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EvE Guide: Fast ISK for new players. : EVE Online Submissions

Posted: May 24th, 2007, 2:29 am
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Ahem, so this is my guide.

First, make sure you are in a newbship with basic miners, or something higher if you want to play it risky. the newbship CAN support Miner 2's.

Okay, now find yourself a 0.0, it should have many asteroid belts. You can check this by putting your mouse over the system's star.

Try to make your way there without being killed. To do this, DO NOT use autopilot. Keep your camera zoomed out to a degree.

Choose warp to 0 to get to the next stargate. as soon as warp is over, click jump, so as to minimize the amount of time spent vulnerable..

Okay, now once you are in your system war somewhere. While in warp, make a bookmark. Name it jetcan. Warp somwherelse and make another. Call it Jetcan Maker.

Okay, now warp to the bookmark called jetcan. Once there, open up people and places, aswell as your cargohold. Drag and drop jetcan maker into your cargohold.

Jettison Jetcan Maker. You now have a Secure Jetcan. You can now mine.


Jetcans have a huge ammount of cargo capacity, so you can mine quite a bit. However they explode after 72 minutes. They never survive a server sutdown.

To fix this problem, name you jetcan the time. Once around 60 minutes have passed, drag Jetcan Maker to you cargohold, jettison it to make a new jetcan.

Name the jetcan the time, rinse, repeat.

Okay, now that you know the intricacies of jetcans... You ask, "Why do I need the jetcan to be in the middle of nowhere? Is not beside me more convenient?

The Answer: NO. In 0.0 battleships spawn as rats. Als, it has a high concentation of player pirates. by moving the jetcan into a no-mans land, you can leave a field you were mining.

But not loose any profits. If a battleship spawns, you cannot go back to retrieve your jetcan later, FUTHURMORE, even is a player bomes and kill the rats for you, chances are that said player will take all your ore.

Hope you found my guide useful, and enjoy mining.

Wrecklooting modifications...

Follow the same basic prodedure.

Create an additional bookmark while in warp. Call it "Safe". The purpose is obvious.

Now, pull open the localchat. Open the profile of everyone there. YES EVERYONE. It pays to find low populated systems, so this doesn't take to long.

Okay, so, now that you've opened up the profiles check the corps...


1. Corp that owns wreck in system? Dock as soon as you grab the stuff.

2. Not in system? Loot untill someone warps into the asteroid belt. More on this further in the guide.

3. Do you know they're in a station? Loot 2 and dock at the same station to piss em off(NOT RECOMENDED).


Keep you camera completely zoomed out at all times. I don't care how much you hate it, It gives you a tactical advantage. Ships that are warping in take (on average) three seconds of visibility while fully zoomed out to slow down to the point where they can use warp disruptors and weapons on you. This gives you three extra seconds to make a brake for it. Trust me, those seconds are between life and death.

The safest time to do this is just before DT.

It is better to stay out of 0.0 for this, and in extreme lowsec, e.g. 0.2-0.1 Most of 0.0 is cotrolled by alliances, making it hell to leave once you've stolen something.

If you want to opt for extreme safetey of your jetcan, warp to a random planet in a shuttle, then head straight outwars for about three hours before making the bookmark.

Hope you enjoy my guide.


I would like to volunteer as an EvE Online guide writer for tault.


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Posted: May 24th, 2007, 2:03 pm

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of course a character / account that newbie will not have the ability to actually haul that ore anywhere, making the whole thing kinda pointless...

yay i filled a 24,000m3 can (in like 6 hours good for me) and now i can move not enough of it per run to make it profitable :-/

nay as my two isk

Posted: May 24th, 2007, 2:30 pm

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You would have to be anything but a new player to understand this.

Trust me, I'm one of those new players.

Nay, sorry mate. It's a good idea but It's just not suited for new players unless you wanna provide a lot more specifics (since it's catered to new players). I have no idea how profitable this is for people who have been playing for a while so for now I nay.

Posted: June 22nd, 2007, 1:36 am

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two weeks of skills could get you to do this ( if you spec in the right things) however with those skills, mining will take a long time still (since your lasers and ships will be quite crap tbh) and the chances of NOT getting killed in an 0.0 sector would be extremely low.


Posted: June 22nd, 2007, 6:03 pm

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