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Alchemist = Dead ? : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: March 7th, 2005, 6:49 am
sufixdk's Reps:
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Hey there..

Was just wondering if your guys chemisty is getting enough cash after the patch ? - I have lorst lot's of money becouse of the patach..

If you still get money, then on what ?

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Posted: March 7th, 2005, 11:49 am
bukholt's Reps:
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haven't used mine since last major patch, just working on my provi to save money

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Posted: March 7th, 2005, 12:35 pm
sufixdk's Reps:
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Yeah, i made a provisinor as well, but now there are so many of them :(

But i think it's so sad that they have killed the alchemist's...

Well they are not totaly dead yet... But if there are like 5 tier 5 alchemist's on the server it is enough for all :shock:

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Posted: July 5th, 2005, 2:04 pm
bigcdc's Reps:
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what is this patch that killed the alchemist class? How is it dead and how was money lost?

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Posted: July 5th, 2005, 3:35 pm
tault_ftshark's Reps:
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Alchemists can make WORT's to make money.

For example, here is what T5 WORT's sell back for:

Old Crude (1x pristine combine) - 16s15c
Old Shaped (2x pristine combine) - 8s8c
Old Regular (3x pristine combine) - 5s38c
Old Pristine (4x pristine combine) - 4s4c

When you less out the costs for fuels and liquid (which are repaid) you profit the following:

T1 - 11c
T2 - 41c
T3 - 1s 65c
T4 - 3s 30c
T5 - 6s 59c

If you don't harvest your own raws then make sure you don't pay more then the above to make a profit. Currently on my server I can find T5 raws for less than 2s.

To maximize your profits vs. time you should make the Old Crude (1x pristine).

With a good macro program and a T5 alchemist, I am making around 15g an hour. Not too bad for being AFK during the entire thing :D

Warning all stack now, and will sell back for the lowest price. So if you stack a 1x on a 4x you will only get 4s4c. Therefore, you will be loosing money.

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Posted: July 18th, 2005, 12:51 pm
_xisle_'s Reps:
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I have a 35 alchemist and I think I am doing ok. I have made a little over 3 platinum in the last three weeks leveling up. I have been selling inks, resins, oils, and washes. These still sell fast on the brokers even though everyone can make them now. Lately I have been selling T4 inks for 40sp each and can crank out about 60 every night while I sleep without getting into how the profits work I will make about 20gp profit. I have been selling the T4 washs, oils, and resins for 8sp each. I fill up all 48 vault slots and it is emptied within two days. Alchemist is not dead just not crazy money anymore.

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