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would this be enough for prem?(scripts) : EVE Online Submissions

Posted: September 19th, 2006, 6:23 pm
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hey guys, i've been wandering around the free sections here for a bit, and i'd kinda like to see what prem has to offer soo...

i have a few scripts i've made, and was wondering if they would be enough to get me prem, and if not i'd like to know what features i should add to make them worth it before i post them(no i'm not asking for prem before i post them, just would like some feedback first)

i have a mining macro, it seems to be quite diffent from most... it doesnt use cans. just warps to the belt, mines and warps back. i run it while i'm at work and in a retreiver i'm making around 10mill in the 8-9 hour period(just got the retriver so yeild will prolly go up as i refine the timing) off of veldspar/scord/pryoxies in a .9 system.
anyway i set it up so you dont have to worry about setting up your gui the way i have mine, ya basicly tell the script where the buttons it needs are at.(5 spots). its all hard coded as far as the timing so it may require tuning by the user, but i made the delay variable right at the top of the script so its easy. and it will mine multiple belts(goes back and forth) so you dont have to update the bookmarks as much, plus its confusing to the macro hunters :)
but the best part(IMHO) is that MM hunter cant !@#$%^&* with you, if they nock you out of the belt, you'll be back in the next cycle, and theres no can so they CANT steal your ore. oh and i just made it so it can pop your drones out while its mining incase rats come.

I was running this script the other day(semi-afk) and knowticed a convo invite on my screen, upon invistagation there were some macro hunters in the system, stealing some ore from someone in my belt!! i didnt say anything but after a bit they said in local "(my name), dont worry just after the MMs no danger to real miners" ?!!?? i had to laugh... but they just left, didnt say anything else(of course i warped away, and didnt come back :) )

anyway(sorry for going off topic there), thats my main script, i also have one that just moves ore into a can for attended mining, one that changes between skills every 10(adjustable) mins that works great for training new batches of skills up to 1-2 isnt really worth it after then. also one that i used for hauling from our mining point to the station in the next system(must be in group since it warps to the persion mining)

all of my scripts use the same method of interfacing with eve(if you can even call it that) basicly the user hovers over the peticular control needed(like the scanner button for instance) and hits ctrl-1 and so on for how ever many contorls the scripts requires, i'm still working on making it save the positions in a file or something. they can all be paused and reloaded, but i havent figured out how to get them to reset with out having to reset the control positions.

obviously since i made these i can make more, so if these wouldnt be enough for prem, please tell me what kind of scripts you need and i'll see what i can do, or what i will need to add to my current scripts for them to sufice. i can deliver them in ither .ahk or .exe formats ( i use autohotkey, an extention of autoit ), i can also add a simple gui if need be

Ok got the set-up guid done, should be pretty simple to set up, if you already have the bookmarks should be able to be up and running in less than 30mins

the current timing set-up is for a retriver, easyest way to find your best time is to get a stopwatch and time how long after clicking warp it takes before you actualy come out of warp and can do things again, then add a few seconds(incase you get stuck behind a stroid or something)

i fixed it so it will quit without needing to have the gui points reset, and made pretty much every option into a variable at the top of the script so it will be easy to edit it to your timing/weapons/ect

its all in the guid....OO, word and plain text formats.
humm .zip is too big for fourms(or the proxy i have to use at work).. had to put it on my server, heres link

Ok i tested this version last night, works fine!! you are likely to need to change the timings if you want it to be super effectent, right now i'm working on making it dectet when its out of warp/docking/undocking. and i think i forgot to put witch script to run in the instructions, its eve_MM.ahk the others are just support scripts

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Posted: September 20th, 2006, 5:55 am
tault_buckw1's Reps:
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Please, submit away. There currently is only one working Mining script here for Eve. From experience I would suggest you make the setup instructions very clear preferably with screen shots.

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Posted: September 20th, 2006, 8:44 am
t831757's Reps:
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yeah people get lost quick, I am considering a mining script for my covetor, with appropriate wait times between cycles, problem is I fill my hold on every cycle with only like 4000 m3 or ark which you will know is jack all, but afk in 0.0 can be horrible, if my corp doesnt pod me for doing it. as I will need to place my tank in harms ways as well, so total loss if I get podded is about 300M

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Posted: October 3rd, 2006, 6:47 pm
tault_buckw1's Reps:
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Come on folks, download, try it then vote yay or nay.

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