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Hjold's List of Scams : EVE Online Submissions

Posted: June 22nd, 2009, 12:46 pm

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In this post i'm going to talk about most of the scams i have used and have come across in the game. Through using these scams, i've earned about 4 billion isk.

These are some scams i've used ranked in no particular order

1) Begging:

This will not gain you much isk at all, but it's good for a starting player who's desperate. Begging will get you some isk if you act kind to other players. Go to any local chat and say things like "Hi, i'm a new player and I really want to get into some quick action. Please send me isk so I can keep playing!"

You might get donations of up to 1 million isk, although this 'scam' really sucks and I wouldn't advise to use it unless you're absolutely desperate

2) "Send me isk and i'll double it!"
Maybe you've heard of this or maybe you haven't, this is a scam where you go to jita or some other very populated system and spam things like "give me isk and i'll double it" or "x10 it" or whatever.

This scam has worked extremely well for me, I've made upwards of 500 million from this scam alone. To be successful, though, you need to have a story. Something like:

"Hey Jita, i'm quitting eve because of the Apocrapha patch and i've decided to liquidate my isk and give it all away. I currently have 40 billion isk in my wallet, and anything you send me will be sent back to you x10."

What you want to do to make this scam most successful is actually follow through on your promise to some people. Usually, i'll follow through when people send 2 mil or less, and just keep the isk if anyone sends any more. If you actually follow through (Say someone sends you 1 mill and you give back 10 mill), you have a chance of them either:

a) Helping you out in local chat and saying that you're not scamming
b) Sending you even more than 10 mil back in hopes of getting more (i've had people send me 100 mil)
c) Both a and b

Again, this scam works very well. If you can get a screenshot of a wallet with a ton of isk in it, it becomes even more believable.

3) Contract Scams

a) Freeform Contract Scams: Don't do these, it's a waste of time and nobody falls for them.

b) Item Exchange Scams: This is where you'll most likely make your isk in contract scams. There's a few ways you can do them.

Option1: Make an Item Exchange contract in which you are giving a
ship in exchange for a better ship AND some amount of isk. Then
broadcast in local that you're trading the ship and isk for the
better ship. Hopefully, the sucker won't notice that he's giving you
the better ship AND the isk in exchange for your worse ship.
Example: Make a contract where you're trading a Caracal for a Battlecruiser And 90 Mil. Say in local that you're trading a Caracal and 90 Mil for whatever battlecruiser you chose and link the contract. Soon enough, you'll find a sucker and you'll recieve the battlecruiser and the 90 mil.

Option2: Make a contract in which you're selling x amount of an item, but broadcast in local that you're selling y amount of that item.
Example: Make a contract where you're selling 10,000 Zydrine for 300 mil isk, then broadcast in local this: "Linktocontract Selling 100,000 Zydrine for 300 Mil (Way cheaper than market value!)"
Someone won't notice that you're only selling 10,000, and will accept the contract, netting you a quick 300 Mil

Option3: Make a contract for an item and greatly overvalue the item in the contract, then broadcast in local that you're selling the item for WAY more than the contract price.
Example: Make a contract for a 425mm Autocannon BPO for 200 Million isk. Then broadcast in local "SELLING linktocontract for 200 BILLION ISK!". Hopefully, your sucker will click on the contract and notice that the contract price is 200 million isk, and quickly buy it thinking that YOU made an error in making the contract (they think they'll turn a quick profit).

Option4: Make a contract where you're selling a blueprint COPY and advertise it as a blueprint ORIGINAL.
Example: Make a contract where you're selling a Hurricane BPC for 200 Million isk. Then say this in local "Selling linktocontract Hurricane BPO for 200 Million isk!". Hopefully someone will think that's a great deal and buy it without noticing that it's actually a bpc.

4) Trade Scams

Find two ships that look identical, but have way different price values. Such as a battleship and it's navy issue counterpart. Purchase the battleship and pilot it, then change the name to the navy issue name. Broadcast in local that you're selling the ship for a bit under the navy issue price, and do a manual trade in a station. The sucker will hopefully think that (since the name's changed) the battleship is actually the navy ship and will buy it for the price you ask for.


That's it for now, I hope this helps with all scammers![/u]

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Posted: June 23rd, 2009, 5:51 am

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Great guide :D

Another one from me:

Fake Item Scam:

Make contract with a cheap item e.g. "Invulnerability Field I". Put it on revenue from 100m-300m and paste it in local. Edit the name of the contract like to "Caldari Navy Invulnerability Field". You do this by typing from the middle of the word and deleting the unneeded letters.
Some poor guy will think its the faction edition and buy it :)

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