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11/17 Patch notes : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: November 18th, 2004, 5:43 am

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- Need a fast way to see your goods? Open all your bags at once!
- It's now easier to see when your friends log in and out!
- Click on an icon on a map to get a waypoint and wisp!
- Fighters and crafters rejoice! Suspensions and solutions are now available on merchants.
- Lots of item and quest fixes!

Stability and Performance
- Improved the overall stability of zones.
- Added a fix to address a client crash some users experience immediately after hitting the "Play" button.
Characters, Appearances, and Rendering
- Fixed a bug where some systems were having problems rendering certain objects in the game.

- You can no longer drag Lore items in your overflow to your shared bank slots.
- Any scout can now attempt to disarm the trap on any chest. If their skill is too low they will trigger the trap, but they still have a chance at gaining a skill increase.
- Armor Class displays will now update more reliably.
- Camera direction now updates properly after being transported elsewhere in the same zone while in third person.
- You will now receive a notice whenever someone from your friends list logs in or out of the game.
- We added a check to prevent you from inadvertently selling a bag with items in it.
- The riposte ability should now be displayed properly.
- The rogue abilities Smuggler's Talent and Slink / Sneak are no longer stackable.

Controls, Commands, and UI
- /guild commands now work with or without a player targeted.
- The /togglebags command will open all your bags if they are closed or close them all if they are all open. If only some bags are open when you use the command, the rest of your bags will be opened. You can also assign a key to perform this operation in the Options menu under the Controls tab (see "Window Keys").
- Main UI: Made changes to Quest Helper so it always updates to the next quest upon completing your current quest. This also includes Spirit Shard recovery quests and collection quests.
- Main UI: When choosing to add an item to a collection quest, the window will now close properly.
- Main UI: UI settings should now save more reliably.
- Maps: Clicking an icon on a map will create a temporary waypoint/wisp to the destination.

General Changes
- A new tutorial window is provided upon reaching level 8 to explain how traits work.
- Certain goos have gained the power of flight.
- Collection quests now make use of the Collection skill as you gather items.
- Several items were fixed to use the correct wield style or equipment slots.
- Political social structure merchants are now listed as City Merchants instead of just Merchants.
- City Merchant Rabbleson in Qeynos is now female.
- Merchant Clarya Blake no longer speaks about furniture since she doesn't actually sell it.
- Merchants outside the cities have reduced the amount they will offer for items and sell their goods for higher prices since their wares are in such demand. City merchants, however, have not become any greedier.
- Market bulletin boards were added to all general city and village/district merchants to make them more accessible.
- The Dagger and Scimitar of Ferocity were changed to have the correct appearance.
- All fist wraps should now deal crushing damage instead of slashing damage.
- Moved the teleport locations in the Qeynos mage tower so characters teleport into a more safe area.
- Increased the size of the active teleport areas that lead down within the Qeynos mage tower to hopefully reduce the likelihood of people missing them and falling.
- A decyed scroll was renamed to a decayed scroll.
- Mariner's bells leading to the Feerrott will no longer grant passage to those who have not completed the access quest or who are not of the appropriate level.
- Barrik's Dirk should no longer appear incorrectly when wielded.
- The EverQuest Server Heritage title for Ayonae Ro is now spelled correctly.
- The titles of several paintings were corrected.
- The Hoop of Shattering can now be equipped in the ear slot instead of the ring slots.
- The Runner's Ring should now have the correct icon and can be equipped in the ring slot.
- The Hoop of Insight should now have the correct icon and can be equipped in the ear slot.
- The Caustic Leggings should now have the correct icon and can be equipped in the leg slot.
- Hood of the Betrayer can now be equipped at the intended level.
- Corrupted Bracelet of the Spiritkeeper now has the correct icon.
- Delecar's Axe of Savagery should now appear correctly.
- Corrected a typo on the Tailored Rawhide Satchel.Population
- Muckraker is now aggressive and should not break encounters while he is wandering.
- Adjusted the drop rate on scrolls within The Thundering Steppes, Freeport Sewers, Nektulos Forest, Qeynos Catacombs, and Stormhold.
- Godric Irwyn in the Nettleville tradeskill zones now responds to hails.
- Tundra Jack is now wearing the correct clothes.
- The High Priest of Valmarr had his respawn frequency changed.
- Two-group encounters in the Commonlands have been adjusted.
- Dynamic Camps had their spell effect for defeating the camp improved.
- Stoneclaw will now be seen less often in Antonica.
- Fairies and halflings in the Enchanted lands should now assist each other.
- Wandering residents of Qeynos Harbor should be less likely to congregate in a single part of the zone.
- Tailor Venetirsk in West Freeport should now speak with the correct voice.

- The dual wield skill is now visible in the skills window for those who have the ability to dual-wield weapons.
- The difficulty of multiple group encounters has been increased.
- The difficulty of many boss encounters has been increased.
- The power and difficulty of henchmen in epic encounters has been increased.
- The rate at which factions decrease or increase upon defeating enemies was changed.
- Flail weapons should now use the hammer skill instead of greathammer.
- Dual-wield weapons will now display both primary and secondary as valid slots.
- Decreased the cost of light, medium, and heavy armor types.
- Decreased the cost of shields.
- Claimed Journeyman's Boots are now lore, no value, and not destroyable.
- Spirit Shards can now be reclaimed from The Fallen Gate if the character has not yet achieved access to the zone.

- Society tasks now give their coin rewards in the reward window instead of directly putting them into inventory.
- Brokers who were not correctly displaying the player merchant lists have been fixed.
- Harvestable objects within the adventure zones around Freeport and Qeynos respawn faster.
- Fixed the sell-back price of threadbare thread and a few other incorrectly priced items.
- Removing some fishing harvest areas from shallow water.
- Corrected the icons for the eagle staff and several beds.
- Corrected the appearance of several beds and ornate vases.
- Added suspensions and solutions to the refined merchant lists.
- Increased the rewards for the wholesale social structure tasks.
- The prices for many of the alchemy items were modified.

- Catalog quest entries regarding wooly spiders have been corrected.
- Social structure raid quests now complete upon entering the raid instance zone.
- Many quest titles were changed for consistency and grammar.
- The quest for Soul Wailer has been fixed.
- Part I of the Freeport and Qeynos betrayal quests can now be refused or deleted, and is listed as Access instead of Hallmark.
- Fixed a rare issue that affected Qeynos summoners who had completed their class hallmark quest and found themselves unable to summon their pets.
- "Dyes for Danielle" now correctly refers to the the Herb Jar shop.
- Sergeant Tillin's repeatable quest was changed to better reflect its level of difficulty.
- Corrected the journal entry for "Taking the Bait" to refer to bog faeries instead of dragonflies.
- Freeport Crusader Hallmark - Erasmo's pathing has been corrected and the respawn time has been reduced.
- More sewer slimes have been added to the Freeport sewers to help aspiring mages achieve their class.
- Sage Indis Surion had one of his responses corrected.
- If you die in the Freeport subclass instanced zones, you now see the name of the zone you should return to.
- Fixed the punctuation of the "Gnome and Antignome" quest. Silly gnomes.
- Freeport Opportunities - Corrected the spelling of Darrius' name in the quest journal.
- The Ethereal Tabard is now attunable.
- Vissa D'bbth had her Mysterious Delivery quest renamed and she should now respond correctly when you have completed the quest.
- Kirsteh's Components Part III - Changed the reference from tainted wretches to giant wretches.
- Rewards for the Zombie, Goblin, and Fairy "Lore and Legend" quests have been fixed.
- The catalog quests for Antonica and Commonlands can now be gained through the correct quest catalogs.
- Dranok Bileblood no longer speaks orcish, having instead learned the common tongue.
- The quest reward for Logan Belchbottom is now given upon completion of the quest.

Combat Arts and Spells
- Stealth effects should no longer stack.
- Shriek of Terror should now draw upon the correct skill.
- Graven Embrace upgrades should now work correctly.
- Tainted Caress received a clarification to its description.
- Vigor of Trust was changed to use the correct upgrade scheme.
- Tracking was changed to increase with level rather than practice.
- Tunare's Footsteps now has the correct description.
- Graven Embrace will no longer cause crashes when its duration expires.

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