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SESSION CHANGE ON A GATE : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: January 29th, 2008, 11:48 pm
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When uncloaking and micowarping back to a gate at certain velocities you may bounce off the gate and get a session change in progress.( Do not want this happening in a gate camp)

To my knowledge and experience this happens with the speedier ships.

1. You have thirty seconds till you uncloak, so if you are in a camp and need a gaurantee not to bounce the gate ,the best way is to hit the map browser and set destination back to the system you just jumped from. Then approach gate thus breaking the cloak hit microwarp drive and hit the auto pilot. You will then auto jump when in range.

2.Now another thing that was mentioned to me is if you wait out the thirty second timer and then approach micro warp that you will never get the session change. This i will confirm ASAP in a 10 000 m/s ship. this was also confirmed and works aswellP)P)

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Posted: January 30th, 2008, 3:14 pm

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Can members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: February 1st, 2008, 1:05 am

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Could the OP explain a little more about this? Whats a session change?

Quick links:
EQ2 Script Catalogue
X-Unleashed / Exhume Installation Guide

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Posted: February 3rd, 2008, 12:29 am
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http://support.eve-online.com/Pages/KB/ ... spx?id=378

Session change timer
Session change mechanics

Every time your character location is modified, you will experience what is named a "session change". Session changes prevent you from switching to another location again for thirty seconds and your request will be delayed when such situation occurs.

A character location may be anything linked to his/her physical state and not simply a geographical change. For instance, docking, ejecting, changing ships, being pod-killed, losing your vessel, jump cloning, jumping through a gate, joining/leaving a gang and/or changing roles within a gang, are all actions that trigger the timer. Warping, destroying objects, throttling in space, activating a module or being shot at are however not session changes as your character attributes stay the same.

Such a mechanism was put in place to prevent your character from becoming stuck when changing locations. When that happens, you will unfortunately have to wait until the timer has expired to proceed with the intended action.

Please note that when the character movement is completed and the location changed, you will activate another session change again, so you better know and plan your actions if you don't want to be stuck for several minutes.

Session changes remain normal game mechanics and as such, aren't eligible for any reimbursements at all. Upon encountering a timer at a gate, a wise pilot will warp away to a celestial body to avoid being a sitting duck while the timer elapses.

The session changes countdown may be displayed on screen by going into the "General settings" and selecting the "show session-change timer" option. It should then appear in the upper-left corner on your screen, on top of the system name with the seconds remaining if the mouse is hovered on it.

Examples of session change timer messages:

- "Just a moment while I finish gathering my senses.I'm pretty sure I can do it within 16 seconds."
- "You're halfway onboard already. Please wait.Estimated time left for getting the other half aboard is 28 seconds."
- "Can't do that while undocking.You should be squeezed out in 20 seconds."
- "Please wait while ship is entering hangar.Scotty, the docking manager estimates 23 seconds left."

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Posted: February 4th, 2008, 8:51 am

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bump for those yays and nays

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Posted: March 19th, 2008, 7:33 pm
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Ok. i tested this countless times using a vagabond on gallente stargates in the test server. With autopilot and without autopilot.

This was a very hard one to test. I was getting hits and misses all over. This one deffinetly takes some practice before attempting in a gate camp scenario.

The only reason im gonna say yay to this is because the autopilot seems to jar your ship beside the gate as its bumping away....most of the time. lol

When you try this without the autopilot your bump away from the gate pretty far and if you have lag and bad reflexes on the click to jump your screwed.

Wait 20sec after jumping into system before doing this trick tho.

Ill test frigates and bs in a bit. they might be different but cruisers work. :)

alright don't try this with a bs. They don't fly fast enough and have too much mass.


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Posted: March 19th, 2008, 8:02 pm
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Alright. so my final verdict on this. Only use this trick with cruiser and frigate class ships that go fast enough to bump off the gate when approaching at full speed.


Your in your awesome speed tanking ship. you jump into a system. oh crap its a gate camp and there are more than you can run from. your best chance is to get back to the gate.

set destination for system you just came from
wait at least 20sec after you jumping into the system
hit autopilot
wait for it to uncloak you to approach Stargate
hit the mwd immediately

for good measure hold your mouse button on the stargate so you can click jump as soon as your in rage. this will increase your chances of success.

once you jump into the next system your autopilot will have a 15sec session change so you cant jump though any star gates or doc at stations. But you can still fly around and warp places.

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