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EQ 2 to release November 8th : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: October 25th, 2004, 4:32 pm

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Found out earlier today Sony plans to ship EQ 2 on November 8th. This means stores should be putting it on the shelves November 9th. I dunno about you but this seems way to early to me.

From what I have read after the NDA was lifted, I think Sony is doing another classic Rush and Push and fix later. This is typical Sony actions as anyone who played EQ 1 knows.

If you buy on release day expect..
1) A huge patch the first day (they havn't even done the largest beta yet so lots of bugs to be uncovered and if its shipping the 8th they've already started production on a Final Release version)

2) Lots of bugs

3) If you are a power gamer expect there to be little to no content and broken content for upper levels (this is another typical sony move, in order to get stuff out faster they deliberately (ok I cant prove that) break high level content so that players can't complete it giving Sony time to finish it, then they fix the bug and say oh here you go (at the same time you get a massive patch knowing they changed something in said instance).

4) Poor customer service (typic sony trait dont expect it to change with a new title) So when you die and loose your items or something due to a bug you may as well recreate your character cause it'll be hours or days before they help you if they help you :)

Ok so maybe I'm being a bit negative.. but after playing a monk in EQ for 3 years and a rogue for the rest of the time (I played since release taking a few months break here and there and havn't played since June) I just really hate how Sony does things.

Am I going to play EQ 2? Probably
Why? A few RL friends are planning to play it if WoW open beta hasn't started yet

If WoW open beta has started, I'll probably be playing it instead till WoW releases (currently estimated for the 15th but that isn't official)

But just to express more my point that Sony Rushes things.. they didn't even start the friends and family beta but maybe 2 months ago at most. And they are releasing in 2 weeks.. wow, that has gotta be the shortest lived beta for any MMORPG to date. And it isn't due to lack of bugs or needed items from what I've read after the NDA was lifted. But I havn't actually played EQ 2 myself yet so I'll stay at least somewhat open minded, to the game, but I've dealt with Sony every since they bought out EQ from Verant so I'm closed minded in my views of them.


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Posted: October 25th, 2004, 5:38 pm

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After playing EQ 2 for a couple of weeks it's reminding me too much of EQ 1 and all that made me leave that. Sure there are nice new features and the quest system is 1 billion times better but I just can't fell the passion for it. Also I didn't feel like there was some "story" I should follow, the only goal there was was to level, again...

Nah, I'll stick with FFXI, if nothing else they don't have boobs so huge that a two handed sword is less lethal.

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Posted: October 26th, 2004, 12:31 pm

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I've played both WoW and EQ2, I have to say that I like EQ2 better overall. Just my personal opinion.

The main reasons are,
The community is much more friendly and helpful in EQ2 than in WoW in my experience.
One plus for WoW is it has PvP, EQ2 doesn't (yet) but that's not saying much. The PvP in WoW is rehashed and pretty boring, you don't really feel like a badass like you do in games like UO and DAOC. (BTW I was of even level with the rest of the people participating in the PvP)
I like the graphics better. WoW is WAY too cartoony for me.

But other than that, I just generally like EQ2 better. It has funner gameplay in my opinion.

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