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EVE - Guide for Beginners (plz excuse typos) lol : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: September 4th, 2005, 11:18 pm
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[size=large]WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF EVE[/size]

I started Eve lost and confused so I decided what better way to 1) earn

a Premium Accoount free of charge *whistle over here admin pick me ;ick

me" and 2) Help N00Bs avoid a confusing a painful first few weeks of


ARGH This bloody turtorial is probably what you though at the begininng

2 to 3 hrs of boring training, and after doing it all and now being set

in to the big wide world you've forgotten it all.
First off I wouls surguest finding where you are, this is displayed

on screen quiet large in the top left hand cornor of your display.
OK now you know where you are it's time to find your nearest

station, right click any where APART FROM ON YOUR SHIP, a window will

come up displaying the options:

Reset camera - this puts the camera view back to you are your ship

should you ever need it
Show solar systen on map - this brings up a map to show where about you

are on the map ( turtorial explained all options in map)
Show Solar system in mapbrowser - this shows the univer and ur postion

in it (brought up in a side window)
Aseroid belts - list all roid belts in system
Planets - " " planets " "
Stargates - " " stargates " "
Stations - " " Stations " "

Click Stations, this will list all stations in the system, warp and

dock at any station preferably a school.

Once docked at the station, click the market tab. Here we will select

and buy the skills you will need to get the nest advatage in Eve. Once

the Market window is brought up select the browse tab, followed by

skills and accessories and then skills. You will now have up a list of

all available skill at you station, you want to now click on learning.

AHHHH learning this is something that will aid you throughout eve. We

need the basics cover before anything else. You are looking to


Learning, Analytical mind, Empathy, Instant recall, Iron will and

Spatial Awareness

There may be 2 problems with you doing this "But oh mighty bandit of

EVE I lack the ISK to buy these skills" or "Ah I am lost theres no such

skill at this starbase" nut do not fear there are some simple anwsers

to these

As for the lack of money there are sereral options you can either mine
numerous amounths of ores and sell them, this is a rewarding experience
and recommended, or be a pussy and begg on a chat or join a corp and
get them to pay your expences. As for the skills not being at the base
warp to a school in a near by system there are always learning skills

Right now we have the skills its time to learn, to learn a skill.
Open your items holdin your present starbase. There looking beautiful
should be your 6skill books. first off train learning followed by
instant recalland then analytical mind. These skills reduce time to
learn most otherskills now learn the remaineder of the skills in any

Ok now we should have all the skill we have just learnt to level 1, we

will now need to learn all of these skills in the same order up to

level 4, doing this will cut down on all other training time. In the

long run this will make you a stronger player but in the short term

players who have started the same time as you will be able to out shoot

or out warp you etc. If you don't like the thought of that you should

establish a balance of learning skills for example once training a

skill from learning learn a new skill or train a skill you already

have. This is a long process and will feel like an age to do but

believe me it is well worth it :). I will sugguest that while hese

skills are training that you make youselft more farmiliar with the game

by flying from system to system checking out whats there that you can

do, and mining this will get you same cash and a bit of marketing

exerience of which ores get more money and in which stations.

Doing all of this brings you one step closer to being the next Eve

greatest player vs. player champion. HAPPY GAMING.


1) Do not Eject from or self destruct your ship, this sounds really

stupid but people do it, once you have been in the game you will know

that you only do this to stop yourself from being killed.

2) Do not Travel into 0.4 - 0.0 space alone as a nOOb you will almost

certainly get killed by some bastard who takes pleasure in killing

weaker players...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU SICKOS!!!!

3) Make sure you plan your skills carfully so that you train short ones

while your online and then when you're ay work or at school or sleeping

you have a longer one training. (BELIVE ME, its alot less painfuly for


4) Always be doing something to either gain you Loyalty point with

angent, money or knowledge. Time wasted is money you spend buying ships

after you get killed :D

and 5) Keep watching this forum as I will be posting my next guide soon

"The Guide to Earning Loyalty point and Cash, the must haves of Eve" or

something along those lines.

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