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New Corporation ?s : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: July 5th, 2005, 6:26 am
phisher's Reps:
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First id like to say thanks for takeing the time to read this. A couple people ive met in game, all of us new by the way formed our fledgling Corporation 2 days ago.I personaly did some looking around and most of the bigger corporations have some serious skill point requirements in order to get in there corporations. I have no problem with this as i can understand they dont want true newbs and people they need to hand hold. I may be wrong but we decided to go ahead and take the leap and start from scratch and earn our way so to speak.

There are a lot of game mechanics that im sure were not familiar with yet and need to learn. There are alot of things ive read about on the forumns that well try hard to avoid as well ( scams, ganking and such) but inevitably im sure all of these will bite us in the afterburners sooner or later.

What im asking for is constructive advice on how we should proceed in order to become better as a corporation and carry a good name for ourselves as we climb the ladder of Eve.We have set up our divisions best we can at the momemt as we dont have anyone but us to do all that needs to be done. All 3 of us (not the zerg force some may have),are veteran rpg and Mmorg players and were in the game for the long haul.

When Eve was released i personanly was neck deep in Everquest and although i truly love Eves kind of game i was way to far in Eq to give up at the time. There were planes to be conquered 8). Quarm was on my list of things that needed to be killed. We are interested in forming Alliances although we do realize we dont bring alot to the table at the moment, this will change in time. From what ive read and seen theres safety in numbers and that is what we lack atm.
Again thank for reading my post and thank in advance for any constructive advice. My ingame name is Phisher if any want to send me an Evemail or send a tell.
Hope to meet as many as i can in game. ( As long as your not shooting at me.) :lol:

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Posted: December 14th, 2005, 4:23 pm
tault_aradon's Reps:
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I am CEO of a small corp.

I started out because i wasnt happy with how corps worked, i felt none of them suited the role i wished to play, and so i went ahead and created my corp.

We are slowly growing, finding our way in the world and making a name for ourselves. We are part of a major alliance and hope this will propell us to bigger things.

My advise to you is simple.

1) set straight-forward rules
2) investigate recruits, contact former CEO's to find out about them
3) Trust no-one

everything else is just a formality, base line is you hav to have fun and enjoy the game and find your place in the mad world of eve.


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Posted: January 20th, 2006, 9:33 am
takenbyit's Reps:
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One other tip that worked for the corp I joined was setting up a forum board. Our small little corp. became a lot close, and it is now a decent size corp today. Running a teamspeak/ventrillo server is good to have to. These are just two little things that can create bonds between your members. But remember, never trust anyone fully.

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