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suicide gank squads : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: October 12th, 2007, 6:49 am
tigerclaw's Reps:
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am not going to say this is my idea but i did type this up as information if some people want a new different play style

Suicide gank squads

1. Nowhere in eve should ever be totally safe.

2. Risk/Reward.
Risk vs. reward is high if you get the right target

3. Can be done by a lone player. If you can get an alt to the wreck fast enough to loot it.

Right what you need is:

1. Squad of 3-4 people
2. Cruiser: i.e. for me it was a rupture (obviously anything high that an industrial ship will need more people or a higher end ship, i.e. a battlecruiser)
3. Ship scanner
4. Cargo scanner
5. Low end tech 1 weapons
5. Weapon upgrades, to increase dmg output
6. armour/shield extenders, to allow you to survive more than one volly from concord
7. Insure the ship to 100%
8. 1 Hauler/ loot ship with large cargo hold and a tractor beam

right what you need to do is kit out your ships with low cost high dmg items, make sure you have a cargo scanner and ship scanner and maybe a warp jammer on your ship.

what you need to do is find a gate that has a high amount of cargo hauling traffic, which you also know has a high amount of AFK jumpers.

when you see an AFK industrial ship scan the cargo to determine if it is worth you attacking, for instance you have 4 people each in a rupture, rupture costs 8 mill each and then another 3 mill for insurance and weaps.

so your target would have to have cargo in the region of 100 mill to make it worth while.

make sure that the hauler is within the tractor beams range because and soon as the ship goes pop everyone will try and loot.

one you have the target make sure everone targets him, when you hear the Fleet command attack everyone must shoot at the same time, this means that concord can only attack so many people at once allowing some ships to get off more than one volly.

as soon as the ship pops you everyone who attacked it will die in the end, as concord doesnt like your kind :p. so as soon at the wreckage comes up the hauler must tractor it towards him and loot it as fast as possible. once everything is looted and you have also looted you own wrecks (so you can use the weapons and stuff next time) warp to the nearest station and sell the stuff, then you divide the ISK made between everyone in the group, bearing in mind that you must stay in the station for at least 15 mins so you criminal flag is cleared you can then go back and do it again.

make sure that your security status does not go below -1.9 otherwise you will not be able to enter empire space. to keep you secure status up while you have fun ganking spend some time rating belts in low sec space.

well hope this helps, and as i said this is not a new player style, it just a guide i decided to type up cos i had some free time. sorry for spelling mistakes and yes i know, there is no grammar :p

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Posted: October 12th, 2007, 10:48 am

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Can members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: October 14th, 2007, 12:59 pm
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Nay. commonly used tactic. Best to use it on freighters, but you'd need more than 10 dominixes to kill a freighter fast enough.

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Posted: October 15th, 2007, 1:24 pm
tigerclaw's Reps:
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so ur saying nay to this guide being accurate ?

all i am doing is writing up a little guide for people who may wanna try, which is what guides are.

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Posted: October 19th, 2007, 10:07 am
11alpha11's Reps:
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The guide is accurate. Although the OP should be more specific about the ships used. I do this on a regular basis to kill macrominers in empire. It is done best by following these instructions:

1. Create a gallente alt character military specialized so you get Gunnery V, Small Hybrid Turret V, Controlled Bursts some level...etc.

2. Train Destroyers I (it takes only those 19 minutes of training..and you don't need anything else)

3. (optional) Train Engineering I and Weapon Upgrades I

4. Buy a catalyst with 6 electron blasters and 2 neutron blasters, fit them with 10 units of antimatter small each. If you completed step number 3, equip a magnetic field stabilizer. Throw in 1 light drone. Fit nothing else. Insure your ship

5. Now you have a properly outfitted ship. Get a gang of people together and identify your target (using a ship scanner would be nice). Your optimal should be somewhere around 1km, you want to be sitting completely still at about 250m more than your optimal range.

6. Make sure that everyone has the concord warning activated.

7. Activate your entire rack of guns, launch your drone.

8. Target the ship you want to attack. Wait til everyone confirms they have the concord warning showing on their screen.

9. When everyone is ready, click OK, and everyone will begin firing at exactly the same time.

10. Profit??

Destroyers give the best possible bang for the buck. They fit 8 relatively high dmg blasters, and they cost very little after insurance is paid. You are basically losing the cost of your 8 tech 1 blasters and possibly your magstab. 4 of these ships can take out a mackinaw. 5-6 may be needed for a hulk. If you really don't like someone, a single ship can take out a pod.

Also note that since it requires so little training time, anyone can do this. Once your sec status drops too low, simply delete the character and create a new one that takes another 20 minutes to train up. Please note that deleting/recreating characters constantly to avoid sec status penalties is supposedly considered an exploit. So simply don't do that too often...but either way, I haven't had problems yet.

Hope you enjoyed the info.

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