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Beta update Noptes! : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: February 10th, 2006, 10:31 am
tault_xenoith's Reps:
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Beta Update Notes : February 09, 2006 02/09/2005 8:45 pm

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

- "Thar be a drakota off the bow!" ~ Captain Varlos. Learn more about drakota with the Lore and Legend: Drakota quest!
- The Barren Sky Creature Catalog can now be completed now that all refugee consent forms have been signed and received.
- Collection "?"s have been added to Barren Sky.
- The effects on the following items should now work correctly:
* Cryptic Metallic Cuirass
* Cryptic Reinforced Tunic
* Uktrl's Round Shield
* Pulsing Gem of the Feerrott

- Achievement events will now trigger achievement experience at all levels 20+ for quests, creatures killed, exploration locations, and collections.
- Achievement_clear will no longer give you back previous picks after zoning.

- Adjusted Imbued Xegonite Vanguard Cuirasses to match the stats of the items that they imbue.
- Fashioned Xegonite Censers should now produce an item when crafting the recipe.
- Fashioned Xegonite Idol should now produce an item when crafting the recipe
- Inks should now be useable as loams in new recipes for level 1-19 Essences of <Combat Art>.
- Added the level 10 rare crafting book for scholars which includes all of the level 10 spells/combat arts that they can create.
- Fashioned Xegonite Tablet should now produce an item when crafting the recipe
- Added a combat art recipe for Feign Death in the Volume 14 scholar books.
- Increased level 60 tradeskill made ammo to go up to stacks of 100 instead of 99.
- Adjusted Imbued Xegonite Chainmail Coat to reflect the stats given on the non imbued version.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- Using evac spells in an overland zone on PvP servers will take you to a different location depending on your city alignment.
- If a grey PC attacks you and you win, you will no longer receive rewards or treasure.
- PvP spell state immunities should be working again (i.e. if you get stunned, you can't be stunned for a period of time thereafter).
- Null Caress's termination effect now lasts 5 seconds in PvP.
- Pets will now lose their target if a player feigns death, goes stealth, or turns invisible.
- Casters will now be interrupted slightly less often in PvP.

*** Desert of Flames ***

- You'll now have a greater chance to find pages for the books "The Poems of Alyarrah" and "Of Maj'Dul Am I."

*** Quests ***

- Corrupted dryads and skittering scavengers will now update the "Outlying Qeynos, Creature Catalog" quest.

*** Zones and Population ***

- Many more beings throughout Norrath recognize their own sentience.

*** Art ***

- The waypoint wisp has an all-new look!
- The colors for the pink, green, purple, red, and yellow saddled Armored horses have been adjusted.

*** UI Files Updated ***


-The EverQuest II Team

Beta Update Notes : February 07, 2006 2/07/2005 11:00 pm

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

- Various changes, fixes, and additions have been made to Kingdom of Sky.
- Collection shinies ("?"s) have been added to Tenebrous Tangle. Try to get all of them before Tamat does. He'll ninja them while you're fighting.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- Players of the opposing side will appear their correct con color in your Tracking window.
- Fixed an issue causing the non-PvP version of beneficial spells to be cast on friendlies instead of the PvP version.
- In PvP combat, if a player evacs from combat both fighting parties should no longer remain in combat.

*** User Interface ***

- Cases in which a font you are trying to use fails to load into the game will no longer prevent you from playing. Instead, a default font will load.
- Many windows have been updated to use the new style tooltips for item icons.
- Cloth armor now displays its name and slot correctly in examine windows and tooltips.
- Characters changing their appearance should no longer be shown in newbie starter gear (unless that's what they're wearing).
- Gamma values should remain constant when switching between fullscreen and windowed mode.

Beta Update Notes : February 06, 2006 2/06/2005 6:45 pm

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

- Clicking the ground in "Swords of Formation" will cause the chest to
spawn as intended.
- "Stone Cold Eyes" can now be completed.
- You now have 10 minutes instead of 1 to run to "The Lockless Chest."
- The targets in "A Boisterous Alliance" have been changed.
- Clicking the humidor after obtaining the roots in "Refilling the
Humidors of Root" will now update the quest.
- Chamberlain X'Haviz is now a bit more formidable.
- "Restocking the Blockers" can now be completed.
- Emissary Kvikz of Freeport has been spotted in the Sanctum of the
Scaleborn. She may need some help infiltrating the enemy stronghold.
- Various named encounters and related creatures in Palace of the
Awakened have been modified.
- Tradeskill-made Xegonite Chainmail items should now appear on your
character when equipped.
- Many of the named creatures within the Bonemire have become more
- Various Doomwing scouts in the Bonemire and the Halls of Fate have
learned the ability to see invisible and stealthed opponents.
- The Halls of Fate end event should now work properly and update the
quest "Premonitions of Doom" for everyone.
- The Sothis encounter in the Halls of Fate should now reset properly if
everyone in the group dies.
- Wandering patrollers in the Halls of Fate should no longer respawn so
- Wood-based weapons can now be equipped.
- The base level 60 Metal Jointing and Strikes reaction arts for
Armorers should now be named correctly.
- Sothis and the various doomwings will now update "Blood of the Brood."

- Your achievement selections have been cleared and need to be made

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- Melee range has been increased from 8m to 10m
- Players will now be removed from your list of recent kills after 30
minutes of real time. You can use /recent_pvp_kills to get a list of the
names of the players that are on your recent kills list, as well as the
time remaining until they are removed (list retains the current cap of
10 players). Killing a player already on your recent kills list will
move them to the top of the list and reset their time.
- If you die on a PvP server in a non-Arena zone, you will be able to
respawn at any standard respawn point in the zone (not just nearby
- If a member of your group initiates combat with a player above the
neutral threshold, all nearby members of his or her group will be
eligible to receive rewards.
- Beware, you may lose an item from your inventory if you fall in a PvP
- You will no longer lose all your coin upon death. Instead, the amount
varies within a percentage range.
- If you are able to get back to the treasure chest with your loot in it
(i.e. the chest that appeared when you died), you will no longer share
the loot with other members of your group since it was yours to begin
- Qeynos and Freeport players now have separate respawn and evacuation
points in Freeport and Qeynos, as well as Antonica, Commonlands,
Nektulos and Thundering Steppes. Exiled players share all respawn and
evacuation points; sitting on the fence isn't easy.
- As the war rages on, both Lucan and Antonia's influence diminishes the
farther their troops travel from the city walls. Adventurers should be
careful traveling in the outer lying zones, as they now have less
protection to rely on. If a player is far too low of a level to be in
the zone, they can now be attacked without repercussion to the attacker.
This level range increases the further you get from Qeynos and Freeport.
I.E. in Desert of Flames or Kingdom of Sky, you can now attack ANY
player level 10 and above since they are so far beyond the control of
Lucan or Antonia.
- Characters of different alignments will no longer be able to share
world chat channels or enter custom chat channels created by the
- Coercer Charm no longer has a change target effect.

*** Desert of Flames ***

- Players who completed "A Final Note" and deleted "Delving Into
Darkness" can now get "Delving Into Darkness" again from the Antiquitor.

*** Mentoring ***

- Items should again scale appropriately for Mentors.

*** Items ***

- Food and drink should now function and examine the same as they did
before Live Update #19.
- Imbued rings no longer have a permanent stat buff effect. They are now
all triggered with differing effects depending on the imbue type.

*** Quests ***

- Players who are not in guilds can now do level 50+ writs.
- If you delete the Dusty Blue Stone and have not yet started the quest,
you can hail Vida again to get another.
- Disciple Telas`velle should now be giving out writs in the same manner
as other writ givers.

*** Combat ***

- The examine information for Rogue and Predator offensive stances has
been corrected. It previously stated that the stances decreased parry,
even though they do not.

Assassin changes:
- The stealth effect for Sneak Attack will now trigger much faster.

Paladin changes:
- Ranged Paladin spells can now be interrupted as normal.
- Cry of Conviction has a slightly larger radius.
- Sigil of Heroism will not affect an ally that has a spell from the
Amends line on them.

Ranger changes:
- The stealth effect for Shrouded Attack will now trigger much faster.

Shadowknight changes:
- Ranged Shadowknight spells can now be interrupted as normal.
- Cruel Aura has a slightly larger radius.
- Grim Coil's casting time has been halved.

*** User Interface ***

- You can now remap your middle mouse button to or from auto-run via

*** UI Files Updated ***


Beta Update Notes : February 03, 2006 2/03/2005 5:15 pm

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

- The base populations in Tenebrous Tangle and Sanctum of the Scaleborn have been itemized.


- Marquee spells have been added to beta merchants.
- Ranger (67) Primal Avoidance was removed.
- Assassin (67) Murderous Purpose was removed.
- Ranger (6Cool Killing Instinct was moved to (67).
- Assassin (6Cool Deadly Focus was moved to (67).
- Coercer (66) Infuriating Demeanor was removed.
- Necromancer (70) Grisly Bulwark and Conjurer (70) Temporal Haven both have hate values that cap out at 49%.


- Ebony Cudgel and Adamantine Throwing Daggers should now produce items.
- Ebony Fighting Batons should now produce a pristine product.
- Ebony Knotted Club should now produce a worked product.
- Ebony Spellbinder's Staff should now produce a pristine product.
- Ebony Short bow should now produce a simple product.
- Adjusted recipes for the spell "Domination" to use the correct raw components for a base level 60 spell.
- Adjusted recipes for the spell "Ease" to use the correct raw components for a base level 60 spell.
- Adjusted recipes for the spell "Ruinous Hesitation" to use the correct raw components for a base level 60 spell.
- Added recipe for alchemists for the Monk ability "Dragonbreath."
- Added recipe for scholars for the Paladin ability "Offering of Armament."
- Added "conditioned" description to crafted bone kite shields.
- Adjusted Imbued Ash Fighting Baton to use the correct level of fuel for the recipe.
- Rosewood Spellbinder's Staff should have a valid appearance now.
- Stiletto should be corrected on all of its 60-70 recipes.
- Imbue recipes are now more easily identifiable.
- References to "Spongy" should now reference "Spongy Loam" in Alchemist recipes.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- PvP Rewards should now be more consistent with the con of the victim relative to each player. Dishonorable/Neutral status will be removed if the victim's health goes above the specified thresholds during the course of the fight. All players that generate at least one point of hate with the victim while the victim's health is above the neutral kill threshold will be eligible to receive rewards (recent kill list still applies).
- The beta buffer will no longer cause the zone to crash if it sets someone's level above 65. This was a naughty PvP ganking trick that the NPC decided to do on its own.

*** Combat ***

Brigand changes:
- Amazing Reflexes will break if the Brigand takes damage. Its reuse timer after breaking is 30 seconds.

Ranger changes:
- Trick Shot's hate gain no longer increases as it is upgraded, and its duration has been lowered to 5 seconds.

Swashbuckler changes:
- False Blade's hate gain no longer increases as it is upgraded, and its duration has been lowered to 5 seconds.

Troubador changes:
- Alin's Serenade should no longer produce more than 41% hate reduction.

*** User Interface ***

- The experience bar will now more logically work with the addition of Achievement experience. Right-clicking on the XP bar will now allow you to go to one of the other two types of experience (Adventure, Tradeskill, Achievement). You may also use the following commands:
* /toggleshowadventurexp - Cycles through the experience types
* /toggleshowadventurexp 0 - Shows Adventure experience
* /toggleshowadventurexp 1 - Shows Tradeskill experience
* /toggleshowadventurexp 2 - Shows Achievement experience
- /whochannel will now correctly show off-world channel members.
- Items links will now work correctly in tells sent to other servers.

Beta Update Notes : February 02, 2006 2/02/2005 4:00 pm

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

- Cyenadros has been pumping iron and should be a tougher challenge for adventurers.
- Jabber Longwind has a quest for any player sent to Tenebrous Tangle by their city's leader.
- The dragons in Temple of Scale have called for reinforcements.
- The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm bosses and named creatures have been itemized.
- The clouds that are used for travel in Kingdom of Sky are now shaped more like clouds.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- A player killed honorably during PvP will now drop their coin in a chest.

*** Desert of Flames ***

- Players who have completed "Into the Past" should return to speak to Siraj al Din.

*** Gameplay ***

- Players should once again be able to slide around an NPC if they bump into them.

*** Combat ***

- Conjuror's "Plane Shift" spell will no longer cause pets to flee

*** User Interface ***

- The tradeskill window will properly display the product quantity.
- Fixed the behavior of the new Examine system.
- Housing Items can again be examined.
- Added the ability to speed up the timeout on the new instruction buttons
* instruction_close_time <seconds>
* Default is 10 minutes (600 seconds)
* This can be changed in the command line or eq2.ini
- Added the ability to ignore the new instruction buttons
* instruction_ignore_all <0|1>
* Default is false
* This can be changed in the command line or eq2.ini
- The zone you are entering has been added to the onscreen message. You can filter this using Options -> User Interface -> Popup Messages -> Locations
- By popular request, jewelry shows its slot again (examine and tooltip).

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