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do i dare try again? : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: May 30th, 2007, 4:04 pm
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ok I'm no word smith but here's what happened.
i was crafting using um that other macro crafter program (cough, sry for referencing it). i was asked to join a guild group and left it running. not trying to craft just idling. as i was in group fighting and such up pops this window with an ok button and an eq2 UI x ( like the close window button) in the corner and the game did not go in to window mode.
it said some thing like, "we have discovered that your using a UI with red, blue, and green dots. ............ i really didn't read it as i was the healer and the group started dieing. i whatevere'd it, didn't screen shot it and closed it. i have told no one but my RL friend.
i and he have been modifying game preformance from back with the mephbot days. i have never been caught, cept when i got pissed at Blizzard and flaunted my fully working cowbot script. so how the hell did they figure it out?
well i have figured out what happened and how they caught me.
i made a stupid comment in the guild and yeah one guy wanted to explore that comment but i played it down. he reported me. i know who it was, I'll not bother him. the problem is i need a crafting script that doesn't use a custom UI.
oh soe simply requested my UI files in question thru the game and then said, " (basically) cought yah can't prove you were using it but knock it off", p.s. were watching you.
so how do i resume crafting and not have a custom UI that has code in it for reaction identification? :shock:
i want to say more but i've probably already said to much. any help would be apreciated,

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Posted: May 31st, 2007, 12:21 pm
wired203's Reps:
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Doesn't sound like they said you can't have your UI like that, you could always run it and keep track of your crafters. If you really wanted to be stealthy about it you could start a new acct and craft your way up to 70 again (takes what a month) and pay for it with only game cards and give bunk info.

From what I have seen every successful macro crafter uses these UI files, (the other program) also doesn't randomize the process name so they can detect it that way as well (SOE has the ability however state they won't scan in said fashon when asked).

Or if pristine isn't really needed I guess you could write your own macro to just spam durability buffs that don't take power and every now and then hit the power one. However you wouldn't be able to counter a single event and your pristine level will be much lower.

I would report this to (the other program) and let them know about it as well so they can start to have random process names finally. But if you have a guildie that has it out for you, then perhaps the new acct that isn't tracable back to your main is the key.

Crafting botters are best left unguilded whenever possible unless you know your guild very very well and can trust everyone in it otherwise they will get suspicious whenever you craft and never respond back to them.

Besides think of the fun, (I do this sometimes too) I harvest bot on one account, while the other account is crafting for a really great experience you get so much more done.

Also to note never run a bot unattended as you can and will get caught, don't run a bot for more than a human would play for, and whenever possible make sure to bot on OFF customer service hours. aka after 6pm pst as most of the CS people will be heading home for the day around that time.

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