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T-search legitimacy? : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: March 10th, 2008, 1:11 pm
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Ok, check out this site:


In all honesty, it's just t-search, with a short guide on how to use it. The guide is as follows:


4. Start Tsearch and Permedit.

5. Use Permedit to grant permissions to Tsearch and Eve Online. This allows Tsearch to see Eve's processes.

6. Find Eve Online in Tsearch's process list. This will designate all searches towards Eve Online.

From here, you need to search for and find the address for the skill you want to use. This can sometimes be a long process.

Remember: I highly suggest you ONLY hack your Core stats, those are:


Hacking individual skills can and will get you banned. Hacking weapon damage you can do without much worry. Just don't go pvp unless its a small increase.

Follow these steps:

7. Select a Core Stat, say Memory or Intelligence - These are good if you want to skill faster.

8. Now comes the fun, First, make sure you have no implants or anything that already increases the stat. Now, Search for whatever value in Tsearch. You should get a large number of addresses. You may also notice a high amount of lag, which is normal. The reason for this is because Eve's is very memory intensive, and there are a lot of addresses to search through. (If you are experiencing too much lag and are having problems, follow the steps in the Answer section at the bottom of the readme to help reduce lag.)


9. From this point, search "has not changed" several times. The longer you do this, the more your search will narrow down. You can either wait for the buff to run out, or right click it to remove it.

10. Now, Add an item that adds some to your stat your trying to change, search "has changed" only one time. Then search "has not changed" several times just as before.

11. Add another item that increases stats. Search "has changed" again only one time. Then search "has not changed" several times.

12. Repeat steps 9 through 11 until you have narrowed your search down to a managable number. Usually this is below 100. Around 10 to 20 results are common.

13. After you have narrowed down your search, start from the first result and start changing the amount to whatever you want and freeze it. (Click the box and a blue smiley face should appear). Go back to Eve, and if your stats have changed, you have found the correct address.

14. Once you have found the right address, write it down. Next time you need it simply type in the address and change the number and freeze it.

15. To change the value of the address you have found, double click on the address in Tsearch and change the value to any number you like.


Now, I have little experience w/ TSearch, but from what I understand, it alters the RAM used by the game for storing temporary data. Basically, a memory sniffer for a particular game.

Fortunately, I didn't spend any money on this :) However, I'm having great difficulty isolating the particular string related to the main attributes (Charisma, Perception, etc.)

Can anyone confirm the legitimacy of this as a hacking tool for stats, so you cal lvl-up the skills faster?

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Posted: March 10th, 2008, 6:38 pm
lordvalinar's Reps:
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I would like to know this as well. This is similar to what Nintendo did with the gameshark for the n64, to narrow down the cheat codes. Nifty tool, but I don't understand much of hexes and binary codes, lol. It's a big guessing game... and I personally haven't gotten ANYTHING to work yet (ISK, stats, skills, anything...) still playing around though. I'll let ya know if I discover anything

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Posted: March 31st, 2008, 6:09 am

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im going to try this right now. /crosses fingers. hope i dont get banned heh.
ill let ya know how it went.

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Posted: March 31st, 2008, 12:03 pm
eliwitt's Reps:
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Ah, no.
Editing the memory client side won't do anything...

Your client dosen't tell the server how much damage you just did with that missle... the server tells you.

They even tell you this in their page;
Another downside is what you hack will change back to normal as soon as you relog, or close the Eve Skill Hack Program.

That's because while it may work and change stats/amounts client-side... It's only changing the memory value the game is reading to draw the numbers on your screen, the server is the one doing the damage calculations and whatnot. I.E. You could go grab a rookie ship, then with this memory editor program (Of which there are many) and WHAM give it 99999/99999 CPU and Power, you'll see that in your game client, but when you try to slap a cruise missle launcher in it, the server just goes ROTFL LOL NO NEWB.

That's a plain, simple "Steal your money with a fake product" scam


While laughing at the really lame attempt (That I'm quite sure has netted the people running it some good scratch, people are dumb) I pop open the sourcecode of their index page, and take a look in the headers search engines use to index the page..

meta content="wow, gold, hacks, hack, cheats, tips, wow hacks, wow gold, wow tips, wow guides, world of warcraft, mmorpg, world of warcraft guide, world of warcraft hacks, wow hacks, wow cheats, wow bots, wow dupe, wow stat hack, wow stat changer,
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   everquest guide, everquest, everquest 2, lineage 2 guide, star wars galaxies, lineage 2" name="KEYWORDS"

They don't even claim to support EVE... rofl.


I'd bet money if they actually do provide a "secret ISK farmer" - It's a compiled script from AutoIT or similar.

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