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EVE Insider: Mordu infiltrates Serpentis space : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: July 28th, 2004, 3:24 am

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EVE Insider: Mordu infiltrates Serpentis but avoids conflict
27 July 2004

A Mordu's Legion task force under the leadership of Muryia Mordu himself infiltrated Serpentis space in the Fountain region yesterday and moved deep into its territory. The task force refrained from any direct conflict with Guardian Angel ships or Serpentis ships. Instead, the task force headed straight for Serpentis Prime in the Phoenix constellation and approached the chemical refinery orbiting the second moon of Serpentis Prime VIII. As the station readied its defenses Mordu's task force halted and orbited the station at exactly 30 km distance. Mordu then employed an unknown device from his flag ship; a device that radiated purple-greenish light and pulsed like a quasar. The device was aimed at the Serpentis station for several minutes before disappearing again into Mordu's ship. The task force then promptly left and headed out of the system before the pirates could muster a response team.

According to the latest news Mordu is still on the prowl deep inside Serpentis territory, though avoiding any direct confrontation with pirate forces as before. Considering the strength of the Serpentis and Guardian Angels it is remarkable that the Legion has managed to bypass their defenses with such ease. Perhaps Mordu has more strange devices onboard, one that helps him get around unnoticed? If so, did he get them from ORE? And where did ORE get them?

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