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skill training macro (autoit) : EVE Online Submissions

Posted: September 15th, 2006, 3:56 am

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here's the preliminary version of my autoit skill training macro, yes i know its similar to the xunleashed one in confirmed but still...

i wanted to post it here, not because its a public forum, but i don't really want to dump it anywhere else untill someone decides its good enough to be moved.

no documentation written yet since there are a few more things i'm going to add (such as auto login and quit, checking you're connected by looking for either the white triangle or docking stripes, automatic opening of the skill training tab, etc) to try and make it compatable with the current minning macros.

#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 AutoIt Version:
 Author:         xlr82xs

 Script Function:
   Train a skill in eve.
   Right now this is fairly basic, but good enough for me.
   Input how many skills to train
   The delay before starting each one
   Then put the mouse where you need to right click for the context menu to pop up and press "s"
   Then mouse over where you need to left click to select the option to train and press "t"

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

#include <Date>

Global $Sec, $Min, $Hour, $Time

HotKeySet("s", "SetSkillClick")
HotKeySet("t", "SetTrainClick")
$skills_to_train=InputBox("xlr skill trainer.", "How many skills do you want to train ?")

Dim $skills[$skills_to_train][2][4]


for $I = 0 to ($skills_to_train - 1)
   $skills[$I][0][0] = InputBox("Skill number " & ($I + 1) & ".", "How many days ?")
   $skills[$I][0][1] = InputBox("Skill number " & ($I + 1) & ".", "How many hours ?")
   $skills[$I][0][2] = InputBox("Skill number " & ($I + 1) & ".", "How many minutes ?")
   $skills[$I][0][3] = InputBox("Skill number " & ($I + 1) & ".", "How many seconds ?")


   ;chill here for a while.
until ($click_s_set = $skills_to_train) AND ($click_t_set = $skills_to_train)

For $I = 0 To ($skills_to_train - 1)
   MouseClick("right", $skills[$I][1][0], $skills[$I][1][1], 1, 10)
   MouseClick("left", $skills[$I][1][2], $skills[$I][1][3], 1, 10)
   ToolTip("Now learning skill number " & $I & @CRLF & "Waiting " & 24 * $skills[$I][0][0] + $skills[$I][0][1] & " hours, " & $skills[$I][0][2] & " minutes, " & $skills[$I][0][3] & " seconds.", 30, 50)
   sleep((_TimeToTicks(24 * $skills[$I][0][0] + $skills[$I][0][1], $skills[$I][0][2], $skills[$I][0][3])))

MsgBox(1, "Skill trainer", "All skills are done.")

func SetSkillClick()
   $skills[$click_s_set][1][0] = MouseGetPos(0)
   $skills[$click_s_set][1][1] = MouseGetPos(1)
   $click_s_set = $click_s_set + 1

func SetTrainClick()
   $skills[$click_t_set][1][2] = MouseGetPos(0)
   $skills[$click_t_set][1][3] = MouseGetPos(1)
   $click_t_set = $click_t_set + 1

func ShowClicks()
   ToolTip("Skill click positions set : " & $click_s_set & "/" & $skills_to_train & @CRLF & "Train click positions set : " & $click_t_set & "/" & $skills_to_train, 30, 50)

Func DoEveSetup()
WinMove("EVE", "", 0, 0)

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Posted: September 15th, 2006, 4:40 pm

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Mod in Training
Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: September 19th, 2006, 10:36 pm

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can someone test the damn script ? cause if i dont get feedback on this version, what's the point of posting a more advanced version ?

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Posted: September 20th, 2006, 5:56 am
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Patience please, I can't test this stuff when I'm at work :) Code looks ok though..

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