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Basics: Agent Missions 101 : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: September 19th, 2006, 6:33 am

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Basic walkthrough of a kill-type mission to show the various steps. Intended as an overview of the basics of doing a mission.

Some Additional General Mission Info

Types of Missions

One of the several types of missions that one can run in EVE is the Agent Mission. Agent missions come in a variety of types: courier, kill, mining, trade, and storyline.

* Courier - Pick-up and delivery of items from one station to another. Make sure you have enough cargo space for the load or you might find yourself making several trips to complete the mission.
* Kill - The agent gives you a bookmark to a location and it's your job to get there and take out the target(s).
* Mining - Ore/mineral delivery. The required items can either be mined or purchased.
* Trade - The agent will request a certain item, and it's up to you to beg, buy, or barter that item into your possession.
* Storyline - Agents will contact you regarding these around every 10-20 missions. Storyline agents do not normally give out missions, rather email you when they have an important mission for you.

Another interaction that you will have with agents is when they have an "Offer" for you. The more loyalty points you have built up with the agent, the higher the offer. You trade loyalty points for the items so review the offer carefully. Some offers are worth it and others are not. Speaking of which... are you in need of any Slaver Hounds? I currently have a hanger full of them. :(

Mission Tips

* Make sure your ship is right for the mission. If your ship's cargo is too small for the necessary items or if your ship is too powerful for the area that you need to go, there will usually be a warning on the Mission Objective screen to let you know.
* Minimizing the Objective screen will cause it to pop up as soon as the objective is complete. In some cases that can be a bother, but in other cases it might prove to be helpful so that you know when you can wrap it up and go.
* Raise Charisma and Social Skills. Charisma is the primary attribute for EVE's Social skills. Training Empathy speeds up Social skill learning. Social, Connections, Negotiations, and other skills can be trained to help increase both standings and rewards from mission running.
* Agents offer missions based on their division. marketing nad Production agents are much more likely to give you courier missions. Security and Intelligence agents are much more likely to give you kill missions. From the name of the division you can usually get a good idea of what kind of mission you are most likely going to end up with.

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Posted: February 20th, 2007, 9:41 pm
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I keep having agents giving me missiles, some I can't use because of skill and money for the turrets. Eventually I will be able to use them. My question is, will I be punished if I just leave and don't do anything for that agent? What do the -15, -4 and so on next to there names mean? Does that have something to do with the stuff they give me? Loyalty points, I still don't know what that is?

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Posted: February 21st, 2007, 12:52 pm
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the quality numbers (e.g. -15, -4, 10, etc) determine the 'quality' of rewards you will receive from that agent. A level 1 Agent with -15 Quality will give you substanially less ISK per mission than a level 1 Agent with 15 quality.

That being said, a level 2 agent with -15 quality will still give you much better rewards than the highest quality level 1 agent.

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