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EVE Bots: How to make your own EVE bot - Programming how-to : EVE Online Bots Hacks | EVE Bots Hacks

Posted: December 24th, 2006, 8:16 am
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Well, i wrote this for another website thats hosted by my friend, but there are like 4 people that have access to it o.0 So i decided to put it here for a subscription here. This work is mine, i didnt copy anyone elses work!
I just realized, the indents might be off a little, but you'll get the picture.
Here it is..

Also, if you need something programmed, i'll program it for you, just email me what you want done, and ill get to it if its possible :P


Have you ever wanted to make your own bot instead of waiting for people to make theirs then to find out it doesnt work for you? Yeah, i bet! Here im going to take you through 2 scripting launguages that are very easy to use. AutoIt and ACTool. AutoIt is way more professional and has a lot more functions available. ACTool was created for Ascheron's Call, which is not what we're here for is it? There are a lot of AC functions with ACTool that we cant use, but its still good for some good ole classic button mashing!! The first language we're using is going to be ACTool. I dont know where to find this on the Intarweb anymore, my link is broken. Just google it or i can send you my entire folder if you email me. If you learned something, red cent me!

Before programming
There are a few thing you have to do before we actually start programming. There are a couple things you'll have to get from the intarweb. These are AutoIT v3.(something) and ACTool (which as fallen in disrepair and is no long er patched regularly. Also, here is where we must think, what does our bot do and how can it be accomplished? By only using text commands or only using mouse commands? Are you going to have to use pixel coords for mouse clicking? For now, keep your programs simple!
Programer lingo!
Var- a spot in memory where values are assigned and used later for computing

Coord- The number (X or Y) on your screen where the pixel is located

Pixel- a VERY small square on your screen, dont look to close, you'll get hurt.


ACTOOL PART ONE!!!------------------------------------
Alright here we go. When you open up ACTool you'll see a large text pad thing in the middle and a toolbar on the right. ACTool should type in by itself
// This line is necessary to select the proper window
SetActiveWindow Asheron's Call

Change the Asherons call into "World of Warcraft." This basically alt tabs into wow for your program to begin.

For the first steps of your program you'll need to do some thinking! Yay! The first action of your macro, is it supposed to click something or type something? Carry on to part two to find out about typing.

ACTool -- Typing things in wow.

There are a few commands we're going to use to send in commands to wow.
All this program will do is simulate a keyboard stroke, your computer (and warden) will just see that you're pressing enter while you physically are not but your computer is simulating it. Tricky huh. The first command we're going to use is a send command. this can send 1 key or up to a 256 char phrase i think. send is used like so
Send {Enter}
Send Hello world
Send {Enter}

Basically, it presses enter, types into the chat window Hello world then presses enter and say shelloworld in game! Quite exciting lol. Notice how {Enter} is in curley brackets, if it was not you'd actually type the letters e n t e r, in game. The list of keys other than a-z 1-9 is inside the ACTool window on the right under special keystrokes.

Another way (useful for moving) is to hold down the key using
Keydown W 5 sec

Keydown - The function
W - The key thats held down
5 sec - the amount of time, sec can me changed into min etc

Thats about all for simple keystroke commands, after you get used to coding look on the right for more functions under 'commands' to mess around with.
ACTool --- Mouse movement and clicking!

Mouse movement is a tiny bit tougher as your screen has to be in the same place all the time. ACTool has a nice feature built in, with actool window active, press CTRL+M. It should have wrote mousepos X,Y. Wherever your mouse is, it will tell you! Now we get to use those coords to move the mouse there and click stuff! The commands are quite straight foward.
mousepos 800, 600

That code will move the mouse to the pixel 800(x) and 600(y). Then after moving, it will leftclick wherever the mouse just moved to. You can also double click and drag. Those commands are used the same way. you can just click commands on the right and double click on the double click thing and it will put it into your code. Just wait till autoit and you dont have that feature.

ACTool -- Do it again!
what if you want your program to run as many times as you can stand? The command for that is quite easy.
~~This is my code i want to repeat~~
~~Code beyond this doesnt matter, even if it has syntax errors!~~

The restart takes you alllll the way up to line 1! Nothing below the restart will be touched ever. Unless your computer is haunted. If you only want it to go a couple of times, this is what you do...
Loop 10
  keydown a 5 sec

~~This is what i want to do after thats done!~~

Loop does the stuff between loop and end however many times you want it to by changing 10 to w/e you want.

This concludes our session of ACTool, Stay tuned for AutoIt. Enjoy. The help file of actool tells you how to use different functions and commands. Just check it out and learn how it works! Sadly, in autoit, you're only armed with a keyboard and a notepad. Lets get to work!

AutoIt --- Intro!
unlike actool there is no pretty interface for programming this. If you want you can download SciTe. Im not going into how to set it up because its a huge pain, i just go hardcore, keyboard notepad style.

Creating the actual file is complex! Pay attention. After installing AutoIt right click on your desktop then click new, then new AutoIt v3 script. Rename it to what you want. Try to stay away from "ZOMG MY WARCRAFT HACKING BOT HAX LEET WARDEN PLEASE BAN ME BOT." If you can. Rightclick on this newly created file and choose Edit Script. All autoit scripts start out like this
#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 AutoIt Version:
 Author:         myName

 Script Function:
   Template AutoIt script.

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; Script Start - Add your code below here

you can delete this and have nothing to fear, none of it matters, its just for looks. You can edit it and change it so your pretty h4xx0r name is in it for r3sp3ct. As you can see, this program already looks scarier than ACtool! Lets get our hands dirty.
AutoIt Keyboard functions.
Keyboard functions are the same pretty much but different words.
Send("Lol i own noobs")

Here, you have to have ("x") around the text, try not to put " inside what you want to type, use ' instead.

Sadly, thats about all of the easy keyboard functions, if you want more advanced functions look under the help file.
AutoIt -- Mouse functions
There is a lady bug crawling on my desk o.0 Anyway... unlike AcTool, the moving of the mouse and the clicking is done in one simple function

I put the functions in one box instead of wasting your time. The first line moves the mouse to 800 600 on the screen then left clicks once, double this line to double click. The second line drags an item using the left mouse button from 800 600 to 400 300. The final line scrolls the mouse wheel up 6 little clicks or notches, you'd know what im talking about if you have a mouse wheel like most people. Thats about it, beware advanced functions incoming!
AutoIt -- Variables and variable saving and windows!! (moderatly hard for noobs)
Variables can be made by simply putting $X=0 anywhere in your code. You can change X into anything except numbers and @#$@ etc as long as it starts with a $ mark. So like $Myname=Mrcoffee is perfectly acceptable. Because AutoIt is very easy, they made it quite easy to save things as variables. Here, im going to use a random function, which creates a random number and ill save it to a variable.

Now, the $X variable is being saved to whatever number is random that the computer creates. to make it useable you can do this
that gets the number saved as X and writes it down, simulating keyboard strokes. Nifty. Many other functions will return numbers that can be saved into a variable.

Windows. Yay. Something ACTool is too lame to do, because of its $5 budget. Anyway, these pop up over your screen like a window would ofcourse. The answer of this window can be found and can be saved as a number into a variable.
$x=MsgBox(4,"Hello","Hello world, choose yes or no")
If $x=6 Then
;The user pressed yes

If $X=7 Then
;The user has pressed Not
wow, an advanced program. I forgot to tell you earlier, if then statements. Basically, If Such prarameters are met, then it will do the thing between the if line and the endif line. You may be wondering where i got the numbers 6 and 7 for the if statements. Well, thats the number that the message box returns. The message box asks Yes and No. Here is a list of what the message box will return depending on whats clicked.
Button Pressed Return Value
OK 1
NO 7
and the number on the message box, 4, thats called a flag, flags tell you which of the predetermined settings the message box or other commands use. In this case 4 makes the window ask yes or no. 0 is only 'ok.' Here is a list of flags for MsgBox, dont worry about some of the ones with stars, this is from the help file. Ignore Hexadecimal Flag, hex is dumb.

The flag parameter can be a combination of the following values:

decimal flag Button-related Result hexadecimal flag
0 OK button 0x0
1 OK and Cancel 0x1
2 Abort, Retry, and Ignore 0x2
3 Yes, No, and Cancel 0x3
4 Yes and No 0x4
5 Retry and Cancel 0x5
6 ** Cancel, Try Again, Continue 0x6
decimal flag Icon-related Result hexadecimal flag
0 (No icon) 0x0
16 Stop-sign icon 0x10
32 Question-mark icon 0x20
48 Exclamation-point icon 0x30
64 Information-sign icon consisting of an 'i' in a circle 0x40
decimal flag Default-related Result hexadecimal flag
0 First button is default button 0x0
256 Second button is default button 0x100
512 Third button is default button 0x200
decimal flag Modality-related Result hexadecimal flag
0 Application 0x0
4096 System modal (dialog has an icon) 0x1000
8192 Task modal 0x2000
decimal flag Miscellaneous-related Result hexadecimal flag
0 (nothing else special) 0x0
262144 MsgBox has top-most attribute set 0x40000
524288 title and text are right-justified 0x80000
For some reason the alignment didint work =P Sorry, just check the help file, search for MsgBox then scroll down.

Here is how you get a box to ask it what the user Really thinks!
$x=InputBox("Input this!","Hey write the number 6 or 7")
If $x=6 Then
;The user typed 6

If $X=7 Then
;The user typed 7
Now, in this code a window with an empty text box opens and asks the user to write in the number 6 or 7 and press OK. Then after it will check what the user wrote, 6 or 7. Useful for when making programs more userfriendly for the masses.
AutoIt -- Running your program and distrubiting it
Now that your program is done, save it! Now, go back to your desktop and double click it! Bam its running, if you get stuck, rightclick next to the clock in the bottom left to stop the thing. And if you want to give it to a friend go to your AutoIt folder and open the file called "Compile Script to .exe" and choose your script and turn it into an exe file! Enjoy. Make sure to put a disclaimer on it, so you dont get pwnd.

Well, thats the end. For more assistance email me mrcoffee09@gmail.com or you can check the help files!

I MADE A MISTAKE!!! The post below this, by mrcoffee09 is mine too, for some reason i could log in as mrcoffee. Just for the record, they're both mine :P

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Posted: December 24th, 2006, 9:52 am

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Been waiting for a great little guide like this for a long time so thats a YAY from me

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Posted: December 24th, 2006, 6:51 pm
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A lot of work has been put into this and I too think is is useful (though I've only played with AutoIt to do an auto login from the desk top, to get the feel for things...)

I think this is great.

YAY from me.

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Posted: December 24th, 2006, 11:00 pm
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I'm on the fence for this, 1st there is nothing actually Eve related here, it is a newbie guide to creating a macro, which can also be found on the AutoIt forums.

So, I'm abstaining from this vote, but one more yay and goes to confirmed.

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Posted: January 6th, 2007, 2:56 pm
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I agree it should have been rewritten with EVE in mind but, still it is helpful, so I give it a yay.

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Posted: January 7th, 2007, 6:09 pm

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500 to you and moved to confirmed.

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Posted: February 27th, 2007, 5:18 am

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SMASH THE LADY BUG!!!!! lol jk anywhy.. this is AWESOME !!! THANK YOU MUCH for the tutorial!! give this man more points :)

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