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level guide installment 1 (lvl 20 to 40) : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: May 29th, 2008, 8:23 am

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hey yall!

this is my first go at making a guide at anything. i'll be adding on to the levels to try to complete this little guide. i didnt include a lot of detail for the quests because you can pick those up anywhere, but if anyone would like some extra info let me know!

basically go down the list of NPC names and do all the quests they offer, then go to the next NPC.

happy hunting!

Armor quests

I'm really just including this quest line in an attempt for completeness.
There are two versions of each quest line. One starts in Qeynos and one start in Freeport.

Armor quest for:
Assasin, Berserker, Brigand, Dirge, Guardian, Inquisitor, Paladin, Ranger, Shadowknight, Swashbuckler, Templar and Troubador.

Freeport – This quest is called ‘Custom Fitted Armor’ and can be picked up from Dyric Pire in East Freeport.

Qeynos – This quest is called ‘Ian’s Forgetful Family’ and can be picked up from Ian Cathlan in Qeynos Harbor.

Armor quest for:
Bruiser, Defiler, Fury, Monk, Mystic and Warden.

Freeport – This quest is called ‘Vassi’s Orders’ and can be picked up from Vassi Darkscale in North Freeport.

Qeynos – This quest is called ‘Selwyn’s Errands’ and can be picked up from Selwyn Oakheart in South Qeynos.

Armor quest for:
Coercer, Conjuror, Illusionist, Necromancer, Warlock and wizard.

Freeport – This quest is called ‘Kirsteh’s Components’ and can be picked up from Kirsteh the Witch in East Freeport.

Qeynos – This quest is called ‘Gildas’ Requests’ and can be picked up from Gildas Cadartree in Elddar Grove.

Nektulos Forest

Order of Nektulos Timeline
Starts with Bruhn K’Viir
• continues with Torg De’Rech
• continues with Jaeta H’arn
• continues with Szin Te’val

Freeport Militia Timeline
Starts with Lieutenant Kaneth
• continues with Sergeant Cornelius
• continues with Mathra
At Commonlands Gate
• Noxhil V’sek
• Kleron Asana - rewards Shadewoven items (chain armor)
• Jonovan the Young
• Stalker Pulsarian
• Tanny Granville
• Kitty Valencia
• Arqis - This used to be an access quest, but is now just a soloable lore quest.

Thundering Steppes
Antonica Gate
• Jacques
Griffin Fields
• Watcher of the fields
The Docks
• Elowys Laceleaf
• Reinkor McCollin
• Duggin Brandywine
Bridge Keep
• Captain Eitoa
Coldwind Cove
• Chief Derrog

Butcherblock Mountains
At the Docks
• Dockmaster Waulon
• Raghunatha
Greater Faydark Passage
• Brulten Hiltstill
• Trapper Coalbear
• Talvrae T’zyth
• Geldrani A’Zhi’Tel
Gorowyn Research Camp
• Researcher Bredik
• Guard Tellik
• Researcher Eruwun
• Guard Daarwyn
• Ninoin D’syl
Fort Irontoe
• Jonedorn Kilnkor
• Grot Leadarm
• Argro Durthor
Lesser Faydark
• Trinny Sweetdough
• Hamish Felderham
Darkfall Gorge
• Trozusk Ripscar
• Eneek Rialb

Enchanted Lands
Leatherfoot Brigade
• Depudy Nettlebrine
• Deputy Kegie
• Deputy Huckfar
• Deputy Nettlebrine (again)
• Deputy Stoutgut

Deathfist Orc Series
• Mess Sergeant Akselts
• Quint Cerlius M.E.
• Birchbark Oakleaf
• Lute and Orca
At the Dock
• Hammer
• Division supplier Gaertarn
• Augurs
• Cornail Stormwrath
• Ismena Cellus
• Hoggle Bogstrutter

• Tarin varinblade
• Grimble Blumble
• Vashazdar Manoisti
• Gretchen Spiritstorm
• Marshara Tiogran
• Krozk Bonebraka
• Cvaka Zichovani
• Malkin X’Daval

Steamfront Mountains

• Watchman Plarg
• Watchman Fleep
• Plinka Fiddle
• Eagar Friggderp
• Klipp Plaxiphone

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Posted: May 30th, 2008, 11:01 am

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Can members say yay or nay to this so we may give tu bucks and/or premium.

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