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Eve Online Macro: Undetectable Hauling Bot : EVE Online Submissions

Posted: January 11th, 2008, 9:30 am
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Undetectable Hauling Bot

Well now lets start with what u need first:

1 - Eve-online account of course

2 - A mouse recording software (i recomend Macro Express, but use w/e u like)

Guide for using ONLY 1 ship - a hauler

This is by far the best way to afk as u cant be disturbed or accused of macroing by other players.

Recomended for use in 1.0 and 0.9 systems.

So heres how to mine in eve while ur afk:

U might wanna write this down cuz at the end of this guide you'll have your own customized macro script.

First launch eve of course, put it in windowed mode, now go to your macro software and open MOUSE LOCATOR (most proggyz have it, if yours doesnt have one then use macro express).

Now with mouse locator positioned so that you can see both locator and eve window put your cursor OVER these things one by one.. and write down the coordonates of your cursor:

1- undocking button

2- first / second and third squares from your ship's cargo

3- first square from your inventory in station

Now that u have all the coords written down u can get to the next step:


Open peoples and places window, now click on PLACES and create a new folder. Name it w/e u like as long as u dont have other folders for the system your in right now... if you do already have other folders name it something like "xxxxx"

Now warp in a belt and make a bookmark so that u can have as many asteroids as possible within your miner's range.... Make sure you have them all in your overview, and your overview is set to order them by distance.

Now write down the coords of the first 3 asteroids in overview, once that is done, right click on each of those 3 roids and write down the coords for LOCK TARGET FOR ALL 3 ROIDS!!! ..

Remember the bookmark you just made earlyer?? put it in the folder you created. Now go to PLACES tab, find the folder open it, and arrange the view in it so that u have something like this:

xxxxxx folder


now its time to go back to your home station, while your still outside the station put your mouse over boomark1 and write down the coords, now right click ono it and from its menu write down the coord from WARP WITHIN 15 kms.

Now its time to make a bookmark for fast docking, that means make a bookmark to your home station that will leave you in docking range, if you already have one copy it in the xxxxxx folder, if you dont then make it and put it in the xxxxx folder so that you will now have something like this:

xxxxxx folder


nearstation bookmark

now its time to add a bookmark so that your ship can auto-dock...

warp back to the belt you were in... and right click in space, look for your home station, and bookmark it again, this time using the default 15 kms range.. then add it to the xxxxx folder... so now you have:

xxxxxx folder


nearstation bookmark

default station bookmark

rename each of them so that you can have the order above....

now.. put your cursor over the nearstation bookmark and write down the coords, right click on it and write down the coords for warp within 15 kms... then put your mouse over default station bookmark and write down the coords, then right click on it and this time write down the coords for DOCKING...

ok so now you ask urself WTF am i going to do with all these coords?.. well its easy.. now you just follow these easy steps..

step 1: u needed those coords so that you'll know how

to read the script you'll create

step 2: and you'ld better write this down also...

!!!! make sure you'r in station with cargo, people

and places with PLACEs in front and

inventory open, now:

A - on your macro software click record

B - click on EVE window

C - click UNDOCK

D - wait till you undock

E - click on ZOOM OUT (optional)

F - click on BOOKMARK1

G - right click on it and click on WARP WITHIN 15 KM

H - wait till you get there..lol

I - click on first roid in overview then right click it and


J - do the same for the next 2 roids

k - now hit F1, or click on your miner (w/e u like best)

L - wait 30 minutes

M - STOP your miner and start it again

N - now click on NEARSTATION BOOKMARK, right click it

and click WARP WITHIN 15 kms

O - now wait till u get there

P - now click on DEFAULT STATION BOOKMARK, right

click, and click DOCK

Q - once inside the station TRANSFER your ore from

cargo to inventory, dragging from ALL 3 squares into

about the same spot of the inventory


step 3 - now u got urself a script customized to your

way of arranging windows inside EVE

step 4 - turning this script in a 24/7 macro is done like this:

A - open the script and adjust the coords you already

have to those that got recorded earlyer..

B - now u only need to dock and undock at about 2

hours or so... depending on how BIG your hauler


C - inside your script LOCATE step 2 from C to J

D - create a new script and copy/paste C - J

E - locate J - M and copy/paste them in the new script

3 or 4 or 5 times but make sure that you WONT

get a waiting time thats over the time it takes

to fill up your hauler.

F - now paste also N-Q in the new script...

J - THATS IT !!!!

Congratz! now your have your own script that will mine for you ONE full or almost full hauler. But it lasts only for 2 hours or so.. what should you do?? well just copy/paste the ENTIRE SCRIPT as many times as you want...

Now its time to go AFK )

Imho this is by far the best way to MACRO in Eve mainly cuz no1 can prove that you are AFK AND MACROING...

For better results MAKE SURE you have REFUSE INVITES turned ON... its in the ESCAPE menu...

PS.. to make sure that your script runs smoothly every time.. take a screenshot of your desktop with the location of EVE's window, then make it a wallpaper, dont forget to remove the taskbar before using it as wallpaper, cuz itll screw up your script..

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Posted: January 11th, 2008, 2:52 pm

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Can members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: January 21st, 2008, 5:09 am

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God. There are much better ways to achieve this, and its no less undetectable than any other macro/bot we have here.

Quick links:
EQ2 Script Catalogue
X-Unleashed / Exhume Installation Guide

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