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Having fun in Trial account guide : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: December 31st, 2006, 3:28 pm
heavensgate's Reps:
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One thing about the Trial Experience, they don't do enough to prevent people from doing things that are incredibly boring.

I'm here to fix that. Sure, you should try the missions once or twice just to read the story or see the npc complexes. "Ooh pretty.. ok moving on." Time to move to PvP. The less you have to lose, the less reason you have to hold back. Some people seem to get caught ahead of this cycle and end up always having more to lose than they know how to deal with. Some get lucky later on and overcome this barrier when they come into a means of making good cash. Most don't. Don't be like them.

Eventually you will wake up in a clone bay. As someone famously said upon waking up in one of these: "OMG I R saved! No wait. I R dead. =( -- But I got better." As I prefer to think of it, in EVE, we're all dead already, and now we're in some kind of crazy heaven, whatever we make of it.

Create a Minmatar, Gallente or Caldari character. Amarr are good too, it's just that all their gear sucks at low levels. (Their frigs are thumb twiddlers at pvp.) Most swashbucklers will tell you they also wished they had known to start their names with a "Z."

If you're wondering what to do at this point, train: 1)electronics III/engineering 2)navigation II 3)afterburner 4)Minmatar or Caldari or Gallente Frigate III 5)Propulsion Jamming 6)gunnery and/or missile launcher operation II

You should be able to do this on your first day with a bit of a cash infusion. Most of these you should have except propulsion jamming which is 100k one time fee. The others you might not have are about 20-30k each.

7)At this point you can start training whatever looks interesting. Try to avoid training anything higher than III in order to get a feel for as many areas of the game as possible. It won't matter that you're behind. The sheer willingness to be near-suicidal makes you 500% more effective and scary than the guy that runs from his own shadow. I've seen guys bluff and kill targets with only their high slots fitted. Seriously. Get tanking skills if you want, but plain old nanofibers might be better and help you avoid fire altogether as well as catch prey quicker.

So, now, yes, costs. Clone less than 10k. Awesome. Need about 300k for a ship: Rifter, Tristan or Kestrel. Not so good. Also, about 50k for close range guns (gallente blasters, minmatar autocannons, or rocket launchers.) 40k for a scrambler, 40k for a stasis webifier. You'll also need like 30% of your ship hull cost for insurance. Think of this as the replacement fee for your ship.

About 5k for some ammo. Get the short range, high damage ammo. EMP for minmatar, Antimatter for gallente/caldari. All the missiles are the same.

That's quite a it I suppose, however, if you start buying and training the cheaper stuff, and do the whole tutorial, you get an implant that is worth between 1-4 million isk. Don't stick it in your head! List that thing on the market or escrow just a bit under whatever someone else is selling for and it should sell within the day. Voila. Venture Capital for your ganking empire secured by the time all your critical skills are reached! Fools!

Now combat. The best mods you have available are: Friends, Sugar. -- Failing those, set your orbit as small, like right at your weapon's optimal range close as you can get. Right click on the button at the top right of screen to set it forever. When you see an enemy, just hit the approach button and fly in a strait line. Ramming is good, it knocks them off the course they've just desperately set to escape from you. They may eventually recover from the shock and remember that they have defenses or weapons of some sort. It's probably too late for them.

At this point I usually type something obscene or throw them off guard with a colorful yet provocative expression. Examples: "ROBOT ATTACK!!!" or the classic, yet timeless "YAAARRRRR!"

Industrials. - Turn off your afterburner when you orbit this guy, and only run the webifier intermittently as much as you need to keep him from getting away. You'll need the cap for the warp scrambler. These guys usually have alot of warp core stabilizers.

Other Frigates. - Just catch up and shoot first. Happy birthday m*#$^%^#@#*%!

Interceptors if you have the advantage of being the one jumping in on them. Just charge strait at them and turn on the webifier pronto. If it gets the upper hand and circles you outside 10km, try to warp out. Don't panic, it's probably too late.

Cruisers - Yah. These just got better. Try to warp out unless they are mining.

Battleships - Don't attack them alone. More than 4 guys.. odds are in your favor. Don't forget to shoot the ship after you kill the drones. ::::28::

Destroyers - If this guy hits you when you are way far out, keep pressing on to get a close orbit. If not, keep out of range (+10km)

Ok - territory: 0.4 to 0.1 or lowsec - you're sec is gonna get bad! people will run away when you enter local =( Who cares! If this isn't fun at some point, you can just delete this stupid game, or just start a second character slot and see what the carebear game is like. Option1 : Craft ammo and sell it to people to shoot it back you. Option2 : Shoot people, refine their cruddy mods, and shoot the remains of their ship at their friends. Trick with lowsec is not to master the radar or whatever.. just jump to the first belt before the foolish ones that closed their local wake up. Pray to the deities of strife and honor their wisdom. They will reward you when it is time. Any outcome will still look cool.

0.0 - this is where it gets tricky. 0.0 is all about the gatecamps at the highway bottlenecks. Hmm.. nah forget it. Just jump in. You've got 30 seconds of gatecloak to choose a planet or moon to escape that gatecamp. Breathe. If there's a bubble.. c'est la vie. Actually those, 50% of the time, you are right on the edge of the bubble. Line it up, shoot the gap, escape to a planet's moon and immediately prepare to jump to somewhere else. Oh, there was a POS there. You're toast. Ask the guys at the gate camp to pod you back home as the dang clone is only 10k right?

0.0 redux. Ok, you're deep in 0.0 this time because the gatecampers we're tipping the pizzaman. Here are the highways of wealth and easy living. Except there's not much ammo around, but you brought enough for awhile right? Don't stand still for very long. Best trick is to find a highway. Just a string of systems with only 2 gates each. Keep moving and you may run across a jumpy industrial or just pod or shuttle or something. Way more common than you think. You'll need luck catching them. Try anyway. You may also run into another camp or bubble.

Eh. One good option still available. Find a nice moon within 3au of a gate in a 2 gate system with a level of travellers you like. Open the scanner. Check the filter to ON. Scan. The more things excluded by your filter the faster you scan. Familiarize. Wait awhile. If you've chosen well, in a number of minutes a face will appear in local. Hit the scan button. Scan once more. If you don't see them, warp to the gate they are headed to. They've got instas, but it's a hauler, nice and slow. Get to the gate pronto. Maybe you shoulda set your own insta first yeah? Don't shoot them till you get to the other side. You've both jumped. Wait for them to materialize and pounce on them. Did I mention sacrificing small furry creatures to your dark masters? I'll put that in the guide version 2.

Expect to be poor. Expect to always be poor. Don't beg. Be a capitalist and offer potential investors a ~30% stake in your takings for a period of time. Kill them later, but keep your end of the bargain. Advertize and accept commissions to harrass someone else's foe - you may never succeed, but it bought you a new ship. Don't spend to much on mods. In your line of work, one weapon is really as good as the next so long as you are preying on the defensless and so-called "innocent." Better scramblers are steep, but they cost a kings ransom.

If you wanna take the pillaging to the next step, and less of the fighting, drop the webifier and get a second warp scrambler. If you want to build your empire off that.. well.. you're gonna need to subscribe.

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Posted: August 6th, 2007, 2:40 am
antim1's Reps:
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Kick@rse guide. Im thinking of making a new char right about now :D

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