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Nektropos Castle Walkthrough : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: June 27th, 2005, 8:17 am
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Recommendations: Lord Everling and his encounter are the highest level mobs you HAVE to fight (level 36). It is recommended that lower level groups (characters 28-30) take an enchanter to mezz and have two healers. The tank should ideally be level 33 or higher (Yes, a well balanced group can get by with less). Choose a group leader to do all the clicking. Make sure no one else clicks anything or they may spawn extra mobs you don?t need to deal with, especially in the wine cellar.

Starting Zone: Nektropos Castle

Quests: Various

Goal: Kill Lord Everling to advance or complete heritage quests

Areas Most Groups Wipe: Deirdre's Room, Beetle area, the 3 Traps and Everling

Assemble your group at the doorway and enter. (NOTE: You can zone in and out all you want until you kill your first sister. This is most useful for quests such as The Guise of the Deceiver.)

You will appear in the courtyard. Walk forward and take the first door on your right. Walk forward and turn right at the end of the short hallway. Take the hallway down two doors to reach ?The Chapel?. Clear the room of priestesses to spawn the Inquisitor of Ulkorruuk. (There may be one mob named Billy, for the Guise of the Deceiver quest instead of the priestesses, kill him if he?s there to spawn the Inquisitor) Kill the Inquisitor to spawn Alexa. Have the leader click on her to start her storyline.

Leave this room and go back the way you came, to the courtyard. Go to the door on the opposite side from you. Go straight down the hall and turn left at the end. Walk forward and take your first right, follow this hallway until there is a door on your left. This is the Parlor/Game Room. The group leader will need to examine the items in the room to find a note. (It will be somewhere in the dartboard, pool table, cues on the wall, etc.) You will receive a message when you find the note, this makes the sconce in the hall selectable to open the hidden passage.

Leave the Parlor/Game Room and go left. The sconce on the right wall should be clickable now. Use it to open the door and follow the hallway to Elise?s basement. (If someone has the Guise of the Deceiver quest, you will be auto attacked by Billy in the basement room.) Go up the stairs in to Elise?s room. Kill the handmaiden and the two patchworks. Have the group leader read the book on the dresser; this will spawn Elise out on the middle of the ramparts.

Go up the stairs to reach the towers and ramparts. There are 2 patchworks in each tower and one between them, so be ready for them if they con. Go north toward the next tower and Alexa should be popped waiting for you, Click on her to receive The Everling Lockets quest you need for unlocking you way to Everling. Go past Alexa now to that tower behind her to the North. Go down in to Sheila?s room. Have the group leader click the dresser and choose to break it. This spawns Sheila on the other side of the room. Kill her to receive her locket.

Go back up the steps and head North out of the tower. Turn right on the rampart before getting to the next tower. This is a crossing area and Elise will be standing in the middle of it. Kill her to receive her locket.

Continue east across the rampart and then turn right to head south to the first tower. Go down in to Jenni?s room. Jenni and her handmaiden will be there. Kill them both. You should now have Jenni?s locket.

Go back up the stairs and head south to Deirdre?s room. This room is DANGEROUS. There is a level 45 x 2 epic mob hiding at the bottom of the steps. Make sure healers have passed out rez stones/feathers. Avoid walking down the steps any further then you need to. Jump the railing and run immediately to the opposite side of the room. Someone will probably still take damage from this mob when he appears. He really serves no purpose and he doesn?t drop anything if you waste time killing him at higher levels. Go down the steps in to Deirdre?s basement when everyone gets healed and buffed. Kill Deirdre to get her locket.

Head back up the stairs. You will need to run up the steps past the raid mob. Ward the tank if possible and have him lead the way as you follow closely behind. Run quickly up and hopefully no one will be killed. The mob is perma-rooted so he cannot follow. If he bugs you in attack mode, have everyone get on the steps, highlight him and yell for help to break the encounter. You should be safe reviving people who are killed on the steps.

Head west back to Elise?s tower, then north to Sheila?s and continue on north to Crysta?s tower. Go down the steps in to Crysta?s room. Clear the room from the bottom of the steps. DO NOT GO NEAR THE BED until you clear the room. Once the room is clear, have the tank go to the foot of the bed. A set of dolls will pop and attack. Kill the dolls and have the group leader check the bed and read the book. This spawns Crysta and Melanie in Melanie?s room.

Head back up the stairs and head east to Melanie?s tower and go down in to her room. Crysta and Melanie will be at the foot of the bed. Kill both of them to receive their lockets. Alexa will spawn. Click her and she will unlock all the doors in the castle for you that you have access to. (Library remains locked unless someone has done the quest for the key.)

Go out through the door in Melanie?s room and turn right. Head west and look for the first door on the left. Enter and kill all the mobs in the room to get the update for the iron key to Everling?s Chambers.

Exit the room and turn left. Head west to the second door on the left. Have everyone enter the room. Have ONLY the group leader read the book on the pedestal. As soon as the group leader finishes reading the book, he should go to the door you came in and open it. The Captain will come running down the hall and in to the room. Kill him to receive the update that you receive his sword. Have the group leader click the highlighted tray next to the bookshelves to use the sword. The book case to the basement will open.

Go down the stairs to the dead end and click the wall to open it. This is the wine cellar. Go straight down the hallway to the end and turn left. Walk to the end and turn right. There are two named beetles in this hallway (usually) and they can be rough for groups with lower level tanks. Clear as needed and continue on to the end and turn right to speak to Alexa.

Go back down the hallway to the end, turn left and go to the end. Use the sconce on the wall to open the wall to a small room on your left. Kill all the books in this room. Have the group leader read the scroll on the table, then use the candlestick in the corner to reopen the wall and exit.

Turn right and walk until the wall on your right is highlighted. It may be a half wall with a piece flipped upward. Open the wall and walk to the end and turn left. Follow the hallway around to Alexa standing at a coffin.

Speak to her and when she?s done, kill her. Ollix will spawn in her place. Hail him, then kill him to complete The Everling Lockets quest.

Go back the way you came, to the half wall and exit. Go left and walk to the end, then go right to return to the Wine Cellar. When you enter the Wine Cellar, turn to your left and click the wall to open it. Enter the room with the two tombs in it.

Click the tomb on the right side as you face them, walking in. There will be a candlestick on the floor in the corner of the room that you can click. Use it to open the wall. Go through and there should be another wall in front of you that is opened. If it?s not open, it may be bugged graphically. Just walk straight ahead and through it.

Going forward will be three traps. Move very slowly through the hall with the tank out ahead leading the way. When the first walls spin open, patchwork fleshrippers will auto attack. Kill them and then repeat with the next trap. It will have the same type of mob. After killing these, there will be another apparent trap that spins part way open but has no mobs. Slowly walk up to the next trap, when the walls spin open, there will be a bunch of dolls, kill those.

The door ahead should be clickable. If it?s not, you missed something along the way, check back through the walkthrough. If it?s clickable, warn your groupmates who haven?t done this before that there is a book just inside to the right of the door that has a quest to kill the Juggernaut. They should read it and accept the quest as quickly as possible before you kill him since he?s right in this very room. After you?ve killed the Juggernaut, you're on the final step. Rebuff the group and be sure EVERYONE STAYS IN THIS ROOM UNTIL THE TANK SAYS IT?S GOOD TO PROCEED. Only the tank should go down the ramp in to Everling?s lab. Walk up to Maltus Everling to start him talking. You may or may not need to click him. As soon as he starts ranting, the tank should turn around and go back up to the group and stand at the top of the ramp watching. Everling will walk over to the generator and start it up. At this point, he will become agro and have a con. The tank should target him and signal everyone to follow him down in to the lab. Kill Everling and his two friends to complete your trip. Using this procedure over and over, we have never had a bugged encounter with Everling. When done doing whatever you need to do in this room, you may evac or call home

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Posted: July 6th, 2005, 10:59 pm
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heh, guess this didn't generate enough intrest for me to get an account


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