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Compared to world of warcraft, is it good? : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: July 20th, 2009, 12:39 am

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What is everquest 2 about? How good is it? Is it still good without buying expansion packs? Compared to world of warcraft, is it good?

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Posted: July 20th, 2009, 2:33 am

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In my opinion EQ2 is by far better than WoW.

One thing that I absolutly love about EQ2 is the players. Most players I have encountered are of an older age group and in most cases, more mature.

Whereas, in my experience, the player age group in WoW is a much lower age. And I have dealt with alot of immature players.

Now I am not saying EQ2 doesn't have immature players. All games will have them. Its just that I feel EQ2s players are more mature overall.
(On my first time playing WoW, I was bombarded with world shouting of "Chuck norris Rules!!", I wasn't too keen on that)

Another thing I love about EQ2 is the MANY options you have in creating your character. There are 16 races (if I remember right) and 12 classes (if I remember right). Which is ALOT more than what WoW can offer. On top of all that, you can customize your characters looks in great detail, that of which you cannot in WoW. So with all the races, classes, and customization one can to to their character you get more of a 'feel' in actually being your character. It brings you back to what an RPG is, role-playing.

The graphics in the game are simply amazing! It has a more realistic fantasy look to it where WoW has more of a cartoony fantasy look. The game has ALOT of settings in the graphics settings so you can get the game to run on pretty much any machine now-a-days.

Now you asked if the game was good without the expansion packs. Absolutely it is! In fact, I would recommend trying the game without the expansion packs first. You will miss out on alot of things in the game, but you will at least get an idea of what the game is like.

There is so much things to do in the game that its very hard not to find SOMETHING to do. I mean heck I spend almost 2 weeks trying out different characters to find the one that best suites me.

Another amazing feature of the game is that you can be JUST a craftsman if you want to and not actually be a player that goes out and hunts (although that does help out).

The game lets you have more a feel to you being your character by letting your character have a last name. (Random I know...)

There is just so much thats involved in EQ2 that I don't know what else to say. But what I can say is this, AT LEAST TRY THE GAME! If you do, send me a PM and I would be glad to help you out in game and help you familiarize yourself. Just send a PM)

Oh an thats another thing! On all 5 of my characters each and everyone of them is in a guild. And every single guild I have been in they were all so very nice and helpful. When I started WoW, most of the guilds I tried no one wanted to help a lower level start out. They were all just concerned about raiding... :-(

On more thing, EQ2 has a mentor system. What that means is a higher level person can mentor down to your level. That means a level 80 can 'mentor' you and become your level (starting at level 10). All of his gear and spells are reduced down to be your level. Basically if your level 15 and a level 80 wants to mentor you, he becomes a pimped out level 15. And you and the mentor can share quests and do them together. The mentor also gains a small percent of exp so its not a waste of his or her time.

Oh yeah MORE! EQ2 has two types of Experience. Attribute points and level exp. One is for skills and one is for leveling. You can put points into certain spells and make them more effective and what not. You can also LOCK your level exp so you can level your skill points, so you are evened out. This in itself is alot to explain, but you get the point. There are also collections you can collect. Complete a collection and you get AA and Exp and items/gear. If you discover an item that hasn't been found yet, you get exp. If you go to a place you haven't been before you get discovery exp....

Wow, I totally went off on many tangents there. I absolutely love this game and I think its way better and way more involved than WoW. I originally played WoW for a few years and then decided to try EQ2. Once I tried EQ2, I never went back to WoW again. Sold my account a few weeks later for WoW. And for almost 6 years now I have been playing EQ2 and I STILL have not come close to doing all there is to do.

As I said, TRY THE GAME! Send me a PM if you want some help and I will give you my server info and my char name and I would LOVE to help you out. I love helping new people out, for I do it all the time in my guild. (sorry for my post being so unorganized, I just went crazy trying to convince you to try EQ2.)

Kind regards,
EQ2 is AMAZING, simply put.
(Remember that all I stated is all in my opinion. In no way am I 'bashing' WoW. WoW has its own good features as does EQ2, I just prefer EQ2 by a long shot. I just don't want this to turn into a WoW VS. EQ2 thread)

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