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EVE Guide: INSTA Landing no Bookmarks from to anymore : EVE Online Guides | Free EVE Guides

Posted: September 8th, 2006, 9:42 am
napfloridian's Reps:
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The BM problem is coming again and again. 3 gates 5 stations and you need to run from and to any gate to BM your INSTA landing station. This can be solved with ONE Bookmark, Land in the station you want... once there JUMP into space with your PnP open Instantlly after Jumping from the station MAKE a NEW bookmark. This will allow you to jump from anywhere INTO the station the only problem I have encountered is you need to dock instantlly or your get away from the station at a 4000 speed. This could be solved if you set your Default wrap to ... to the distance of 20KM. I hope this helps with less bookmarks. And remember it only works for stations no Gate jump. but at least 4 BM less than bevor.

Have a great EVE

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Posted: September 11th, 2006, 9:57 am
tault_buckw1's Reps:
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Confirmed, I thought it was nerfed but I have it set this way in my mining system and I instadock from every belt and gate.

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Posted: September 21st, 2006, 10:46 am
sepulcher's Reps:
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When you flyinto a base (or a stargate) you will notice as you approach the the distance in km get smaller until you reach 0. You will hit 0km and still be approaching your target for a short time until you actually hit it.

This is because the object occupies a space in game larger than the physical model, that it considers it's own. I'll call it, it's bubble. So you you hit a treshold and you are considered in, or on it, whatever. I guess you dock at a base when it hits zero and when then when game finally gets arround to processing you? I have to dock again to see when you get the dock message.

Anyways, like you said you don't need gate to station bookmarks .... well not always. You can get by with one BM per station, most of the time. This is because some stations have larger bubbles in space than others. If you select the station you'll see the name of it pop up, the distance and a icon somewhere in the center. If you take your ship and fly as close as possible to it and bookmark that spot you have what you need. I say fly as close as possible I mean it. Fly around towers, whatever you need to do, just get as close as you can to that point because it is the physical center, not the undock/dock point.

The reason you BM that point is its the center of the bubble. Now from any asteroid belt or jumpgate you can warp to that bm. Now here is where there is a bit of fudge factor. You are coming from whichever angle you are, if the bubble is big enough you will arrive still within range of the station, 0km. If your bm is off center you have more of a chance of being not in range of the bubble when you warp in more times than not.

When you don't arrive for an instadock 0km. You are at least close usually this way.

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Posted: September 24th, 2006, 1:44 pm
neenor's Reps:
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This works on all npc and conquerable stations but player built outposts are somewhat smaller so the instadocks for them have to be done the old fashioned way.

Also when u undock from a station if theres a warpable body directly in the direction u are undocking you can make a mid ss between the station and the body which will allow u to undock and instawarp to the ss. Handy if you station is being camped by hostiles. All you need to do is warp to your ss as soon as ur in space and because ur ejected from the station at quite a high speed you'll instantly warp

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Posted: September 25th, 2006, 8:07 am
t831757's Reps:
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you have 30 sec before anyone can lock you and attack you anyways...

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