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Simple mining macro : EVE Online Submissions

Posted: October 4th, 2006, 4:45 am

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Simple Macro Mining


1. Deploying bookmarks
2. Eve settings & overview
3. Download macro
4. Starting macro record
5. Finishing off macro
6. Playing about with your macro

1.Deploying bookmarks

The setting up of bookmarks is the most important thing for macro mining. First of all you need to warp from your starting station to the asteroid belt of your choice. You then need to lock or highlight the middle asteroid in the belt and head toward the asteroid, once you get near the asteroid double click just past the asteroid so you are going past the asteroid, travel until you reach 10k past the asteroid then fully stop and Jettison something into space, bookmark the cargo container and name this asteroid.

Now pick a planet or stargate to warp to in that system and warp, once you reach your destination jettison a container and bookmark again naming it midway point.

Warp back to your starting station and lock or highlight your starting station and do the same as the asteroid belt by going 10k past the station and jettison a can and bookmark under home station.


-Please make sure you do not exceed 10k past your object for the bookmarks.

-The midway point must not be left out as this is what regulates your distance for warping back to the station.

-You must make sure you travel in a straight line past your target and not back on yourself or you will come up short.

2.Eve Settings

Overview settings

In space open up the overview settings and click deselect all, then tick the station box and the ores that were present in your asteroid belt of your choice. Then click on the distance tab so it shows the closest item at the top of the list.

Display settings

For your macro to work we must change our screen display so we are in windows mode for eve, you can do this by pressing the escape button and clicking on the graphics options and you will see an option where you can change the window type. Change this to window mode and the press escape to end *** please note you may need to change you screen size in display menu depending on your screen size I use 800 x 600 *** our screen should now be ready to set-up our station for Ore drop off.

Station set-up

In the station you need to have the ship hanger box open (not the item box) and you cargo box open for you selected ship, they must not over lap. This enables us to drag from the cargo hold to a space in the ships hanger without any complications. Selecting the item hanger instead of the ship hanger will stop your macro from working.

3.Download macro

Download “macro maker” from www.download.com for free

4.Starting macro record

Start macro maker up and press add/record, which is located in the right hand, box and follow the simple instructions and we are ready to start out macro.

After starting macro wait 20 seconds then undock from the station, once undocked wait 20 seconds then press the minus button twice to zoom out.

Wait 20 seconds then right click the mouse to bring up the bookmarks we have saved select the asteroid bookmark and warp within 15k option.

Once at the asteroid belt wait 20 seconds and then select the first rock in the overview box and lock target, once your target is locked activate your miner.

Once your cargo is full wait for 20 seconds then right click the mouse to bring up the bookmarks again and pick the stargate or planet bookmark and warp within 15k.

Once you have arrived at you bookmark wait 20 seconds then right click the mouse and pick the home station bookmark and warp with 15k.

Once you have reached the station wait 20 second then right click on the station in the overview box and select the dock option.

Once you have docked wait 20 seconds then left click on the open cargo hold and drag the ore into a clear space in your ships hanger and wait 20 seconds after the ore ahs moved into the hanger before ending your macro.

Macro now complete.

5.Finishing off your macro

Open up macro maker and click add in the left hand box this time and follow the simple instructions. In this section you can select the activation keys and how many times you want your macro to repeat.

6.Playing about with your macro

The key to making your macro work for you is playing about with it and testing what you can do, changing the pause times between each action is a good thing to start with as eve can sometimes pause or freeze up making your macro loose sync. I personally make about 3 mil a night with this macro in 1.0 & 0.9 space mining scordite with my mining barge, so its a nice little bunus for nothing.

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Posted: October 4th, 2006, 5:59 pm
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Nay, simular stuff already exists here.

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