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Some advice for newbies : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: January 14th, 2006, 7:45 pm
keithaaa's Reps:
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Newish to EVE

Having spent a month or so with Caldari, I though I would convey my experience to the forum (for what it is worth). Hopefully I will update as time passes by. When I first started, after reading the manual which is generally helpful, I found that I needed more info on all sorts of issues.

Starter Tips

Always do the tutorial – no matter how frustrated it might appear – well worth it for a host of reasons.

Read the manual re

 learning skills and in what order to carry them out (very useful)
 mining for beginners
 bookmarking (saves acres of time)
 general gameplay; and
 also if u want to specialise

Further Advice

After doing this I then hit the corp. chatline – probably the most rewarding way of learning the game. Noobs are treated with respect and the corp. comrades are only too willing to help. No matter what you ask you will receive a reply – no question is considered too stupid. This is a big bonus, unlike other MMORG, where you can get ridiculed.

I have had help in the following ways from the chatline thus:

 Advice on ship setups
 Best types of ore to mine
 What to avoid and where to avoid
 Received equipment I couldn’t afford for my ship
 Received isk to help me buy goods/ships etc; and best of all
 Received help in battles from fellow corp. members when in trouble on some missions.

Next Step

All the above help make EVE a rewarding game and increase your satisfaction as your knowledge builds. You find yourself answering noob questions and assisting in their battle or mining plans. I find that staying with the corp. is essential in the first few months and maybe longer. Why, well they are safe, helpful and give you grounding in the game. Going straight into another corp. means that you cannot get back to your original one and your new corp. could be small, unsatisfying and you could end up doing basic chores and so on.


Play a big part in the game for someone like me and I spread them about so that I have a number on differing regions at differing levels and with differing corporations. Do not underestimate the rewards that you can receive. Sometimes it is also nice just to do an easy mission and relax out. I have found that there are two bits of information that are good advice:

 Build up your LPs (loyalty points) you get better offers; and
 Depending on your region do not accept offers re drugs, illegal gun running and other contraband (you can get caught instantly – lose isk and status

As yet I have not venture out into the Eve of 0.4 regions that will come with more experience. Though I have been ganked on missions a number of times. Lesson learnt is to make sure that you know your enemy and equip your ship correctly. One setup does not do a catchall in this game. I have seen smaller ships take out bigger ones that generally would not happen in other games. There are numerous setups and you need to do some mathematics re your weaponry – no such thing as an easy target unless you have done your homework.

I am finding this game, after an initial dubiousness, to be engrossing as it has both strategic and tactical aspects littered all over it. You have to work, with help sometimes, what is the best way to tackle an issue.

Hope to continue that this story

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Posted: October 9th, 2006, 12:24 am
alexjo's Reps:
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I'm new here and i wonder if there are bigger guides available if i pay for membership?

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