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Any computer techies out there can give me advice? : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: June 26th, 2007, 10:33 am
melchers's Reps:
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Okay, here's the deal... In a couple of months I will have something like $1000 to spend on a new computer. I want to build my own, and I would like to get a really good set up for gaming. I have a few parts that should work fine in a new set up, or at least ~could~ work for me. But this entire thing is going to be a learning process for me. I'm looking forward to building my own system, but there is a great deal I don't know about computers.

So... Here is a list of parts that I have that should work for a new computer:

- A good case with 2 optional extra fans. (Here is a link to my exact case) (One fan, just under where the power supply goes, came included already with my case, with a small plug to hook up somewhere on the motherboard I think. The pictures at that link don't show the fan, but it came with it already. The other fan attaches to the side of the case, and has a kind of funnel already attached to the side of the case, ready to have a fan attached to it.)
- A 550 W power supply. (Here is a link to my exact power supply)
- An 80 gig Hard Drive
- A good video card. (I can't remember exactly what kind it is. But it's an ATI card.)
- A network card, for connecting with my parent's computers and the internet. (Again, I don't remember the exact specs.)
- 2 sticks of 512 MB ram (I'm sorry I don't know exactly what kind, and I am considering getting new ram for the new system anyways, preferably more ram.)
- A CD Burner
- A tablet, pen, and mouse combo that functions for my house, which requires a USB connection.
- A good basic keyboard.
- A good printer/scanner combo device.

I know for sure I need a new motherboard and CPU. Possibly RAM too. Most of what I have should be good, assuming my old PSU didn't burn ~them~ out too... *crosses her fingers, prays, and really hopes for the best*

Oh I also would like a new monitor. 19-21" preferred. I know flat screens are the big rage now, but I am considering just getting the old kind. They might be big and heavy, but I need a monitor that gives me the very best in showing exact colors. I'm an artist, I do a lot of art work on my computer, so color is EXTREMELY important to me. Most flat screen monitors have a tendency to distort colors at least a bit.

I am really open to replacing anything else. I wouldn't mind keeping my hard drive though. I'm even thinking it'd be cool/nice to have 2 hard drives. I also don't see any need to replace my cd-r. Oh I should probably get either a DVD player or recorder.

The last thing I'm wondering about is possibly getting my own copy of Windows XP. Right now I am... er... WAS... running on Windows 2000. I have a copy of that so I wouldn't necessarily NEED to get XP, if it's going to cost too much. I tried running XP once on my old system, and it was a huge memory hog. But I think with a better system, I'd love to have it. But I have no idea how much it will cost me. My copy of windows 2k technically belongs to my brother-in-law... >.> So I would probably have to buy XP outright, instead of as an upgraded to 2k.

I can't think of any other questions I might have... Or any other info I might need to list. But anyone out there able/willing to take a stab at this and give me some suggestions, considering a $1000 budget?
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Posted: June 27th, 2007, 4:32 am
tault_bobbylve's Reps:
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OK I am in the field. I just finish building a few high end gaming machines.

This is what I personally recomend you getting.

First look at the motherboard. I recomend the latest fastest mother. This motherboard is the latest 680I chipset from nvida that will not only deliever power and performance but it will last you many upgrades in the next 3-4 years.

This is the model number of the motherboard
EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 LGA 775

http://www.newegg.com/product/product.a ... 6813188013

Now for the processor
I recomend you purchasing a quad core processor from intel. The Quad is like 4 processors into one.

At the present time there is a few ont he market and it can be pricey. I recomend you by the 3rd tot he top sicne ht prices do go down and at a later time say a year youc an get the top one for less money.

Quad Q6600
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6819115017

As for the ram. I woudl stay away of buying 512 megs of ram chips. I would be buying two 1 gig sticks. They are not that expensive. The motherboard can hold 4 gigs of ram atleast the one I am recomendeding. I would use a brand name like corsair or crucial.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6820145043

Hard drive

I would get the SATA 3 hard drive. They are really fast.
I recomend seagate Baracuda 250 gig 7200 RPM Sata 3 (this transfers at 3 gigs a second)

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6822148155

Now for the power supply. This is very important. Are you wanting to use DUAL sli video cards? I suggest you do since this rig is really designed for it. if you choose to go that rout of using two SLI nvidia cards U can use the latest one which is the 8800GTX dual or you can use the 8800 GT dual, or if thats still a littel over your price range then go in the 7000 series of nvidia. I do currently owna nd use two 8800 GTS and I have to say its a huge difference versus the 7000 models. The imaging is phenomenal.

Ok the power supply should be in 1000W if you using these high end Video cards if your usign a low end then you can get away with 750-800 wats.

Case I recomend the following case. It has plenty of fans and the breathign room can handle the hotest areas.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6811129021

As for floppy drive, dvd drive and burner u can just use that what you have form your old pc to this new pc. But incase you want a good burner let me know and I recomend ya one. hope the info I gave you helps.

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