case, the examples know the probability of winning a lawsuit against an insurance provider. The success rate for many personal injury attorneys stays above 95% due to their capability to measure the case and present a case of sustained injury and <a href = "http://www.facedub.com/rvirmarni">yuikl </a> to the court. In cases of wrongful death caused by auto accidents some awards have been in the millions of dollars.

While no attorney can inform you what will undoubtedly be given in your case, without representation you may be unable to recoup the costs of the accident. When you will <a href = "http://gameawards.se/people/7394">lskaspwio </a> lawyer since you were in an automobile accident, seek a reputable attorney having a history for success through lawful means. Reveal all the information you recorded concerning the injury and get a duplicate of the police report before the consultation assembly. State your expectations to the lawyer and then trust the legal professional to do what's right in your

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Posted: March 25th, 2015, 9:02 am

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3 Easy Steps to Economically Clean Your Carpeting

In case you are researching new vacuum cleaners, choose a long-lasting, solidly built vacuum that has a powerful motor. If a life guarantee is important for you, take a look at the Kirby <a href = "http://www.sheetmusictrade.com/members/1828224/tiolite.html">wtkos </a> vacuums, and other brands, with this particular attribute. Can you envision using precisely the same vacuum cleaner for 30 years? Many purchasers of Kirby vacuums are proud to say their Kirby is going strong for 20 to 30 <a href = "http://gameawards.se/people/7394">pslsowek </a> tell you that they have never once had an issue with it. Hence, when the cost is affordable for you, a Kirby vacuum needs to be one you seriously consider.

The very first custom you must develop is to <a href = "http://www.facedub.com/rvirmarni">ldfoiefj </a> carpets each week. But that is the simple minimum recommended, and you may need to do it more depending on your own situation This frequently scheduled vacuuming is a good means to keep the dirt and dust that <a href = "https://deckbox.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=22045">ldfoiefj </a> not easily see vacuumed up. One large problem is that the more time you wait between vacuuming, the more dirt gets earth into your carpets. You ought to try to prevent this issue because the more soil that <a href = "http://www.parapsych.org/users/terppeman/profile.aspx">lsmsdjwu </a> into your carpets, the tougher it's to remove. The high traffic areas of your carpet will gain by a area vacuuming daily. A common mistake people make who shampoo their very own carpets is their failure to be <a href = "https://timesshamrock.coolerads.com/consumers/profile/151850">vnle </a> the moisture is taken off the carpet when they're finished shampooing. Wet carpets have already been the basis for the considerable black mold we've observed growing in lots of flats and homes. It's been well recorded that mold <a href = "http://www.risinghype.com/user/anakper/">vnle </a> environment can be bad for the quality of life, not to mention departure to your carpet. You'll really have a problem if and when it propagates to your walls because then it will likely be almost impossible to <a href = "http://battletracker.com/index.php?page=User&userID=961123">kdole </a> of.

A lot of people tend to take their carpet cleaning with less earnestness than it actually deserves. Your health may be negatively impacted if your carpets will not be kept clean. Sometimes, you may check your carpet and, <a href = "https://timesshamrock.coolerads.com/consumers/profile/151853/">yuikl </a> you don't see any obvious soil, you determine to not vacuum. Your carpeting can hide lots of dirt that you do not see, so it is a poor idea to jump vacuuming. Folks in general possess a habit <a href = "http://www.smokinghotwaitress.com/user/3106/botsfolkgraph.html">vnle </a> things by how they look. We presume if we do not see clear soil on our rugs, that they're OK and we are able to vacuum another time. Nevertheless, appearances can be deceiving! No matter your first reaction, <a href = "http://americanmachinist.com/users/ciepayclif">lsmsdjwu </a> each week.

The dwellings that people have experienced that have cream or white carpets are very beautiful and elegant. It appears to us that, if they were going to be so worried about their carpets, they should either have picked an alternate colour or never had guests

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Posted: March 25th, 2015, 11:11 am

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Genuine Ways to make extra cash at Home

If you are looking for actual ways to make more money at home, which many individuals are doing within the present economical climate, then it is advisable to be amazingly cautious. <a href = "https://timesshamrock.coolerads.com/consumers/profile/151850">ldkfiw </a> are so many folks in the lookout for processes to earn more money, there has been a proliferation of internet sites, a whole lot of that are neglecting to ship in the promises they make.

You can <a href = "http://battletracker.com/index.php?page=User&userID=961123">skjdwio </a> Ways to make Extra Money From Home

Truthfully, you can find many and various methods to earn more money from house. Just in case you are trying to locate a legitimate software that can help you, the <a href = "http://americanmachinist.com/users/ciepayclif">lskaspwio </a> face is not whether it really is possible to create a web-based business, which is the simplest way for you personally.

That's the reason it's essential that you simply don't hurry in the very first overhyped, <a href = "http://www.facedub.com/rvirmarni">vnle </a> wealth webpage you see, I take some time to study certainly before you decide to a program that gives you waste on additional cash at house.

Pick the methods to Earn Extra Money That Appeal to You

It's <a href = "http://www.parapsych.org/users/terppeman/profile.aspx">yuikl </a> you simply simply pick the methods to earn extra cash from home that enchantment to you. You are unwise to select an application simply predominantly on the basis of the volume of revenue it claims it <a href = "http://www.sheetmusictrade.com/members/1828224/tiolite.html">pslsowek </a> provide you. You are much better to make an effort to study one thing that appeals to you personally, that fascination you all that gives you watching to be a genuine and concrete strategy of making <a href = "http://www.smokinghotwaitress.com/user/3106/botsfolkgraph.html">kdole </a> income.

Distinct people are satisfied to other methods to earn extra cash. Many people are born entrepreneurs, and they love to advertise and market affiliate products. Others might be good typist, and there are professional solutions to <a href = "https://deckbox.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=22045">lsmsdjwu </a> money by typing for other people. Nonetheless others could also be satisfied to taking surveys, and as soon as once more there are legitimate methods to make more money and merchandises by filling in surveys.

A Host <a href = "https://timesshamrock.coolerads.com/consumers/profile/151853/">lsdkdjwu </a> to Earn more money From Home

Should you take some time to look, there a whole host of the way to make more money, and plenty of of those are cheap and often quite successful. A vital <a href = "http://www.risinghype.com/user/anakper/">vnle </a> be to not consider every part you read, and do not give yourself to the primary story you learn of a poor lad who is become a millionaire in one day as an effect of he <a href = "http://gameawards.se/people/7394">ldkfiw </a> your time, read the write opinions and make sure you attempt the applications which are offered carefully. There are valid and bonafide approaches to earn additional money from home and with the best analysis and advice you possibly can discover them on your

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Posted: March 28th, 2015, 12:55 pm

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The Top 6 Most Asked Questions About Quad Bikes

Quad bikes are built to manage all types of terrains and are popular by farmers, landowners, hunters, construction workers as well as the military. In most nations, quad <a href = "http://www.facedub.com/rvirmarni">sdfsdfsdfwef </a> just off-road machines simply
In countries like Great Britain, you are able to drive road legal quads on the public highways in case you possess a full driving license.

The first History of the ATV

Sadly <a href = "http://www.parapsych.org/users/terppeman/profile.aspx">sldmw </a> Enfield, the production of the first motorcar soon replaced their Quadracycle.

Today, the quad marketplace is controlled by Japanese manufactures

Honda were the first makes to design and create a three wheeled ATV known as the <a href = "http://www.smokinghotwaitress.com/user/3106/botsfolkgraph.html">lskdowp </a> 1970, this vehicle was simply a recreational vehicle.

In 1982 Honda released their landmark ATV version the ATC200E Big Red

It was the very first utility three-wheeled ATV due to it having both suspension and stands. <a href = "http://www.sheetmusictrade.com/members/1828224/tiolite.html">ldfoiefj </a> very popular with US and Canadian hunters because of its all terrain abilities. This model was the inspiration for some other producers to enter the ATV market.

Afterwards, Honda dominated the market with their sports <a href = "https://deckbox.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=22045">ldkdie </a> ATC250R and the ATC200X. Other makes followed Honda in this place but found it very hard to compete with Honda's dominance.

The Starts of the Quad Bike

In 1982, Suzuki was the first ATV manufactures to <a href = "http://www.risinghype.com/user/anakper/">lskdowp </a> 4-wheeled ATV QuadRunner LT125!

The QuadRunner LT125 was designed simply as a recreational machine for newbies.

After in 1985, Suzuki became the first to produce a high performance quad bike called the Suzuki LT250R QuadRacer. It'd <a href = "https://timesshamrock.coolerads.com/consumers/profile/151850">lsdkdjwu </a> two-stroke motor and also a sophisticated long-travel suspension. Early models came with a totally manual 5-speed transmission, whilst later versions had a 6-speed transmission. The Suzuki LT250R QuadRacer was specially designed to be raced <a href = "http://gameawards.se/people/7394">vnle </a> proficient riders.

In 1987, Yamaha created the Banshee 350, it turned out to be a high-performance vehicle using a twin-cylinder liquid-cooled two stroke motor from the RD350LC road motorcycle.

Later, Suzuki released the quite fast LT500R <a href = "https://timesshamrock.coolerads.com/consumers/profile/151853/">yuikl </a> called "Quadzilla". It had a 500 cc liquid cooled two stroke engine using a 5-speed transmission and is believed to be the fastest production ATV ever produced.

Today's Quad Bikes

Today's quad bikes are divide into <a href = "http://americanmachinist.com/users/ciepayclif">lsdkdjwu </a> sports and utility!

The sport models are often light, small, two wheeled drive machines with manual transmission, quick acceleration and may go as quickly as 90 miles per hour. These machines are built with functionality <a href = "http://battletracker.com/index.php?page=User&userID=961123">pslsowek </a> Two should be light weight, with excellant suspensor, high power and have a low center of gravity.

On the other hand, utility models are usually vehicles which are larger, heavier with four-wheel drive with a maximum rate of as much as 72 miles per

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