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Posted: November 10th, 2005, 12:32 pm
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An implant mission is a level 3 'important mission' so to get one, you must fulfil the same criteria as any other important mission. That means you have to watch out that you are accepting about at least twice the missions you're declining.

There are 8 important mission templates in the game at the moment. About 5 or so of them can be expected to work for any given agent, although some agents may have a couple more or less. Thus you have about a one in 5 chance per important mission that it will be an implant mission. Statistics do NOT say that this means 100% after 5 important missions. But it does say that if you haven't done about 10 important missions, you really shouldn't expect to have had an implant even if somebody else is on a winning streak, and thus shouldn't be screaming bloody murder on the forums.

Important missions are dished out at random intervals. Until you've had an important mission with a given agent, you can expect one with that agent any time in the first 20 missions. Could even be the first mission you get. Once you've had an important mission, you'll be getting them again about every 4 to (20-your personal standings with that agent) missions.

Thus if you have 0 personal standings and stick to the same agent, it would take about 168 normal + 14 important = 182 missions before you could except to have had a 95% chance of getting an implant, given a 1/5 chance of an implant mission. With 10 in personal standings, it would take about 98 normal + 14 important = 112 missions before you'd have a 95% chance.

At 1/8 odds, if your agent happens to have all 8 important missions at his disposal, the total numbers would be about 276 normal + 23 important = 299 missions at 0 standings, or 161 normal + 23 important = 184 missions at 10 standings.

So if you're going to be really serious about it, you'll have to try to find out what important missions your agent does have at his disposal. The fewer the better, assuming that he does indeed have the implant mission at his disposal. The pirate factions don't, and only level 3 agents do. The only other criteria that may burn you is that the mission requires a courier destination in a station in a neighbouring constellation. If there exists at least one station in a solar system in a neighbouring constellation which has a security rating similar to that of your agent's, you're safe on that one. You'll want to stick to a single agent if possible.

Another factor to keep in mind is that missions and missions are not the same. Some missions have an average time of perhaps 30 minutes, while others have an average time of 7. Kill missions are generally quicker, but they give less standings and less agent rewards, although the loot and bounty can make up for some of that. The type of missions dished out by a given agent varies by corporation type and by division. You can also get a little further by having a ship type that suggests something about the mission you're up to. A battleship is more likely to get kill missions f. ex.

If you're really seriously trying to hunt for implants, try to pick an agent that gives you an insane amount of kill missions. That way 100 missions may take you 12 hours as opposed to 50 hours of long courier jobs. You may even want to try to find a station where there are multiple level 3 homicidal agents, as that way you can really improve your mission time by reducing the travel time to and from the agent's station. Fit your ship for as much speed as you can to reduce your mission time as well, as a very significant part of your mission time is travel.

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Posted: November 13th, 2005, 10:38 am
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Stolen from the Battleforums EvE Guide.

No thanks.

http://www.battleclinic.com/downloads/B ... _Guide.pdf

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Posted: December 26th, 2005, 12:48 pm
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