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Alchemist Guide from 31-35 : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: January 29th, 2005, 12:45 pm
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Found this guide Here

Alchmist Guide from 31-35 Ok so you have followed my other guide and have gotten to 30.

Now what.

More clicking that’s what. A lot more mind numbing clicking.

This will be more comprehensive then the last guide. While the method is the same there are a lot more factors involved in gaining levels.

By now you should have some repeat customers and if you have treated them right your name should be known as a good alchemist. Ask your self this question have you received this type of tell?

"Hey man I hear you do combines. Are you able to do tier 4 stuff yet?"

If that is you and if you have gotten a tell then understand people are waiting for you to level up. Use that to your advantage by doing the following.

Tell them once you hit 30 you will do combines for them if they provide the material. Offer to pay them 5sp per.*server price may vary* Buy it all. Remember when I said you should keep 1/2 your profits rounded down? Well that stash is soon to be spent. All you want to do is buy as much stuff up as possible then turn it around just as soon as you make it.

Offer bulk pricing for people. Right now I normally sell all my tier 4 regents for 5sp and any order over 250 I drop it to 4sp per. I’m still making about a nice profit in doing so.

With the combo of a good reputation you will notice a few select people who always have tier 4 regents available. You know the ones I am talking about. The people who have like stacks and stacks of stuff but never openly sell it or use it. They are you new best friend. As a 35th level alchemist, but level 15th advent, I have to depend on others to help me out. Be aggressive. Send that person a tell and explain to them your situation. Tell them if they harvest and only sell to you, you will buy it all. This is a great situation for both parties. He gets the instant cash he wants and you get the regents you need. Bear in mind if you’re known as a price gouger then you won’t get any of help.

Be fair.

Research Research.
At level 30 an entire new playing field opens up for you. 1st thing you should do is head to the broker and do a search on Granum and Paleolith. Make a mental note of what they are selling for. My server sells them for 5sp each. For ease of this guide I will use 5sp for all regents. Next do a search for Tussah roots, Fey clusters, severed briarwood. Again make a mental note. On my server they sell for 5sp, again I’m going to use that number here.

Granum resins/oils/washes. Same basic concept as thylakoid series.

Resins use:
Tussah roots or Severed Briarwood

Again much like thylakoid resins you want to use the cheap(er) regent to create it. Briarwood sells about 2sp less then tussah roots. I can tell you from my own experience that there is a HUGE lack of tussah roots on the server; either that or I just suck at getting them. Stock up and constantly buy them whenever you see them.

Oils and washes only use Tussah roots. Looking at the math.

I normally buy tussah roots for 5sp per and get an average of 3 tempers per root. I sell my stuff for 5sp which nets me an extra 10sp. Not a bad lil profit. Talk to the other alchemist if at all possible and try to work with them. Try not to undercut them and if you do make sure you understand you may be cutting your throat in the long run. Right now to be honest I undercut all tier 4 alchemists on the server. Ill explain why later on.

Price breaks
Truth be told I am in it for 2 reasons. Levels and Money. Not in that order either =). I’m level 36th as I finish this up, I have 3 plat to my name. That is a ton of money. I didn’t get here by sky pricing my stuff or being nice to others. I got here because I priced my stuff lower then most so they would ONLY buy from me. The more I sell the more I can buy and by virtue of that the more I can create and level up.

Ive said it once and Ill say it again. You need to have repeat customers. Give them price breaks. The more quantity they want give them a lower rate. You will be surprised how a 50 copper difference can make in a deal.

Word to the wise. DO NOT TRADE YOUR SKILL FOR SOME OTHER PLAYER MADE STUFF…unless you KNOW exactly their cost in making that item. If you do this make sure you figure out your costs vs. their costs. NOT you’re cost vs. their selling price. I fell into this trap. Never again. Don’t do it. You have the ability to lose out if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Creating items if they provide the rare/material. This is all up to you. Remember it’s your time. Me personally if they give me a stack of tussah and want it all then cool I have no problem giving it to them, however I will tell them I want 3sp per wash given.

Creating inks if they provide the rare. That’s all up to you.

The following is for power gamers and those that want to move up as quickly as possible. Those casual or sensitive people need not read on because I know you will be offended.

Success breeds competition, competition breeds….power curves?
In order to be successful and make lots of plat you need to be ahead of the power curve. What I mean by this is, head to your broker and do a search for thylakoid stuff. If you get 5+ pages then you’re behind the power curve, and then do a search for granum. If only 2 pages come up that means you need to power thru to get ahead of the curve. *see carbon ink method*

How the curve helps is alchemists aren’t dependant on anyone at all. Every other artisan class needs our stuff to advance. So that being said alchemists advance faster then any other artisan class. So if the majority of alchemists are doing tier 3 stuff that means the majority of other classes are in tier 3 about to hit tier 4 or in tier 2 about to hit tier 3. Either way you can win in this case.

If you’re doing tier 3 with lots of competition do what you can to churn out your exp and product. Lowball other alchemists if need be. Basically you need to do whatever it takes to get ahead of the curve. You want to be tier 4 prior to all the other artisans hit tier 4 product. You also want to make sure you set the pace for the price on tier 4 items and more importantly you want to buy every tier 4 regent now, not when people decide to overprice everything.

Yes this sounds a bit cut throat, but you have to do what you can do make sure you are successful in your venture. You want to set the pace and not get left in the dirt.

Good luck and as soon as I hit 40 Ill post another guide. I will tell you that 40-50 will be impossibility because not many people are harvesting yet.

In closing just be fair. Use common judgment in pricing.

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Posted: March 6th, 2005, 12:08 pm
sufixdk's Reps:
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Nice guide ;)

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