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Easy lvl'ing With 2 Accounts and Macros : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: June 20th, 2007, 8:34 am
shellbob16's Reps:
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OK, this is just what i do when im home and wanna watch TV or mow the lawn.

First off I have 3 EQ2 accounts, 2 unleashed accounts

First off Have a higher lvl Tank type, I use a 70 monk and a 70 Guard, make sure that there taunts are adept 3 or better.

Now make a toon or use a toon you already have, say you want to lvl a warlock, group your tank and your warlock together and mentor and rush them to lvl 13 in your home area. If your toons are good forest ruins and the caves are good and can get it done in about 30 min to a hour. I dont have any evil tanks so i really cant say a good place to lvl them, but home areas will do the job.
lvl 13 - 20
ok now your lvl 13 you got a tank and a warlock head to ant.. and goto firemyst gully. make sure they are grouped up or they wont go into the same instance, once inside ungroup, put your tank in a corner by the front door, face then to the skellies walking around, set up your macro.

open your unleashed macro, hit record, hit F8 then single target taunt then group taunt, hit F12. Now your taunt macro is set up, goto your unleashed folder in your hard drive and copy the test macro and past it in the same folder and rename it to something like taunts or what ever. go back to EQ2 if you did not close it eq then you will just run test macro, if you did close out eq and unleashed then you will want to run taunt or what ever macro.

ok now we set up the warlock.
Make a assit key /assist <Tank>
Open your unleashed macros, hit record, hit your new assist key, hit a ranged attack, hit another ranged attack, hit f12.
Now go back to unleashed folder and copy and past and rename and blah blah blah.

ok now your taunter and warlock is ready for action.
put your warlock a few feet away from your tank closer to the skellies.
your tank will target a mob, your warlock will assist your tank and pull said mob, as the mob get closer to the tank your tank will taunt the mob off the warlock. rinse and repeat. <caution> some of the mobs in firemyst gully can cast some pretty nasty dots , just a heads up.

lvl 20 - 28
Thunder Stepps
I have found that the rock crawlers by cold wind point to be great XP, and not many peeps go there for hunting.Also try the gnolls outside of splitpaw at coldwind point, Just find a safe place to sand but close e-nuff to wandering mobs to pull
Use the same macros as you did in firemyst.

lvl 28-40
Everling Castle
I stand just out side the front door by the quest giver, its a instance zone with respawning heroic mobs. Use the same Macro from firemyst.

I stay by the front door till the ^^^ mobs by the court instance zone are yellow, then i move down there, use same macros as Firemyst.

lvl 50-65
New Tunaria
I goto the tower of devotion or other tower i forget its name. these mobs can get you to 65 but will be much slower, but very safe, depending on where you stand and the range of your attack you can pull 1 mob at a time up to 5 mobs.

lvl 65-70
Thats up to you!
At this point your tank will be taunting green mobs and can take damage and even result in death. And we cant have that now can we.

I seen alot of post about can't get the hunter bots working, and even more post about cant get any scripts working, even if you cant get the scripts working dew to not haveing the script set up right, you can get the macros going and this is a easy way to have your unleashed work for you.
This guide is just tossed together, I sat down and started typing, so is kinda sloppy.

In firemyst gully: almost every mob has a aoe, if you go in there with a caster trying to lvl, it will prolly die a few times from the dots and aoe's if you are to close.

In TS: the rock crawlers have a nasty dot at the start of there attack, it does not last long but can be deadly to casters.

Everling castle: there are grouped mobs in there and the longer recast on tanks group taunt can cause the lvl'er to get aggro off the non targeted mob, so might want to have a extra low lvl aoe from your tank to get all the aggro.

Thats about all i can think of atm.
Hope it helps

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Posted: June 26th, 2007, 4:13 am
tault_bobbylve's Reps:
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thats if one has 3 accounts. I for one dont have 3 accounts. No need to pay soe over 45 bucks a montht o play this game. There has ot be another way to get up there faster using only one account.

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Posted: August 27th, 2007, 11:52 pm
xzavier1971's Reps:
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Have you even tried this???? You cannot assist a person that is not in your group for one.. so how are you assisting the tank? and if he stays in the group unmentored, then they are grey and you get no xp... Might wanna test out your ideas before you post.

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Posted: August 28th, 2007, 1:08 pm
wired203's Reps:
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He's not talking about staying in the group unmentored, he's talking about just taunting the mob onto your tank so the tank gets the snot beat out of it and you just nuke away. For a 70 tank it would take a lot of hits from greys and your char wouldn't get hit. With 2-3 accts though would be quicker to just create a hunt group and fight with all chars.

For people with 1 acct the fastest way to level is to get into a guild that needs a certain raid char, then have them powerlevel you which entails 5 high level chars mentoring down onto you to give you 25% more xp per kill, Since there mentored they tear through low level content ^^^ like you wouldn't believe and you can level quite quickly.

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