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Advance Macro Mining Help Please : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: March 16th, 2006, 9:31 am
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I'm been playing EVE On and Off for a while. Sometimes I want to do some AFK mining. I've been using a mining Macro very sucessfully for the past couple of months, however my daily yields are not as high as I'd like them to be. My mining yeild from the ore is around 91% currently. This nets me between 1 and 2 million a day in profit. Those guys that sell the "Mining Macros" on Ebay are claiming 60 million per day. Is this real or B.S. What are the experienced players realizing for a day of mining?

Is this typical or can I get higher daily yields without risking getting my ship destroyed in unsafe space? Since I'm AFK I won't see the Rats and will get pounded to dust so no 0.0 space mining for me. It seems that in the safer areas of space it's all Scordite and Veldsar for the most part.

Question: What am I doing wrong and where should I go to mine that's safe and highly profitable? Please message me directly with your advice.

Tried Maxcote in the past and the Rats kept getting me.


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Posted: March 16th, 2006, 4:16 pm

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I macro mine off and on myself. I personaly only mine in .6 and up just cause of the higher level rats beat my !@#$%^&*, I normally mine Kernite and Pyrox(sp) just cause its better then Veld or Scordite. But Ive personaly just discovered the joys of mining Ice. The up and down side to ming ice is that i takes forever, the cycle is about 6-8 min depending on your skill lvl. Your cargo can only hold 2 units of ice cause there about 1000m3 a pop. But these seem to go from 85k to 115k a unit in my region. So about every 15min you can make about 200k. The other nice thing about Ice mining is that since you get very few units per cycle, it takes forever for a ice roid to deplete.

I did this with two accounts macro mining on one computer. I had two barges set up mining two ice roids. Each equipted with 2 Ice Mining Turrets. Then I ran my hauler account on my other computer about once every hour just to insure my jetcan didnt expire. I made about 15mill in 5 hours of macro mining, in two Two and half hour sessions. Nice thing was, it was in high sec space, so the rats were mopped up by my scout drones. So ya figure you would at least make about 5-7mill doing that by yourself. A nice step up from 1-2mill, but far shy from the so called 60mill some say they can make.

/2cents. 8)

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Posted: March 19th, 2006, 11:46 pm
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You could do 60 mil if the belts were not so strip mined. Omber is what they were mining to get 60 mil. Of course, 60 mil if in 0.0 space is slacking! I've been in 5 member mining groups and we would do over a BILLION in 6 hrs. That would be 1 hauler, one tanker for the rats, and the other 3 in large barges with strip miner 2's and max skills.

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Posted: April 5th, 2006, 10:38 am
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Yes there are alot of ice fields in .6 or above and are very large, so if you go here you can mine alot of ice without the worries of rats, and also if they do spawn one of the other miners usually gets him anyway, and buck is right with the proper gang one can mine 1 billion in 6 hrs easily, i myself dont mine but out in the .0 were i am atm (deteriod cuz im in chimaera pack) has a bunch of good roids that can hold megacyte and morphite, these have low cycle rate but higher than ice and can pay out a whole lot more because things such as mega and morphite r used in ships and t2 items so the payout is awesome, youcan also use this mega and morph for other ppl in your corp to make items and sell them for good profits or give them to you for a better mining ship, so my best suggestion is to join a big mining corp who r usually on when you r on and do mining ops often, as u usually recive and equal (or less than equal) amount of the profits (less the op leader is a dictator).

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