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EVEBot -> like a human player : EVE Online Submissions

Posted: May 18th, 2009, 1:07 pm

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I want to introduce you my program EVEBot, for miners. It takes decissions like a human player, it reacts to lag, so to CCP people the only thing that it shows is that you are playing a lot of hours.
This program is intended to be used by serious miners, flying Hulks, and I suggest then to be fitted with:
3 x Strip Miners
1 x Invulnerability Field II
3 x Shield Recharger II
2 x Expanded Cargohold II (Riggs)

With that fitting your Hulk can be mining in 0.5 or above systems for hours without any problem, it is absolutely estable. But it doesn't mean you cannot use it with other ships, just that I checked that ship and fitting and you can stay mining forever.

If you don't like that fitting then may be you want to use combat drones, and the program will manage them too (only registered users) and will send your ship for repairs, if needed for the ship or drones.

Using it I have a regular income of 50M isk daily, so the cost of it is easily refundable by the money you save paying subscription. As I'm now buying GTC or plexes for ISKs.

Oh... yes... you need to have installed in your computer .Net Framework 3.5, which is the actual standard.

I will keep at the bottom of this post the zip file for its installation. Once installed, you will find in the program folder a PDF file with the instructions.

I will accept 5 testers that will be provided with a license for it, in return they will provide me with reproducible bugs and with suggestions for a better improvement.

EVEBot v.1.0 Build 051809
What does it?

- No fixed macros or timings, so the program reacts like you to the game events.
- Handles as many lasers as you like
- You can select how long will be your lasers cycle, the program suggests always 1/2 of the real time for a full cycle.
- Activates low slots and as many as you like
- Activates middle slots and as many as you like
- Checks the status of your cargohold, stopping mining when full and addressing your ship to the station to unload.
- Checks the roid and if empty docks the ship at the station and ends.
- Handles combat drones.
- Checks combat drones health.
- Setup for minimum combat drones allowed, if equal or less than that ship will be docked for safety.
- If selected addresses the ship to a station with repair facility to repair ship and drones.
- Repair facility might be in the same station used to unload ores or another station at the same system.
- Not needing for long list of bookmarks, just 2 bookmarks (repair facility in the same station) or 3 (repair facility in a different station)
- Keeps records on how much you are mining in M3 and trips you have done to unload.
- If asteroids are not in range it will approach to them.
- It checks lasers are on when supposed to be on and opposite to avoid stupid leakings of your powergrid.
- You may chat whilst using the bot (but you must keep an eye on it).
- Keeps you informed how long to the end of the cycle.

TO DO List

- To finish the testing for multiple roids mining.
- To check the ship shield status and if under minimum setup dock the ship or send to repair centre, depending on customer setup.
- To include one setting for downtime warnings, so customer could get rid off it and carry on playing.
- To automate a few EVE windows for settings, like the ones the program itself needs to work properly or different overview settings.
- To allow the customer to stop the bot with a clean close up, avoiding clicks in memory.
- To include a panic button just in case customer wants to run away for some reason not leaving drones behind or something else.
- Automated Jetcan for those customers working in a team.
- Ability to start the bot from different places (station, roid...)
- Pause and resume.
- To change the trial mode, now based in a few days and only a few features, to a full featured one and not limit of days, just limit of trips.
- Any other that you suggest and after carefull thinking during sleeping time I will decide to include here.

Just a few more words. I don't believe in free software, as active user of Linux for years I think the main problem is not to have people focused in what they do, as they need to do other things for a living. If some Linux releases are getting better than others is just because the team behind it got a way for funding.
So this is not a free software, I do this for living and I am very focused on it, and you can expect very important changes on it during the next three months as this is now my "baby" and want to see it growing and healthy.

Try it and let me know your opinion.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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Posted: July 24th, 2009, 1:33 am

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hey this is pretty nifty, id be happy to test on my alt once i get her to mining barge status, a quick question however, this would be very valuable to me if you could include support for can mining, as i cannot use a mining barge yet it would be difficult to use this on a smaller ship with practically no cargo hold, however if you could support drag and drop mining into secure cans, well you will see a tonne more /yay's than just mine :P

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Posted: July 27th, 2009, 1:29 pm

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Can you confirm it to be working swaith?

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Posted: July 27th, 2009, 7:35 pm

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I like these kind of members, I realy love it when people take the time to actualy make these things and help people out. I wont be /yaying or /naying since I dont have an active subscription on this, good luck to you friend and welcome to Tault :D

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