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EVE Guide: Elite Macro Undection Guide : EVE Online Guides | Free EVE Guides

Posted: October 28th, 2005, 12:32 am

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I have been developing macros for a while, ever since Star Wars Galaxies came out. I was the first one to develop a havesting bot for that game so i sort of know what i am doing. I have been developing my own private bots for EVE-Online for almost a year now.

Not everyone wants to do the same thing in EVE, i see lots of mining macros out which to me seem very dectable, but other types of macros i dont see. Although i perfer mining macros and mining ingame, i will attempt to aim this guide at the general use of macros and how to develop an undectable macro.

I have found a basic discussion on this forum about "Tricks To Macro Undetected", to me this method is still dectable so please avoid it.

Using a Macro
When you download a macro, you normally see lines and lines of code which you have to customise, if your developing a macro please comment almost every single line, because me as programmer, might want to adapt, edit, add and delete to make the macro run smoother. Users of the macro might also need to see exactly what to edit, for example how many mining lasers, how many drones to launch or how many pirates to kill.

Developing a Macro
When developing a macro, the key to macro undection is to randomise as much as possible, because in most cases macros which are based on the same time and more prone to getting caught. From what i can gather the servers log every user going in and out of a station, so if you developed a macro last 7min and you ran this in a constant loop of 5 times in a room, you are going to draw attention to yourself.

So how do you create a macro not based on a set amount of time? All macros that i am aware of are based on a set amount of time and do a number of actions based within those times.

Key to a Successful Macro
When developing a macro, the key to success is to randomise time, for example if it takes you 5min to mine an asteriod, the next time you dock and start again, the mining should take 7min 23seconds. If you have a random time, then its going to be extremely hard to detect, because you are no longer doing the same actions in a preset amount of time.

Another example of macroing undected apart from randomising time, you can also develop a macro based on events, for example if you are simple mining or you are a battleship fully loaded with drones and something like a pirate starts attacking you, you can launch all your drones, lock onto the pirate and kill it while AFK. The event was triggered by your shields going down or if the pirates are in close enough range, then the macro could be triggered off by them locking onto you.

I hope you will take the information i have provided and wisely use it.


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