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Conjuror Spell List 1-50 : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: November 5th, 2004, 1:49 pm
Conjuror's Reps:
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1 - Lightning Burst (Magic DD)
2 -
3 - Static Pulse (DoT + Magic Mitigation debuff)
4 - Magi's Shielding (SelfBuff: +power, +health, + Trauma mitigation)
5 - Arcane Bindings (Root)
6 - Cure Arcane (Cures Magic, Mental and Divine Ailments)
7 - Gift of the Magi (GroupBuff: +power, +Magic mitigation)
8 - Storm of Lightning (AoE Magic DD)
9 - Dispel Arcane (Debuff)
9 - See Invisibility (Buff)


10 - Tellurian Recruit (Pet: Earth Fighter)
11 - Agitation (PetBuff: Increase Offensive and Defensive capabilities of pet)
12 - Earthly Brand (GroupBuff: +stamina, +intelligence, + cold resist)
13 - Aqueous Stone (Summons EB stone to target)
13 - Dust Blast (Magic DD)
14 - Soothe Servant (Pet heal)
15 - Essence Shift (Converts pet health to summoner power)
16 - Petrify (Stun)
16 - Seism (AoE Magic DoT + Arcane resist debuff)
17 - Bludgeoning Earth (Magic DoT)
18 - Invisibility
18 - Splinter of Essence (Summons splinter to target, HP to Power transfer)
19 - Immobilize (Root)


20 - Illusion: Fire Elemental
20 - Igneous Apprentice (Pet)
21 - Pullulation (GroupBuff: +power, +arcane mitigation)
22 - Shards of Ice (AoE Cold DD, -movement speed)
23 - Fire Seed (GroupBuff: +proc Heat DD, Interrupt, Impairment)
23 - Provocation (PetBuff: +offensive & defensive capabilities, +regen, +ac, +power regen, +
24 - Tellurian Soldier (Earth Pet)
25 - Shattered Ground (AoE Magic DoT, +stifle)
26 - Spiked Rain (Piecing dmg DoT, -AC)
27 - Instant Vim (Converts health to power)
28 - Repair Servant (Pet heal)
28 - Volatile Refuge (Augmentation absorbs Trauma & Elemental dmg until depleted or duration expires)
29 - Alluvial Brand (GroupBuff: +stamina, +intelligence, +Cold mitigation)
30 - Frozen by Time (Stun + Magic DD)
30 - Tremor (AoE Magic DoT, -arcane mitigation)
30 - Illusion: Water Elemental
31 - Flaming Agony (Heat DoT, +Heat DD when expires)
32 - Aery Outrider (Pet: Air)
32 - Embers (GroupBuff: +power, +arcane mitigation)
33 - Quicksand (Root, +brief movement speed reduction on expire)
33 - Sliver of Essence (Summons item that sacrifices health for power)
34 - Igneous Adept (Pet: Fire)
35 - Illusion: Air Elemental
35 - Veil of Mist (Invis, decreased movement)
35 - Roaring Flames (Heat DoT, -elemental mitigation)
36 - Rockslide (AoE Cold DD, movement speed reduction)
37 - Infernus Seed (GroupBuff: +proc Deat DD, interrupt, *if mob dies while afflicted AoE
Heat DD)
38 - Aqeuous Hunters (Summons pack of Water beings to attack target)
38 - Tellurian Veteran (Pet: Earth)
39 - Shattered Earth (AoE Magic DoT, + Stifle)
40 - Illusion: Earth Elemental
40 - Geotic Brand (GroupBuff: +stamina, +intelligence, +cold mitigation, also pets recieve
+ac, +health)
40 - Vehement Stone (PetBuff: +dmg, +ac)
41 - Instant Vigor (Converts health to power)
42 - Renew Servant (Pet Heal)
42 - Volatile Haven (TargetBuff?: Absorbs Trauma and Elemental Damage, lasts until depleted
or expires)
43 - Klicnik's Bite (Piercing DoT, -AC)
43 - Stoneskin (SelfBuff: prevents 3 attacks and reduces hate for each hit, mobs far above
the conjuror might ignore the prevention)
44 - Heatwave (Stun, +Heat DD)
44 - Quake (AoE Magic DoT, -arcane mitigation)
45 - Flameshield (TargetBuff: Heat DS)
45 - Group Illusion: Air Elemental
45 - Cloak of Mist (Invis)
46 - Aery Stalker (Pet: Air)
46 - Fiery Doom (Heat DoT, +Heat DD when expires)
47 - Quagmire (Root, +brief movement speed reduction when root expires)
47 - Shard of Essence (Summons item that sacrifices health for power)
47 - Minion's Intervention (Augmentation that heals pet, preventing it from being slain
*might just be fancy wording for pet heal*)
48 - Igneous Magi (Pet: Fire)
49 - Pyrotechnic (Heat DoT, -elemental mitigation)
49 - Phlogiston (GroupBuff: +power, +arcane mitigation, increases hate gained by conjuor and
allies' summoned minions)
50 - Blazing Presence (PetBuff: +ac, +power)
50 - Group Illusion: Earth Elemental
50 - Flash Flood (AoE Cold DD, -movement speed)

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Posted: February 7th, 2005, 9:23 am
upjoa's Reps:
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Know where to buy lvl 30 illusion spell?

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Posted: February 27th, 2005, 8:36 pm
Muplee's Reps:
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In case of light side, There is another spell shop in front of spell shop which mark in city map.
Go for it~

39 Conjuror Unrest

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Posted: March 1st, 2005, 2:16 am

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lol. That was not very specific Muplee. hehe

The illusion spells for Qeynos based Conjurors can be purchased in South Qeynos near the North Qeynos entrance. The lower level ones are available from the scribe next to Fowler (the guild writ guy). The higher level ones can be found across the road. There are two scribes there. One has spells for 30-39 and the other has 40-50.

These scribes carry most pet spells as well as illusion and shape shifting spells for most if not all good aligned classes.

I am not positive but I believe these same spells for evil are found in West Freeport.

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