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Nerf bat of doom damages and ways around : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: December 3rd, 2004, 1:07 pm
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well.. as i always say
"if it works, the nerf bat will fix it"

no more dual MWD's
no more safe spots
no more empire gankers (hey this is a good thing)
need an egg? i can scramble em :)

well one way around the dual mwd nerf (i loved dual mwd's when flying through 0.0 no one can catch a dual mwd tristan.... except a smartbomb squad >_<) anyways, you can use a 1mn MWD and a 1mn AB to achieve the same result. most of the time i use a small capacitor cap battery in the med slots (i only use ships with 3 medslots for traveling) cap power relays and power diags/reactors as needed. turn the autorepeat function off as to preserve cap. one burst from both propulsion devices is plenty for 15km

Safe spots aren't safe anyore (yay the stupid player pirates like like hit and runs all day can't hide anymore) to the contrary. open up your map and select ships destroyed in the last 24 hours (notice the beautiful xmas tree we have for a universe eh?) anyways find the system you want this uber safe spot in. right click "add bookmark" then.. while at a gate or moon, station, planet, etc (just remember which it was in case you loose the bm) jump in your uber pod or use another trick listed below, and warp to this newly created bookmark. a viola your 3000 au fro mthe nearest warpable dohickie (dun diss my southern americaness) and you can keep warping to this bookmark allll you want :) but, WARNING this can cause uber boredom if you need to retrieve anything from this safe spot and expect multiple warp attempts when using a ship if you used a pod to create the SS. also.. when your 3K au from something.. open your map back up.. and nice.. your located in the middle of the stars (use flatten map, it really helps)

what? you think im gonna help you gank my 125 mil iteronV+5x local hull expanders full of valuable stuff? pfft

need an egg? lets scramble. ok.. dock a station, wait until the "your docking request has been accepted" thing pops up and click "eject" your little pod will sit in space while your ship docks safely in the station :)

stay tuned. the nerf bat will "fix" something else soon

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