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Insta-Jump Stargate BMs : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: September 11th, 2006, 12:35 pm
damionfury's Reps:
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In some systems, it is possible to create a BM that allows a person to Warp to a Stargate from any other Stargate (and many other points) and be able to Insta-Jump to the next system. It's simple but tricky and requires some trial and error but here's how:

First, you need to identify a Stargate that this is possible with. For this example we'll use the Airkio Stargate in the Tsuguwa system. From this Stargate you'll notice that all other Stargates within the system lie along one of two lines and that the angle, formed by connecting these two points at an imaginary point 12km past this Stargate, is fairly acute; this is important. If the angle is anything more than (approx) 25 degrees, creating a bookmark for this will be exceedingly difficult. In this particular case, the angle is plenty acute enough.

Now that we have a Stargate that meets the requirements, we have to actually get the ship to the correct point. This is the tricky part because the EVE interface only allows a sort-of indirect control of your ship's orientation. What you need to do is position your ship so that the Airkio Stargate is between your ship and the other Stargates in-system. You'll now need to fly away from the Airkio Stargate at a fairly slow speed. This will allow you to make small adjustments to your flight path. As you are flying away from the stargate, zoom out far enough that you can see the Stargate and all the Navpoint indicators for the other in-system Stargates. Obviously, this should mean that your ship is flying toward the camera. You want to position your ship approximately 11-12km from the Stargate and located such that, when you are looking at the Airkio Stargate, it is centered between the Navpoints of the other in-system Stargates.

Finally, when you think you've got yourself aligned correctly, bookmark the point, name it something you can identify, and Warp one of the other Stargates. It's important that you warp all the way to the Stargate because, as your ship approaches the Stargate in warp, you will begin to slow down however the ultimate speed that you reached enroute will determine how close to the station you are when the interface no longer considers you to be "in warp". In other words, a long flight may cause you to overshoot, where a short flight may not. Anyway, test the point and adjust as necessary. You may have to spend a bit getting the sweet spot but once you have it, anytime you need to pass through that system, you'll have an insta-jump bookmark.

Notes: As I said, the particular Stargate must have certain locational factors met to allow this to work. It's a simple triangulation concept that would be alot easier to carry out if you could directly control the throttle and orientation of your ship instead of having to click to tell it where to go. Additionally, this bookmark will work for essentially any point encompassed within the cone formed from that point and the two imaginary lines that you used to align it. This means that this may still be possible even if all other stargates in-system do not appear along one of only two lines.

Anyway, these directions make sense to me but they may not make sense to anyone else. If you have a question, post and I'll try to elaborate.

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Posted: September 11th, 2006, 3:56 pm
t831757's Reps:
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better plan:

jump to the gate you want to set an insta for, bring a mwd and an inty or a frig for this.. when you pop out of warp hit max speed, you might bump the gate, this is fine as you will go back to your prev direction after you bump, keep going 10 km past the gate and set a bm, you should have the set bm window open and waiting to click ok... The goal is to overshoot the gate by 15 kms... Because the gate itself has allmost a 5km radius you need to factor for this.

You have created a 15km bm.

if you set the bm at 15km you will build a 20km bm..

you can create instas for anything this way, roid belts can get tricky... dont worry about angles and stuff...

Stations are even easier depending on the station as they have a large radius anyways not like the 5km radius the gates have...

For a station just undock and place a bm as soon as you can, this should let you instantly dock when you jump to it.

Easy as pie..

Or look at the other insta bm thread in the exploits section and pick up some bm's off the market... they take some time to copy but save days of travel time.

Welcome to eve!

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Posted: September 21st, 2006, 4:48 am
jetstobrazil's Reps:
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If gates have a 5km radius and you are 15km away from the gate, aren't you actually 10km from the gate since there is a 10km total diameter and you are only 15km from the center of the gate?

If you were to jump 15km to that waypoint, you would end up 5km from the center on the other side, which should be right next to the edge of the gate since it extends 5km from the center.

So shouldn't you go 20km from the gate, and jump 15km to it so that you will warp out in the center of the gate?

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Posted: October 23rd, 2006, 2:43 pm
phrozemo's Reps:
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when you warp within 15, there is a chance that you go as close as 12 to the location you were warping to. You should go passed the stargate until your overview says 12km away. You get always perfect BMs

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