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Exploit: Fast-Friendly/Hostile ID : EVE Online Submissions

Posted: May 27th, 2006, 2:54 am
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This was confirmed by CCP as an exploit, and it works and will continue to work as long as portraits are cached on your local drive.

<u>Purpose</u>: Rapid and effortless identification of hostiles and friendlies in Local Chat.

<u>Step 1</u>: The hardest part of this exploit is obtaining character names. For that, I would recommend visiting the forums that belong to corporations/alliances hostile to you and looking at the Members List. You can check your list against the hostile corp's member count (Show Info on corp), keep in mind though, that some of these guys are bound to be alts whose mains are also in-corp.

<u>Step 2</u>: Once you have your list, clear out your portrait cache. This is located at: Program Files/CCP/EVE/capture/portrait/.

<u>Step 3</u>: Now comes the tedious part. Open up your People and Places menu and type in the first character's name (exact), then hit search. Show Info on the character and wait for the portrait to load, close the Show Info window. Repeat this process until you're done with the list.

<u>Step 4</u>: Go back to your portrait cache folder and open as many of the stored portraits as you think your RAM will allow with Paint. Get creative, make some sort of design (or just a red square if you're not the creative type) to signify that these are hostiles. Copy, paste, and save on all the portraits in your cache.

<u>Step 5</u>: Select all of the portraits you now have in your portrait cache and move them to a new folder (temporarily). Do not leave them in the portrait cache, actually move them out.

<u>Step 6</u>: Obtain the names of all players in your corporation, alliance, and have + standings with and repeat Steps 3 and 4.

<u>Step 7</u>: Zip the portraits in your portrait cache and name the file friendlies.zip. Do the same to the ones you moved into the other folder and name them enemies.zip.

<u>Step 8</u>: Move all the portraits back into your portrait cache.

<u>Step 9</u>: Share your Zip files with your corpmates. Keep quiet about it or it'll end up on a forum just like this.

<u>Step 10</u>: Maintain your enemy/friendly list bi-weekly. You won't have as many names to go through, but you'll have to empty your portrait cache each time to avoid labeling friendlies as enemies and vice versa.

From now on, when a hostile comes into local, you will see a red square instead of a face in local, saving you the time of right-click, Show Info, close window. It's best when you enter a crowded system and want to identify people easily.

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